Eucalyptus Rhodantha

Eucalyptus Rhodantha | Growing and Care Guide Australia

I have heard it said that every true Australian garden should have a Eucalyptus. While I don’t actually subscribe to this train of thought, there is something very ‘Australian’ about growing a Eucalyptus tree. The first variety that I am going to review is called Eucalyptus rhodantha.

Eucalyptus Rhodantha Features

Genus: Eucalyptus
Species: rhodantha
Common Name: Rose mallee
Flower Colour: Red
Foliage Colour: Silver
Growth Habit: Shrub 3m+
Flowering: Autumn to Winter

This is a very common variety of Eucalyptus that people like to grow though it is quite rare in the wild. Though 3m isn’t ‘small’, it is much smaller than the height that some varieties of eucalyptus trees grow to.

In fact this is a very neighborhood friendly variety, just don’t plant it below power lines because once it grows to full size you’ll be paying for years to have it trimmed.

I especially love the red flowers of this variety. For some reason they almost remind me of a mop. The strong red colour is very striking against the silver leaves and when this Eucalyptus is in full flower it is quite a site to behold. This variety requires full sun and really does prefer a warmer climate.

Once common use in WA is as a windbreak along driveways on farms because it is small enough to provide cover low down and it spreads wide enough to work really well as a windbreak. A lovely variety of Eucalyptus.

Thanks to Lullfitz nursery for much of this information.