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Yates Fertiliser Buying Guide and Product Reviews for 2024

Thrive can nourish your plants and give them important nutrients necessary for their growth and survival. Your plants can dim if they don’t receive the fertiliser in the recommended amount even if you have got the right soil and watering routine.

Keep reading as we’ll be reviewing a number of Yates Australia Fertilisers today so you can make the right choice and have a thriving garden of flamboyant green plants.




1. Yates Thrive All-Purpose Review

Yates All-Purpose Thrive Fertiliser

2. Yates Thrive Veggie & Herb Fertiliser

Yates Veggie & Herb Thrive Fertiliser

3. Yates Citrus and Fruit Thrive Fertiliser

Yates Citrus and Fruit Thrive Fertiliser

4. Yates Thrive Roses & Flowers Fertiliser

Yates Roses & Flowers Thrive Fertiliser

5. Yates Indoor Thrive Fertiliser

Yates Indoor Thrive Fertiliser

6. Yates Lawn Fertiliser

Yates Fertiliser

7. Yates Dynamic Lifter

Yates Dynamic Lifter Reviews

Yates Fertiliser Reviews

In Australia, you can find many fertilisers, though there are only a few as reliable and efficient as Yates. Once a small seed business, today Yates is an all-round garden company that caters to all your gardening needs but beware of losing yourself in their diverse and huge range of products.

Let's stick to the essential food for the garden, the fertilisers.

Yates Thrive Fertiliser Reviews

Unless you are an experienced gardener, it’s okay to not know what Thrive fertiliser is, at least not verbatim. Thrive is a quick, water-soluble fertiliser that covers a wide range of plants, from small shrubs, tall trees, pointy cacti to flowers that breathe a colourful life in your garden.

We’ll be discussing important guidelines on its usage throughout the article so make sure you keep your eyes wide open. Perhaps you may even be able to build a garden that offsets Australia’s hot summers, at least for your home.

Important note: Avoid applying on foliage when temperatures are expected to go beyond 30°C.

Yates Thrive Fertiliser Reviews

1. Yates Thrive All-Purpose Review

Yates Thrive All-Purpose

You must have heard from a fellow gardener that they use a liquid or powder for all their plants and that’s how their plants are so green.

Well, that’s what the Yates Thrive fertiliser is, an all-purpose fertiliser that can be used for the entirety of your plants. A perfect choice for those who feel making several fertiliser solutions is time-consuming.

Thrive fertiliser can also help beginners, especially those who want diversity in their garden; now you can have kentia palm and snake plant together, making your own little rainforest dream a reality.

Speaking of snake plant, don't miss our complete growing guide for Mother in Law's Tongue Snake Plant.

How to Use
  • Use 5 millilitres (around a teaspoon) in 2 litres of water
  • Use 10 millilitres in 2 litres of water for those of you who water less often
  • Don’t apply if soil appears extremely dry.

2. Yates Thrive Veggie & Herb Fertiliser

Yates Thrive Veggie & Herb Fertiliser

Many of us plant simply to enjoy the smell and taste of those freshly grasped vegetables, we all can agree they do taste better. But it truly makes us sad when those plants don’t turn out the way we expected i.e. less tasty, smaller or even both.

Fortunately, Yates has a solution for your veggies too. The Yates Veggie and Herb Thrive fertiliser can cover your needs and give you a thriving veggie garden. Perhaps even one to make yourself a roasted vegetable quiche.

How to Use
  • Use 300ml (that’s one cap full) in 9 litres/week for young seedlings
  • Use 60 ml in 9 litres/week during active growth
  • All other times you should follow the 30ml in 9L/week.

3. Yates Citrus and Fruit Thrive Fertiliser

Yates Thrive Citrus and Fruit Fertiliser

Like fresh veggies, fruits also taste better when fresh. Yet the work required to get fruit on your own plant takes time, effort and courage.

That’s why you should use the Citrus and Fruit fertiliser. It will not only make your work easier, it will also help grow bigger fruits.

So next time you see fruit juice advertised on the television and are craving, just nip an orange from your own healthy orange tree and give yourself a flavourful treat!

How to Use
  • Growth Stage: Flowering and Fruiting
  • Application Rate: 2 caps in 9L of water
  • Frequency and timing: Weekly – early spring till fruit set
  • Growth Stage: All other times
  • Application Rate: 1 cap in 9L of water
  • Frequency and timing: Weekly – all other times

4. Yates Thrive Roses & Flowers Fertiliser

Yates Thrive Roses & Flowers Fertiliser

The beauty flowers bring to the world through their subtle fragrance and tantalizing colours often goes unappreciated, but we know of the happiness any gardener feels when a bud turns into beautiful flowers.

We all want our flowering plants to always be blooming and staying colorful. For this reason, you should definitely use roses and flowers Thrive Fertiliser as it makes your job of taking care of flowering plants a little easier.

This product ensures your flowering plants receive the nutrients they deserve. It is also great for beginners, as you won’t have to struggle with choosing between different chemical proportions. 

A lot of people are discouraged when they see complex feeding routines for flowers, for them and for all of you who want their flowers to prosper, use this Yates solution.

How to Use
  • For most plants, dissolve one measuring spoon (8g) into 4.5 liters of water.

5. Yates Indoor Thrive Fertiliser

Yates Thrive Indoor Fertiliser

While we talk of gardens, someone from an apartment may feel alienated, well that’s not the case today. Keeping plants alive indoors can be a challenge and despite doing everything right you may still fall short.

That’s because potted plants quickly lose nutrients and since roots don’t have a space for expansion your plant starts dying. But a well-balanced plant food can ensure that you don’t lose your indoor ecosystem.

That’s why anyone with plants indoors needs to use Yates Thrive fertiliser. At first it may seem to not work but considering the many elements of indoors and potted plants, it takes some time and the right combination. 

Be careful not to use the fertiliser in more than the recommended quantity, since potted plants are more vulnerable to being overfed.

How to Use
  • Thrive Concentrate All Purpose should always be diluted with water before applying.
  • Regular Rate: 5ml in 2l of water.
  • Occasional Rate: 10ml in 2l of water.
  • Container & Pot Plants: During active growth, apply this every 5-10 days at regular rate. At other times, apply every 3 weeks on an occasional rate basis.
  • Seedlings, vegetables, flowers & herbs: Apply every week at the regular rate.
  • Shrubs: Apply every week at the occasional rate.

Other Yates Thrive Fertilisers

Having reviewed a few of the several Thrive fertilisers that Yates offer in Australia, we still recommend you check out yates.com.au. Their collection of Thrive fertilisers is abundant and it will ultimately take us a whole day to review the whole collection.

The Thrive fertiliser collection is a treat especially for gardening beginners. It’s an all-round shop for you that is present throughout Australia!

Just in case we or you have missed anything, here is an important recap of the directions common with all thrives:

  • Don’t apply the fertiliser when temperatures are expected to reach over 30°C.
  • Always dissolve in water before use.
  • It is always better to use a half-strength solution on seedlings, orchids, and ferns.

Now that we have discussed thrives, let’s move on to a specialised fertiliser.

Yates Specialised Fertilisers

6. Yates Lawn Fertiliser

Yates Lawn Fertiliser

Many suburban homeowners dream of a perfect green lawn, yet different soil structures and nutrients make it difficult. Yates lawn fertiliser is a perfect product for them, it’ll give you a lavish green lawn.

It’ll help ensure your grass is well-fed, though be careful with overfeeding as you may have to spend extra through your lawnmower.

Though it may seem rather more costly than a few other fertilisers on the same site, the Yates lawn fertiliser will help not only to cover a greater area but also give a much greener grass, thus truly giving more for less.

7. Yates Dynamic Lifter

Yates Dynamic Lifter

When it comes to soil structure, everyone wants a healthy one whether it be for lawn grass or for garden plants in general. The Yates dynamic lifter helps you achieve exactly that. The lifter also helps improve the root structure of plants to a great deal.

Using the Yates dynamic fertiliser along with the Thrive fertiliser can be a big boost to a fading garden. It also helps us grow bigger fruits and colourful flowers.

We all know the feel of a lush green lawn and having it alongside our homes in Suburban Australia is something we all crave. Yates Dynamic lifter ensures that your lawn and its soil are well-fed to fulfill this wish.

Aussie Green Thumb Top Pick

Yates Thrive All-Purpose

We come across this question a lot, what’s the best one out of these? While there isn’t always a one-stop solution to everything and sometimes a nutritional problem would require specific conditions.

Keeping that in mind, we’d recommend Yates All-purpose thrive, 9 out of the 10 times you run into nutritional deficiencies for your plants. This all-purpose Thrive fertiliser can solve your problem and give your undernourished yellow plant its lush green form.

For more information about fertilisers, also read our complete Australian garden fertiliser users' guide.

Get the Right Yates Fertiliser Today

Do you want to save time when fertilising your lawn? Be sure to check out our Australian buying guide for the best fertiliser spreaders to help you pick which is best for your lawn. 

If you are struggling with the proportions of NPKs, you should check out Yates Thrive fertilisers, from all-purpose to sub-categories they have it all. They cater to everyone; from those living busy lives in cities like Melbourne, Sydney, or Perth to beginners in the countryside or anyone looking for quick solutions, Yates indeed has it all.

And if you are an experienced gardener who likes to measure out NPKs, Yates has you covered there too. Yates has mentioned NPK measurement on its website for thrives and also provides other specialised fertilisers and gardening products throughout Australia; available both in stores and online. 

So what are you waiting for? Get Thrive fertiliser now and help your plant bloom into its best self.

Yates Fertiliser Buying Guide and Product Reviews

Last Updated on January 12, 2024

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