Gordonia Fried Egg Plant Tree

Do you have enough space and want to have an exotic, tropical addition to your home garden? If so, you should think about planting a gordonia aka fried egg plant tree.

The gordonia originates from Southeast Asia in China and Vietnam. These small trees, dubbed the “fried egg” plant because of their distinctive white and yellow flowers, will make an exceptional addition to your property.


Gordonia Fried Egg Plant Size

The gordonia is a small tree, ranging in size from 2.5 – 6m (8-20ft) tall and is a relative of the camellia. The gordonia has waxy green leaves whose tips turn vibrant red in the winter. 

Fried Egg Plant Flowers

The most striking feature of the gordonia is its large white flowers with a yellow centre that have led to it being referred to as the “fried egg” or “poached egg” tree. The flowers grow up to 4 inches wide and fall to the ground, leaving a carpet of flowers in their wake.

Some may find this to be a negative, but the sight of fallen flowers on the ground can be quite visually stunning in a home garden, especially since the gordonia sheds its flowers with the yellow stamen side up.

The gordonia has a relatively long flowering period between spring and autumn, with peak flowering occurring in May to June. The gordonia is a hardy tree that resists pests and disease. 

Ideal Conditions for Growing Fried Egg Plant

A gordonia prefers direct sunlight, but can tolerate slight shade and can withstand temperatures ranging from hot to slightly below freezing. The tree is slow growing, so it may take time to take shape.

Gordonia are perfect additions to a garden that will provide a striking centrepiece along a walkway or trail. Be sure to position the tree so that the flowers will drop near the trail, allowing garden visitors to admire the beautiful blossoms.

Since the gordonia can grow more than 6m (20ft) tall, it also makes for a perfect, natural barrier, shielding spots in your garden from direct light and adding to your privacy.

Caring for Gordiana

A gordiana requires little maintenance. All that it needs is a light pruning and fertilising in the spring before it starts blooming. Next time you’re looking for an attractive tree for your garden, consider purchasing a gordonia.

With its beautiful flowers and low maintenance requirements, the gordonia fried egg plant tree will serve as a visual anchor point in your garden for years to come.

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