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31 Best Bird Bath Ideas in Australia for 2024

Do you have a lot of birds visit your yard? Or are you trying to attract more? If so, you need a bird bath. Water is essential for birds. They need it to drink and to bathe.

Below you will find out more about the benefits of and how to choose the best bird bath. We have also included 12 DIY bird bath ideas and 19 bird bath products.


Benefits of Bird Baths in Your Garden

best bird bath ideas

There are so many benefits you can receive from bird baths. And the more enticing your yard is, the more birds you will see.

  • Supplies birds with fresh clean water
  • Can improve your mood
  • Attracts birds to your yard
  • Watching birds can lower stress
  • Draws in different varieties
  • Birds are educational
  • Bird baths can also be used to deter birds away from fruit trees

What to Look for When Choosing the Best Bird Bath

diy bird bath

When deciding on a bird bath, there are a few things you will want to take into consideration:

  • Depth

    A lot of birdbaths are too deep. Birds only need a couple of inches of water. If it is too deep, a bird could possibly drown. Look for a shallow birdbath or plan on adding large stones.
  • Easy to Clean

    You want a birdbath that is easy to clean. Some birdbaths allow you to take the top off. While others have a tilting function. And some are permanent. Bird baths that cannot be moved or are heavy can be difficult to empty and clean.
  • Moving Water

    It is important that the water moves. Look for a birdbath that has a moving water feature. If it does not, look at getting a water wiggler or dripper.
  • Size

    If you live in an apartment or strata complex, you may not have room for a large birdbath. Small birdbaths need to be filled more often, and they do not provide enough room for multiple birds.  
  • Material

    Metal birdbaths may look attractive, but they get hot if they are in the sun. And birds do not like hot water. Instead, look for a plastic, ceramic, or concrete birdbath. If you do get a metal birdbath, place it in a shady location.
  • Weather

    Do you live in a place that gets extremely cold? If it gets cold enough to freeze the water in the birdbath, you need a heated birdbath. Heated bird baths only get hot enough to stop the water from freezing.

12 DIY Bird Bath Ideas

1. Terra Cotta Pot Bird Bath

Terra Cotta Pot Bird Bath by Our Creative Life

Source: ourcreativelife.blogspot.com

Terra cotta pots are not only for plants. You can stack them together to make a bird bath.

Find the Birdbath by Our Creative Life HERE

2. Glass Lid Hanging Bird Bath

Glass Lid Bird Bath by Sadie Seasongoods

Source: sadieseasongoods.com

Do you have a random glass lid lying around your home? Use it to make a hanging birdbath.

Find the Birdbath by Sadie Seasongoods HERE

3. Concrete Leaf Bird bath

Concrete Leaf Bird bath by Birds&Blooms

Source: birdsandblooms.com

Do you have plants with large leaves? Using this free DIY bird bath tutorial, you can make a beautiful concrete birdbath.

Find the Birdbath by Birds&Blooms HERE

4. Colourful Plate Bird Bath

Colourful Plate Bird Bath by HGTV

Source: hgtv.com

I think every household has some mismatched plates. Now you finally have a good use for them. If you do not have an extra plate, you can always find some inexpensive ones at an opportunity shop

Find the Birdbath by HGTV HERE

5. Two-Tiered Flowerpot Bird Bath

Two-Tiered FloTwo-Tiered Flowerpot Bird Bath by Mami Talkswerpot Bird Bath

Source: mamitalks.com

Two-tiered flowerpots are a great way to add height and depth to your garden. And you can use the top tier to hold a terra cotta saucer.

Find the Birdbath by Mami Talks HERE

6. Tea Set Bird Bath

Tea Set Bird Bath by Morena's Corner

Source: morenascorner.com

Gather up your old tea service and make this Mad Hatter tea party inspired birdbath.

Find the Birdbath by Morena's Corner HERE

7. Mosaic Bird Bath

Mosaic Bird Bath by Birds&Blooms

Source: birdsandblooms.com

Make a mosaic birdbath to match your house. This birdbath may look difficult, but it is easy.

Find the Birdbath by Birds&Blooms HERE

8. Lamp Pedestal Birdbath

Lamp Pedestal Birdbath by Natalie Wright

Source: sheknows.com

Do you have an old lamp that you want to upcycle? Lamps can make the ideal pedestals for birdbaths.

Find the Birdbath by Natalie Wright HERE

9. Tree Stump Bird Bath

Tree Stump Bird Bath by The Shovel-Ready Garden

Source: shovelreadygarden.blogspot.com

Old tree stumps are great for birds. They provide insects for food, and you can use them as birdbaths.

Find the Birdbath by Shovel Ready Garden HERE

10. Tapered Candle Holder Mosaic Bird Bath

Tapered Candle Holder Mosaic Bird Bath by Dollar Tree

Source: dollartree.com

You can get everything you need to make this pretty birdbath at your local dollar stores.

Find the Birdbath by Dollar Tree HERE

11. Tomato Cage Bird Bath

Tomato Cage Bird Bath by My Life Abundant

Source: mylifeabundant.com

Here is a very inexpensive way to make a DIY bird bath. There is a good chance you already have everything lying around your home. But if you do not, you can find get it all in one stop at your local garden supply store

Find the Birdbath by My Life Abundant HERE

12. Recycled Bricks Bird Bath

Recycled Bricks Bird Bath by Robin's Nesting Place

Source: robinsnestingplace.blogspot.com

Do you have a pile of unused bricks? Stack them up and make a gathering place for your neighborhood birds.

Find the Birdbath by Robin's Nesting Place HERE

19 Bird Bath Products for 2024

If you are not interested in gathering building materials and making your own bird bath, you can buy one. There are a ton of styles and sizes to choose from. Below are 19 birdbaths. We have included everything from small patio birdbaths to large fountains.

1. Lambu Solar Water Fountain Bird Bath

Lambu Solar Fountain Water Bird Bath Power Pump

Source: amazon.com.au

Attract all the neighbourhood birds to your yard with this water feature. It is perfect for birds who need to cool off on those hot summer days.

The fountain is already to set up. Simply find a spot in your yard or on your patio that is level. Then fill it up with water, attach the solar panel, and it is ready to go. The fountain measures 38 cm wide x 28 cm deep x 57 cm high.

Find the BirdBath from Amazon AU HERE

2. Gardeon Solar Water Fountain Bird Bath

Gardeon Solar Water Fountain Features Pump Garden Bird Bath (1) (1)

Source: ebay.com.au

You do not have to worry about deep or stagnant water with this fountain birdbath. It is a beautiful piece of artwork that would look great in any yard. At night the LED lights turn on automatically.

The fountain is made of durable, lightweight, maintenance-free polyresin. It has a weathered stone finish. You do not have to plug it in since it is solar powered. The fountain measures 35 cm wide x 35 cm deep x 85 cm high.

Find the BirdBath on eBay HERE

3. Extra Large Bird Bath Feeder

Extra Large Bird Bath Feeder Imitating Rust Metal

Source: ebay.com.au

Turn heads with this stunning birdbath. The bath is made of metal and has an imitation rust colour. You can use this piece of garden decor as a birdbath, bird feeder, or fire pit. It measures 48 cm x 48 cm x 101 cm.

Find the BirdBath on eBay HERE

4. Stone Garden Art Bird Bath Statue

Stone Garden Art Deco Style Leaf Vine Detailed Bird Bath Statue

Source: ebay.com.au

This birdbath is hand crafted with reconstituted stone. It is only frost proof, so it cannot be used in the winter. It has been treated, leaving an aged appearance. The birdbath measures 43.18 cm tall x 38.1 cm wide. It weighs 18 kg.

Find the BirdBath on eBay HERE

5. French Style Bird Bath Feeder

French Style Bird Bath Feeder

Source: ebay.com.au

This wrought iron bird feeder is ideal for bringing in all types of wildlife. It has a classic French style that is pleasing to the eye. The birdbath measures 75 cm high, and the bowl is 49 cm in diameter. It is made of metal.

Find the BirdBath on eBay HERE

6. Cut Out Rust Bird Bath Feeder 

Cut Out Rust Bird Bath Feeder

Source: ebay.com.au

This amazing piece is not only a birdbath, but also a piece of art. This elegant piece is truly lovely. You can buy it for yourself or purchase one for a housewarming gift. 

The birdbath measures 70 cm high. The bowl measures 42 cm x 42 cm.

Find the BirdBath on eBay HERE

7. Resin Sunflower Bird Bath Standing Bird Feeder 

Resin Sunflower Bird Bath Standing Bird Feeder Outdoor Indoor Garden Decoration

Source: ebay.com.au

Here is a multifunctional outdoor garden statue that can be used as a bird feeder, birdbath, and garden decoration. It is made of a high-quality resin material, which is sturdy and stable.

The birdbath is weather resistant, rust resistant and long lasting. It measures about 16 cm x 16 cm x 26 cm.

Find the BirdBath on eBay HERE

8. Ornamental Solar Light Garden Bird Bath Feeder

Ornamental Solar Light Garden Bird Bath Feeder

Source: ebay.com.au

Add this attractive decoration to your garden to attract a wide variety of birds. It has a stable and portable design. The multifunctional piece can be used as a birdbath, a planter, and a solar light.

The birdbath is made from durable weather-resistant resin material. It comes with 1 rechargeable battery, a solar panel, and an LED light bulb. It measures 50 cm deep x 110 cm high.

Find the BirdBath on eBay HERE

9. Monarch Abode Hammered Copper Hanging Bird Bath

Monarch Abode Hanging Hammered Copper Bird Bath

Source: amazon.com.au

Invite nature to visit your yard with this pure copper hand hammered hanging birdbath. The hanging birdbath is lightweight and durable. The copper bowl sits snugly inside an iron ring.

The hanging bird feeders make the ideal gift for adults and children. You can hang it from a tree, a shepherd’s hook, or the roof of your porch. The birdbath measures 27.94 cm long x 27.94 cm wide x 43.18 cm high.

Find the BirdBath from Amazon AU HERE

10. Metal Flower Pot Holder Stand LED Light with Timer Function Bird Bath Feeder

Metal Flower Pot Holder Stand LED Light with Timer Function Bird Bath Feeder

Source: ebay.com.au

Create a warm and inviting atmosphere with this LED birdbath. It has leaf cutouts that make this a unique piece of decor.

The stand can be used indoors and outdoors. It can be used as a bird feeder, birdbath, or plant stand (Check out more plant stand ideas here). The dimensions are 28 cm long x 53 cm high.

Find the BirdBath on eBay HERE

11. Antique Style Metal Bird Bath Garden Decor

Antique Style Bird Feeder Stand Metal Bird Bath Garden Decor

Source: ebay.com.au

 Here is a birdbath with a simple design that is striking in appearance. It has a large flat base. The birdbath would be ideal for patios. The piece is made of metal and measures 38 cm wide x 85 cm tall.

Find the BirdBath on eBay HERE

12. French Style Bird Feeder 

French Style Bird Feeder

Source: ebay.com.au

The wrought iron bird feeder is beautifully designed. It is made from wrought iron that has been powder coated to help prevent rust. It measures 80 cm high. The tray is 33 cm in diameter and 3 cm deep.

Find the BirdBath on eBay HERE

13. Outdoor Handpainted Solar Light Bird Bath

Outdoor Handpainted Solar Light Bird Bath

Source: ebay.com.au

Do you want to add a light fixture to your garden too? Then check out this birdbath with a solar powered light. The beautiful glass and metal birdbath features a dragonfly, flower, and lily pad. 

It is manufactured using premium fusion glass. The metal stand provides a sturdy base. It measures 45.7 cm x 45.7 cm x 53.8 cm.

Find the BirdBath on eBay HERE

14. Metal Bird Bath with Stand Garden Ornament 

Metal Birdbath Bird Bath with Stand Garden Ornament Pond Outdoor Decor

Source: ebay.com.au

This birdbath would make a delightful addition to your yard. It features two little metal birds having a drink. To secure the bowl, it must be screwed into the metal base.

The birdbath is nice for a flat, level, patio. If you use it in your yard, secure it to the ground with some metal pegs. It measures 70 cm tall x 25.5 cm wide.

Find the BirdBath on eBay HERE

15. Bird Bath Garden Ornament Solar Fountain 

Bird Bath Garden Ornament Solar Fountain Decor Statue Outdoor Feeder Yard Lawn

Source: amazon.com.au

Make a safe area for little birdies to drink and bathe with this little fairy birdbath. It is made from high-quality resin. So, it should last for a long time.

You can set this birdbath in your yard or on your patio. The overall height is 57 cm.

Find the BirdBath from Amazon AU HERE

16. Resin Raccoon Bird Bath Garden Ornament

Resin Raccoon Bird Bath Garden Ornament

Source: ebay.com.au

Raccoons are so cute! You do not want them eating your bird seed, but they can decorate your new birdbath. This small birdbath is ideal for placing on the corner of a patio or in a flower bed for ground feeding birds.

Find the BirdBath on eBay HERE

17. Protege Bird Bath Water Fountain Solar Powered

PROTEGE Bird Bath Water Fountain Solar Powered

Source: ebay.com.au

Create a beautiful, relaxing focal point anywhere in your yard with this classically styled solar powered water feature. This beautiful birdbath is manufactured from premium polyresin.

You get the look of real stone without the weight and chipping. The freestanding design is easily assembled without tools. It measures 53 cm wide x 75 cm tall.

Find the BirdBath on eBay HERE

18. Outdoor Flower Bird Bath Bowl Stand Bird Feeder 

Outdoor Flower Bird Bath Bowl Stand Bird Feeder with Metal Stake

Source: ebay.com.au

Crafted of glass and metal, this stable structure will add beauty and attract birds. The simple design easily screws together. To install the birdbath, push the bottom prongs into the ground. 

These prongs will keep your feeder upright and secure. It measures 31 cm long x 79 cm high.

Find the BirdBath on eBay HERE

19. Log Bird Bath Feeder Stone Garden Ornament Decor

Log Bird Bath Feeder With BIRD Highly Detailed Stone Garden Ornament Decor

Source: ebay.com.au

This solid hand cast stone bird bath is fully frost/ weatherproof. It is designed for external or internal use. It comes fully assembled and ready to display.

It features a cute bird perched on the top and a bunny family. The bird bath measures 51 cm high, 23 cm wide x 23 cm deep. It weighs 21 kg.

Find the Bird Bath on eBay HERE

Bird Baths Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of bird bath is best for birds?

Shallow pools of water provide enough water to wash and sit, while allowing even the smallest garden birds to stand up in are ideal. Materials are not particularly important to birds, and any clean puddle of water will be used.

Is a bird bath worth it?

Bird baths are great for gardens, not just to enjoy our native wildlife, but to help control it. Birds are useful predators for the garden and will eat flying insects, mites and most of the problem pests around the garden.

In terms of value for money, no other pest control tool is more effective than feeding and caring for garden birds.

What should you put in the bottom of a bird bath?

You can fill bird baths with pea gravel or small pebbles to provide more standing space for smaller birds, while allowing larger birds to find cavities where they can wash more effectively.

In terms of maintenance, it’s much easier to clean out bird baths without any base layer.

Can I use anything as a bird bath?

You can use anything as a bird bath, from old iron buckets to treated and varnished timber. Birds prefer natural materials like stone, but when it comes down to it, they will use even the smallest containers of clean water to wash with, and even old gallon cartons of milk can be cut open and hung upside down as mini bird baths near feeders.

Do birds like clean water?

Birds much prefer clean water to dirty water and do not rely on pheromones like most mammals to find their bathing sites.

Do bird baths need to be cleaned?

Bird baths need to be cleaned out regularly to make them safe for birds, prevent the spread of disease, and stop them from smelling. It won’t come as a surprise, but birds really aren’t the cleanest creatures in the world, especially during nesting season, while chicks are making a mess of the nest, and bird baths can get filthy, quickly.

Why won’t birds come to my birdbath?

If your water is too deep, birds won’t visit your bird bath. They instinctively know when water is the right depth to stand comfortably, and are often seen on the shallow edges of rivers and ponds for some reason. Add pebbles to your bird bath to decrease the depth.

Why put marbles in your bird bath?

Even in shallow bird baths, small pebbles or marbles can provide a space for bees and wasps to drink from without getting in the way of the water. 

Do birds like warm or cold baths?

Birds prefer room temperature baths that are at roughly their own body temperature as it won’t cool them down, or affect the natural oils that protect their feathers.

We’ve got a conure that lives with us, who adores baths in the sink under running water, but she won’t go anywhere near cold, or warm water.

Do bird baths attract rats?

Bird baths do not attract rats or other rodents. Most rodents get their water from their food, and will not specifically look for or go out of their way for water or food without fats.

Keeping your bird table free from cooked fat and sugar is the best way to prevent rats near your bird bath or feeder. 

Do birds prefer bird baths or fountains?

Most birds seem to enjoy bird baths with fountains installed. You can buy expensive luxury bird baths with pre-built fountains, but you can just as easily add a small solar fountain to your existing bird bath, which will help to aerate the water and provide a more attractive bath for your local birds.

How far away from your house should a bird bath be?

Bird baths should be kept about 10m from the house or more as birds will be put off by nearby humans, cats, or dogs watching them. In small gardens, any bird bath is better than none and after a few weeks, birds will get used to the activity behind the window, and more and more will begin to visit.

Placing bird baths further away will just mean they visit new baths sooner.

Beautify Your Garden and Make the Birds Happy with a Bird Bath

Bird watching has been proven to lower stress levels and make people happier. Now that you have an idea on which bird bath to get, its time to check out our list of bird feeders to help attarct more birds in your garden

If you enjoy watching your feathered friends and want to attract even more, provide them with food and a bird bath.

Best Bird Bath Ideas in Australia

Last Updated on January 11, 2024

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