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How To Grow Banana Trees At Home | Best 4 Care Tips

So are you wondering how to grow bananas at home but aren’t sure of what to do? Good for you- growing a banana tree is the simplest thing to do.

That is because, unlike other trees, it does not demand excessive attention. In fact, if you pour it with so much attention, it may not like it at all. All it needs is a balance of positive factors.

How to Grow Bananas in Australia

So even if caring for a banana tree is fairly easy, it does not mean to say that you don’t take heed of important things. You’re in luck because we will exactly talk about how to take care of a banana tree here. 

Read this entire thing to be able to maintain your banana tree today…


Factors Affecting Banana Tree Growth

What Should I Look Out For When Taking Care of a Banana Tree

You should look out for both positive and negative factors that could affect your banana tree growth. That is the first step to taking care of a banana tree.

Keep in mind that in order to properly take care of your banana tree, you have to ensure that it’s growing in a conducive environment. 

Here are some bad and good factors you should look out for on how to take care of banana trees:

Pros for Bananas:

  • Balanced humidity on soil and air
  • Thick layers of organic fertilisers
  • Decayed organic matters for a denser soil
  • Soil with high water drainage capacity

Cons for Bananas:

  • Extreme humidity and moist
  • Extreme dryness
  • Low water-drainage capacity of soil
  • Frosting
  • Parasitic matters
  • Without the company of other bananas

Are you ready for the best guide on planting bananas at home and how to take care of them? 

Here we go….

How To Grow Bananas in Australia

Before taking care of a banana tree, you have to grow it first. If you’re aiming to grow one in your backyard, these steps should help you 101%!

Banana Tree Fruit

Make Sure the Soil Has Great Quality

  • Test the soil’s drainage capacity by creating a deep hole in it. 
  • Secure 1-1.5 feet of hole from the soil.
  • Water the soil up to the surface. 
  • Wait for an hour before getting back to check on the water in the soil. See how much water is absorbed. 
  • If the soil absorbed 7-15 cm of water in, then it has high absorbing/ water drainage quality. Then, it’s good for planting a banana. 

Acquire the Healthiest Banana Sucker and Plant It

  • Buy/purchase the slimmer banana sucker/s.
  • Clean them off their parent base. 
  • Put the base (crom bed) into the bottom of the dug soil.
  • Put in the plant. 
  • Cover the plant with soil. 
  • Water it for 10 minutes. 

Banana Tree Care Guide

Finally, here’s how you take care of a banana tree:

Consider Re-Potting the Banana When Under Certain Circumstances

  • In case you haven’t secured the above soil quality, then you can consider re-potting the banana plant and place it in a well-lighted area either inside or outside your home. 
  • Another solution to improve your soil’s drainage quality is to add a maximum layer of mulch on its surface at least once every week. 
  • Bananas grow swell during the summer. Make sure to fertilise its soil at least once a week during this season. 
  • Water the banana once every 2 weeks during the summer season. 

Consider Planting an Ice Cream Banana Instead

People prefer ice cream banana over other banana breeds because it can resist cold, strong winds and parasite infestation

Source: Amazon

  • Purchase one online
  • The ice cream banana grows with a strong root and stem construct. Thus, people prefer it over other banana breeds because it can resist cold, strong winds and parasite infestation. 
  • Unlike the normal banana, it requires least to no maintenance actions at all. 

Protect Your Banana

  • Pot your banana (at least for the cold season).
  • Place the pot under shelter or simply inside the house to protect it from frost, and strong wind and rain. 
  • When in a pot, layer its solid with extra-thick mulch. 
  • In case you have no choice but to place the potted banana outside, wrap its leaves with a blanket or clean cloth. This should protect it from frost.

Plant the Banana in Company with Other Bananas

  • Plant 4-5 banana shoots together. 
  • Position them at least 2 meters from each other. 


You are now a certified expert banana grower…

Continue reading to hear my final thoughts!

How To Grow Banana Trees Summary

As expected, it’s fairly easy to grow and take care of a banana tree. The only catch is that it can be quite meticulous especially if your environment and climate does not support it. 

In short, growing bananas in a harsh environment is actually difficult.

But… With your full commitment to learn how to grow banana trees at home, nothing would be impossible!

How To Grow Bananas At Home Australia's Best Care Tips

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