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How to Send Flowers Internationally

Like your expensive jewelry sets and important parcels, you can also send flowers internationally. You need to know everything about how to choose the best option for flower delivery to any international country using an affordable courier service.

This ultimate guide will provide you with ideas and tips on how to ship flower bouquets to someone special who lives outside of your hometown. Check the calendar to track the holidays and special events for deploying your flower gifts to lovable persons you like to congratulate.

Your flowers are the best gifts for your family members who must appreciate you for these special welcome packs. 


How to Send Flowers Internationally?

How to Send Flowers Internationally

Flowers are movable objects and people opt for the shipment of packets of fresh natural flowers with stems to other countries. Definitely, you need convenient ways to send your flowers abroad. To do that, there is an aviation service that is commonly used by people.

The second option is by sea. This shipment process is lengthy and it depends on the type of shipment/courier service to choose. Another method of flower delivery is by road.

Many large-size trucks carry baskets of different types of flowers to neighboring countries. In that case, the cross-border transportation needs you to bear the Octroi tax levied for the shipment.

Types of Shipment Services for Shipping Flowers Internationally

Multiple modes of transportation are available for shipping flowers internationally. However, customers have to calculate total expenses for the shipments by road, sea, and air. For same-day delivery, the special cargo flight service is worth the effect.

The international courier company books flights for same-day transportation from the home state to abroad. In that case, it will be a costly package due to the global shipment by air. Recipients get the shipment at the doorsteps within a day. If you want a fast overseas transfer, you should opt for the aviation service to send your flower bouquets. 

Sending Flowers by Road

Road is smooth but it is also long to cover. To take your consignment to another country crossing the border of your nation, you need fleets of trucks or trains. Usually, in Asian countries, there is no such rail service for transporting your products to neighboring countries.

In Europe, advanced railway service is much more useful. The intercontinental train service helps couriers deploy the flowers to any country crossing the borderline. 

Shipping Flowers by Sea 

Sea routes are open to traders and global courier companies for easy transportation. Your expensive flowers are packed for fast delivery by sea. The transoceanic shipment is cost-efficient and easy to get for timely shipment to another country.

However, it takes 10 to 30 days to reach the target country for the flower delivery. It depends on the physical distance from the source to the target areas. 

A man shipping flowers internationally

Send Your Flowers Independently 

If you do not like to deal with middlemen or brokers, try to send flower bouquets independently. It does not mean that you will book flight tickets and go to that country with your flowers. Generally, many top courier services work genuinely.

For example, you can talk to Fedex, and DHL for safe cargo shipment to a specific country. Here, you can’t select a broker who will assist you to deliver products to the selected area in a foreign land. Flowers for delivery by air do not last long.

If you go for the postal service for flower deployment, it will kill time. Fresh flowers will be pale and withered. Therefore, by opting for the fastest aviation service, you will easily transport your flowers abroad. 

Things to Consider When Shipping Flowers Internationally

Before making the shipment abroad, you need to consider a few points. For example, flowers for delivery must not have any defects. Torn and decayed flowers are not safe for global transportation.

Do proper flower packing so that the cargo shipment must be less hazardous. You can add greeting cards, small signage, and teddy bears or chocolate bars. Remember that many reserved countries do not allow extra add-ons with the flowers. It will be chargeable and risky as well.

For this reason, you need to have information about the custom clearance rules. Another thing you need to keep in mind is that the shipment must be budget-friendly without any extra charge to bear.

Flowers are natural components and you need to take care of these assets meticulously. Therefore, study how to find the best international courier to enhance the safest cargo shipment delivery abroad. 

Avoid Hazards - Choose Top Courier Service to Send Flowers Abroad

Things to Consider When Shipping Flowers Internationally

Right now, top online shipment agencies give high-quality international transportation services. The online websites arrange the shipment companies for product delivery. If you buy flowers from online florists or international flower suppliers, they are responsible for the shipment.

Separately, you won’t have to hire someone for transportation. Nor is it urgent for you to book a professional broker for assistance in this connection. 

Online Flower Delivery with Least Paperwork 

 The complicated paperwork for flower shipment forces people to search for an alternative to the conventional postal service. Today, online florists run their websites for communication, booking, and customer engagement.

These sites complete the online order processing for successful shipment from the warehouse to the target nation. What you need to do is to fill up the form online giving your details including bank information, contact number, and address for communication.

Buyers do not have to submit any paper or proof to the company for global shipment by visiting the office. Send flowers by air to advanced countries such as Germany in a matter of days.

Floraqueen international florists have the fastest shipment systems to deliver fresh flower packs abroad without charging higher rates. 

Now You Know How to Send Flowers Internationally

Flowers are attractive gifts for Christmas celebrations, birthday parties, marriage anniversaries, and corporate party events. You can please your seniors by sending a pack of beautiful natural flowers to a foreign land.

There are different methods of flower delivery from home to abroad by air, sea, and road. You're now set to send flowers internationally. 

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