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DIY Gardening tips: Mulch Rings

One of the most common questions I get asked by backyard gardeners goes something along the lines of this – “What can I do about the grass dying under my trees?”

You know the story. Those bare dirt patches under your trees. They might have a few spindly patches of grass or weeds, but generally, they look pretty terrible.

Now there are a few reasons why this happens, and a few different ways you can go about fixing your grass, but they’re not really that practical unless you’re keen to put in the hard yards, or start all the way from scratch again, and even then, the same issue will probably repeat itself again further down the track.

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Five Ways To Keep Your Pond Or Lake Aerated

If you’re considering building a pond in your garden or a dam on your farm, or if your existing lake or pond is looking decidedly unhealthy, then you need to read on.  It’s about the importance of keeping your water body aerated and it gives a brief overview of some of the ways of doing so.

All ponds and lakes need oxygen to survive and thrive and the natural ecological processes like wind, rain, waves and plant activity generally won’t provide sufficient oxygen to maintain optimum water quality.   Installing an aeration system is often the best – and the only – way to ensure sufficient concentration of dissolved oxygen in the water. Read more

6 reasons Australian gardeners choose Sir Walter Turf

Note from Jim: in keeping with our recent in depth look into grass types and lawn care tips, today we’ve got Active Turf on to talk through the benefits and details of the Sir Walter Soft turf variety. If you are planning a turf installation, be sure to look back through recent AGT posts as there is a wealth of information on selecting, caring for and installing your lawn that has been shared recently.

If you’re an avid gardener or just someone who wants to improve the look of their lawn, you need to know which type of grass is the most suitable. Different varieties suit different locations, but there is one turf you can rely on almost anywhere in Australia.

Sir Walter Soft Leaf is a resilient and attractive lawn from the Buffalo turf variety that makes a distinct impression for its superior colour and hard-wearing qualities.

Active Turf provides six reasons why Australian gardeners prefer to use Sir Walter Buffalo Turf over other types of grass.

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