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Peperomia Hope Ultimate Growing and Care Guide

Peperomia Hope | Ultimate Growing and Care Guide

Indoor plants aren’t always the easiest to handle, so it’s really great when you find a plant variety which does well inside (as well as survive a little neglect).

The Peperomia hope, sometimes referred to as the Radiator plant, is an ideal option for indoors. Pop it in a hanging basket, or as part of a dish garden, this beauty is a great addition to your home. 

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Electric Pole Saw Buying Guide & Safety Tips

Best Electric Pole Saws 2020 | Australian Buying Guide

As we all know, an electric pole saw is an excellent tool for cutting and pruning tree branches. We often need to cut and trim tree limbs to clean our home yard and garden.

A pole saw is the most ideal tool for that job. Pole saws have some varieties in terms of power source. So you need to have a proper knowledge on different types of pole saw to select the right tool for your needs.

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Best Dual Fuel Generator

Best Dual Fuel Generators 2020 | Australian Buying Guide

In today’s modern age we all depend on electricity as our main power source, so getting the best dual fuel generators that ensure you have electricity at all times only seems logical.

They can power all your camping trips and RV adventures, as well as allowing you to work in places where electricity isn’t available.

But dual fuel generators can be confusing – how do they work, and where exactly does fuel convert into electricity? 

We’ll explain all that in today’s article, along with all the benefits of these devices and how to choose one for you. So without further ado, let’s get into it!

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Non-Toxic Indoor Plants For Pets

10 Non-Toxic Indoor Plants For Pets

It’s not easy to keep curious pets away from houseplants, but you can keep them safe by having non-toxic indoor plants. Cats and dogs eat or nibble on plants for various reasons and sometimes, they are just playing. 

Most pets don’t require much supervision; however, you can put them in harm’s way by having the wrong houseplants. They might look good, but might be fatal for your cat or dog when ingested.

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What is Banksia Spinulosa

Banksia Spinulosa Growing and Caring Guide Australia

The Banksia Spinulosa, more commonly known as the Hairpin Banksia, is fabulous for first-timers and seasoned garden enthusiasts alike. This evergreen perennial is a striking addition to any garden, and with its incredible drought resilience, it’s quite an easy plant to care for.

Known for its breathtaking flowers which bloom into the shades of the sunset, the banksia spinulosa can be grown in a variety of environments, even indoors. Not only that, but the banksia also attracts plenty of wildlife to your yard! 

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Water Feature and Pond Plumbing Guide

Water Feature and Pond Plumbing Guide

Are you planning to add a pond to your garden? Ponds and water features are a great idea to add to your landscape. You need to properly plan and design the pond plumbing system including the flow, drainage and filtration of water for the functionality and ecosystem of the pond. 

A backyard garden pond is a beautiful addition to a home, with its relaxing scenery and tranquil natural sounds. Ponds are even more soothing with the addition of a water feature such as a waterfall or a fountain. 

Here we have a list of the pond plumbing features you will need to keep your pond and water feature healthy.

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What is Citrus Leaf Curling

Citrus Leaf Curling | How to Get it Out of Your Garden

Citrus leaf curling has been the bane of many gardens and groves, and once it’s taken root among your crop it can be hard to snuff out.

Fortunately, “hard” doesn’t mean “impossible,” which is why we’ve come up with some great ways to solve lemon tree leaves curling if it occurs in your garden, and even some tips to keep it from happening in the first place.

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