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Have you ever wondered why some gardens thrive while others seems to wither away no matter how much work and money you put into them?

Maybe you’ve even been embarrassed when family and friends have come to your home and seen your garden?

Do you wish the time and money you invested in your garden was reflected in its beauty and health?

Perhaps you feel there’s some kind of “secret trick” to gardening that your neighbors know about, but you just can’t seem to figure out?

I Totally Understand

Learning how to grow a vibrant and healthy garden can be an intimidating process.

Practically everyone has an opinion about the best approach.

The internet is full of free advice from amateur gardeners claiming to be experts; unfortunately most their advice contradicts what other “experts” are saying.

You browse gardening websites, and maybe flip through gardening books at the bookstore, but you find yourself more confused than ever!

That’s okay.  Help is on the way.

Teaching beginners the simple steps to gardening success is exactly what I do every single day!

How You Can Have the Garden of your Dreams

You could read everything you can find on gardening, spend hours interviewing professionals, and actually get down in the dirt to learn through years of trial and error like I have.


Read a simple book that condenses everything I’ve learned, from two decades in the gardening business, into an easy to follow ebook perfect for beginners and intermediate gardeners.

So You Want to Grow a Garden? Top Gardening Tips for Everyday People contains no fluff, boring data, or confusing scientific mumbo jumbo. You’ll get just the raw information and systems you need to grow the perfect garden quickly and economically.

Here’s Just a LITTLE of what you’ll discover…

  • Dozens of easy to follow tips that will quickly super-charge your garden’s growth
  • The top eight must-have tools you’ll need for your garden, and what to look for when purchasing them
  • A calendar identifying recommended gardening tasks month-by-month, so that you don’t just know what to do, but exactly when to do it
  • The top five ways to decoratively display your plants so that their beauty is emphasised and their growth improved
  • How to determine your garden bed’s best shape, size, and location to best utilise sun positioning
  • Exactly which plants are going thrive in your garden’s environment, so that you don’t waste money buying plants that are never going to flourish
  • And much more!
Aussie Green Thumb Gardening e-book bundle - So you want a better garden
So you want a better garden - gardening e-book bundle by Aussie Green Thumb

Does this sound familiar?

You want a better garden but you are just not sure how to go about it? Perhaps you have recently gotten into gardening and discovered you like it and want to actually understand what you are doing? Maybe your mother or father in law commented on your dead plants the last time they visited and you want to show them up? Or perhaps you just wish your garden was more time friendly? However, no matter how hard you try…you just seem to;

  • Kill everything that you touch OR
  • Find that you don’t know what you are doing and therefore don’t actually try OR
  • Give it a try but just don’t seem to make any progress OR
  • Manage to keep everything alive but find it would require a 30 hour day to keep it manageable

Don’t Stress, by reading my ebook you will not only learn how to keep plants alive but you will also learn how to do it in a time efficient manner.

So you want a better garden? Start towards that goal NOW!

Remember – A journey of 1,000 miles begins with just one step. Your perfect garden might seem like an insurmountable task but to start to walk down your garden path you just need to take one step. You can start to learn how to garden today.

Yet so many people give up before they even truly start.

Don’t be like them, take your first step RIGHT NOW.

Join other garden path walkers by accessing our exclusive e-book So You Want A Better Garden now.

This ebook is jam packed full of tips for beginner and intermediate gardeners. I guarantee it will give you a better depth of understanding when it comes to improving your garden. Start to learn how to garden today or perhaps brush up on elements of gardening you may have long forgotten about. Simply click the download button and enjoy!

In my 153 page e-book called So You Want A better Garden? you will discover exactly what you need to do to improve your garden. This e-book is perfect for the beginner gardener who just wants to get a basic understanding of gardening or even for the intermediate gardener who needs a brush up on how to go about growing a better garden.

So You Want A Better Garden is a collection of the hard learned lessons of over 20 years gardening, starting when I was just a child and expanding into a professional gardener. But the best thing is that what you will read in this book is actually possible for anyone to achieve.

eBook Contents

Chapter 1
Understanding Garden Design

Chapter 2
Understanding Your Climate

Chapter 3
Understanding Your Soil

Chapter 4
Buying Gardening Tools

Chapter 5
Common Gardening Tasks

Chapter 6
Choosing The Right Plants

Chapter 7
Month-by-Month Gardening Tips

Common Gardening Vocabulary Explained

As you can see, this e-book is comprehensive yet simple. It covers a wide variety of topics but you will find, as you read, that what may have once been foreign to you, now makes perfect sense, allowing you to better achieve your gardening goals.

 Make a positive step towards your future gardening goals!

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2. One Secret Green Thumbs Don't Want You To Know

3. Tips For Growing Great Tomatoes

4. Buying Gardening Tools Report

5. The Simplest Guide to Growing Natives

6. Mulching Cheat Sheet

7. DIY Gardening Tips - Mulch Rings

8. Guide to Building Your Own Raised Garden Bed

9. Raised Garden Beds Report

10. Backyard Landscaping Ideas on a Budget

11. Ultimate Guide to Indoor Plants

12. Bonus Report Adenenthos

13. Bonus Report Kangaroo Paw

14. Plant of the Month Compilation Guide

That’s a total of 14 exclusive e-books to improve your garden for FREE!

I Can’t Take All The Credit for the Information in this Book

I consulted my colleagues in the gardening community, read everything available on the subject of building a thriving garden, and then added my own personal experiences as a professional gardener to the book’s material.

Don’t let the size (just 136 pages) fool you. So You Want to Grow a Garden? Top Gardening Tips for Everyday People collects the hard-learned lessons from my 20+ years of experience as a professional gardener!

Simply put, it’s the best ebook a beginning gardener can use today.

Let Me Help You Grow Your Garden

You can do what most people do and try to figure it all out on your own.

But imagine how much faster and easier it will be when you have the information and techniques I developed after making 1000 costly mistakes before finding the secrets to success.


  • The look on your friends and family’s face when they see your garden’s bounty
  • The pride you’ll feel at had having finally grown a magnificent garden
  • Finally experiencing the beautiful image of a lush garden whenever you look out the window.

It’s all possible just by downloading our e-book today.

Here is the Real Proof

Don’t take my word for it. The notes I consistently receive from happy readers will prove it to you.

Take a look for yourself…

Aussie Green Thumb’s book So You Want A Better Garden? is a fantastic book for a beginner or complete novice gardener, like myself. After reading the book I felt confident to go out to my garden and to go to a gardening store. I am not going to all of a sudden have the best garden on the street but reading this book has given me the right terminology and good information to start making a garden that will grow.

~ Amanda Ash

So You Want A Better Garden? taught me that anyone can garden and this book is designed to equip anyone to have a garden they are happy with. Written in an easy conversational style, his book covers topics including garden design, soils, common gardening tasks and choosing plants with a glossary for common gardening terms. He doesn’t promise gardening perfection by following his book, but aims to give readers some skills and knowledge for at least a start in successful gardening, with new gardeners probably getting the most out of the book. Of particular assistance in this book is the month-by-month general advice, which will assist novices (and remind the experienced) as to the optimal time to perform particular gardening task. The glossary usefully presents common gardening terms. Readers in Australia will particularly appreciate his Australian gardening ideas and thoughts, but whether you are a new gardener looking to get started or an experienced one willing to expand your knowledge or get a different point of view, this book will offer something useful.”

~ Ernest Chua

Why It’s Free

We are offering this e-book free for anyone who joins our newsletter 3 reasons.

  1. It puts the book within reach of our entire community, so even the humblest beginning gardener can benefit from it.
  2. This book enables us to layout important gardening advice in an easy format that you can print or save to your smart device for easy access.
  3. Anyone who is serious enough to read this book has the opportunity to learn the skills, knowledge, and techniques they need to grow the garden they have always wanted.

And there is also an upside for us. By offering this e-book for free when you sign up to our newsletter, we can grow our community of gardeners and garden lovers across Australia.

So if you're serious about finally growing a garden that your friends will envy and that you can be proud of, just click the download button below.

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