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Citrus Leaf Curling | How to Get it Out of Your Garden

Citrus leaf curling has been the bane of many gardens and groves, and once it’s taken root among your crop it can be hard to snuff out.

Fortunately, “hard” doesn’t mean “impossible,” which is why we’ve come up with some great ways to solve lemon tree leaves curling if it occurs in your garden, and even some tips to keep it from happening in the first place.


What is Citrus Leaf Curling? 

Lemon tree starting to have some citrus leaf curl

Like its name would suggest, citrus leaf curl is when, well…your citrus tree leaves curling! It’s a little more complex than that, though: the curling is usually a symptom of a larger problem that’s menacing your garden.

This can include pests, lack of hydration, and more. While in and of itself it’s mostly an aesthetic concern, it can portend bad things to come for your garden if you’re not careful about nipping it in the bud. 

How to Avoid Citrus Leaf Curling?

Proper Hydration 

One addition that will take care of a lot of the problems your garden may be facing in one fell swoop is a system by which water can easily get to the plants you’re growing. A great way to make sure your plants are getting the water they need is to install a pond in your yard.

Not only are they great spots where you can read and meditate, they also encourage a healthy natural ecosystem and enrich the surrounding soil with needed water.

And if the area of concern happens to be a little bigger, there are lots of irrigation options that can get an industrial amount of water to your space in no time flat. 

Controlling Citrus Tree Pests

It’s no secret that one of the biggest blights that gardeners have to deal with every day is the infestation of pests on their plants. Obviously you can’t have aphids, locusts, and the like feeding on your long-grown crops. 

It is not a good idea to rain fire and brimstone down on them in the form of toxic pesticides, as this can end up causing more harm to the environment than the pests themselves will in the long run.

There are a number of ways you can keep pests from destroying your garden in safe fashion, from non-chemical pesticides to simply picking off the infested leaf or stem and chucking it in the compost, for minor cases. 

Because every garden has different plants and every region has different pests, every gardener’s individual solution will be different, so take some time to feel out what your best options might be.

Controlling Citrus Tree Pests

Citrus Tree Diseases To Avoid

Sometimes your plants will fall victim not to bugs or a lack of water, but to the kinds of ailments that we think of as affecting fauna more often than flora.

These can include “bacterial blasts” that result from bacteria spread due to high winds, a mold known as Botrytis that takes hold in damaged plants and encourages quick rot among your crop, and other plant illnesses that can be difficult to prepare for.

That said, you can discourage the spread of these diseases by spraying your plants with common chemicals like Bordeaux and copper fungicide, and you’ll have an easier time dealing with whatever might come your garden’s way if you’re properly stocked with the right tools.

Having a good set of shears and hoes to take out infected elements before they have a chance to spread will go a long way towards making sure you maintain a healthy garden.

Citrus Leaf Curling Australian Guide on How to Get it Out of Your Garden

Citrus Tree Leaf Curling Summary

As we’ve demonstrated, it’s usually not the citrus leaf curl itself you have to worry about, but what it might be telling you about what’s going on in your garden as a whole.

Poking around your garden and giving a close look towards what might be causing the trouble will not only help your plants stay looking pretty, it will do wonders for their tangible physical health as well.

If you’re noticing citrus leaf curl in your garden, focus on what the culprit might be, rather than on just getting rid of the leaves themselves. You’ll have a healthier garden and greater piece of mind if you focus on the big picture.

What did you think of our list of ways you can stop citrus leaf curl from becoming a problem in your garden? Leave a comment below and join a community of Aussie gardeners who are waiting to hear about the floral tips you have to bring to the table!

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