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Best Garden Archways and Arbours for 2023

Adding a garden archway to your landscaping is an easy way to create a striking centrepiece. Premade arches are simple to install, and handmade arches can often be made in as little as one day. Garden archways come in a variety of styles. You can find classic archways, arbours with seating, and gates.

Below I have found a wide selection of garden archways. I have included ideas, DIY archway woodworking plans, and premade products.


Benefits of Installing a Garden Archway

Garden Archway Ideas for Your Garden

Did you know that garden archways have many benefits, including:

  • Add to the decor
  • Make a statement
  • Can provide some privacy
  • Creates a place to relax
  • Gives climbing vines and plants a place to grow
  • Are great for photos
  • Provides shade
  • Perfect backdrops for weddings
  • They are inviting
  • Add height to your garden
  • Can frame a view

Garden Archways Maintenance Tips 

Since your garden arbour will be left to the elements, it will need regular maintenance. The maintenance will vary depending on the type of garden archway you install. Wooden archways will require more than vinyl and metal.

Once your garden archway has been installed, you will want it to last for many years. To help guarantee that the arbour stays in great shape, you will need to:

Keep it Clean

Being outside, the arbour will get dirty. You will want to regularly remove dirt, leaves, and debris. After you remove all the loose debris, carefully spray any excess dirt off with a garden hose.

Remove Ground Clutter and Debris

Do not let ground clutter or debris gather around the base of the arbour. The clutter will hold in moisture. This will lead to rotting and rusting.

Take Care of the Coating

Pay attention to the coating of the garden archway. It does not matter if it is powder-coating or paint. If it begins to come off, fix it. You can use liquid enamel paint on powder-coated metal.

Trim the Plants

Do not let the climbing vines or roses get out of hand. Keep them trimmed up and looking pretty. If plants are left to grow, they can become too heavy and damage the arbour.

Remove Snow

If you live in an area that gets snow, brush the snow off the garden archway. The extra weight of the snow can cause damage.

Regular Maintenance

Keep an eye on the fasteners and hardware. If something comes loose, tighten it. If it breaks, replace it. This will help to ensure the arbour is safe and will last for a long time.

15 Garden Archway Ideas for Your Garden

Are you interested in installing a garden archway, but are not sure what exactly you want? Check out the 15 garden archway ideas below to help inspire you.

1. Separating Outdoor Space Using a Garden Archway

Separating Outdoor Space Using a Garden Archway

Source: Maine Homes

Separate your yard into different areas using a garden archway. To create a border, add fence panels, box hedges, a rock garden, or plants. When choosing your archway, pick one that compliments your outdoor decor. 

For a farmhouse, choose a rustic design, for Cape Cod, find a Nantucket design. Whatever your style, there is an arbour that will fit in perfectly.

2. Placing a Garden Archway into a Hedge

Placing a Garden Archway into a Hedge

Create a magical entrance by placing your garden archway into a hedge. The hedge creates privacy for everyone who enters. If you are planning on having a garden archway in your hedgerow, find fast growing, tall hedges. 

If you already have a tall hedge row, you can install a new arbour. It may take a little work and time, but the hedges will form around the archway.

3. Installing Long Archway for a Garden Walkway

Installing Long Archway for a Garden Walkway

Do you have a large garden that you enjoy walking through? Install a long archway over your walkway. The archway will add a touch of elegance.

Not only will the garden walkway give you a place to admire your garden, but you can also create a seating area to enjoy your morning coffee or an evening glass of wine.

4. Grand Entryway Using a Garden Archway

Grand Entryway Using a Garden Archway

Construct a grand entryway into your garden using a garden archway. Make it large, wide, and inviting. Add gates to keep people out or to add to the overall design. Or leave the gates off for free flow of traffic.

To decorate the archway, you can add plants such as Banksia rose, Creeping figs, and Nasturtiums. Or you can hand planters and bird feeders off the sides.

5. Garden Archway as an Entrance to the Yard

Garden Archway as an Entrance to the Yard

Use an archway to create an entrance to your yard. The entrance way will make your guest feel as though they are entering a whole new space. It creates a warm and inviting feeling while adding a touch of style.

Entrance way garden archways are ideal for yards that have fences. The archway becomes an extension of the fence.

6. Setting Garden Archway on Posts

Your archway does not have to reach all the way to the ground. Get creative and place the archway on top of the columns. You can leave the columns the way they are or cover them in ivy or other types of climbing vines.

If you have columns that already have electricity run to them for lighting, light up the archway. This will make your home more inviting at night.

7. Lining Up Several Garden Archways

Lining Up Several Garden Archways

Make a secret garden using several garden archways lined up together. Cover them in climbing roses or vines to create a space that is blocked off from the world.

Not only is a ridden walkway great for relieving stress, but it is also a wonderful place for photoshoots and tea parties.

8. Create a Space to Relax

Garden archway as an entrance to a patio

You can use a garden archway as an entrance to a patio or seating area. Add a fence or hedges to create some privacy. When designing your seating area, take into consideration how many people will enjoy the space. 

If you love to have parties, make sure there is plenty of room for everyone. If you just want the space for yourself, make it comfortable and relaxing.

9. Colour Coordinate Your Garden Archway

Colour Coordinate Your Garden Archway

Source: Kritsada Panichgul

Your garden archway does not have to be plain wood or white. Paint it to coordinate it with your home, or have fun and use a pop of colour. This will add an interesting design feature to your garden. And you can change the colour whenever you want.

10. Build a Rustic Garden Archway

Build a Rustic Garden Archway

Do you live in an old farmhouse or on a ranch? Gather up some wood and build a rustic garden archway. You can also build a fence using the same design. Add garden trellises to the side for climbing plants. Or add hangers for potted plants and bird feeders. 

11. Garden Arbour with a Bench

Garden Arbour with a Bench

Garden arches with built-in seating are great for people that love to sit outside and enjoy nature. Plant fragrant plants next to the arbour or sit a couple of large potted plants on each side.

An arbour with a bench would look great sitting in a garden, next to a fence, or beside a house.

12. Adding a Birdhouse to Your Garden Archway

Do you enjoy birdwatching? Add a birdhouse to your garden archway. Just make sure you can get them down to clean them. Then plant a bird friendly garden. You will also want to add a birdbath so they can take a bath and get a drink.

13. Entryway to a Raised Garden

Entryway to a Raised Garden

Source: Remodelaholic

Garden archways make the perfect entrance to a raised garden. The archway will make your garden chic and inviting. Not only does the garden archway create a beautiful entryway, but it also provides room for climbing vine plants.

Find the Plans from Remodelaholic here

14. Placing Garden Arbours Side by Side

Placing Garden Arbours Side by Side

Source: Mark Lohman

A garden arbour does not have to be an entranceway. Place a 4 side-by-side to create an elegant English rose garden. The garden arches will look beautiful placed against a wall of tall garden hedges.

Paint the arbours white and cover them with climbing roses for a pop of colour.

15. Garden Arbour Trellis

Garden Arbour Trellis

Add a simple garden archway to your garden to extend your living space or create separate areas. The arbour will add height, dimension, and beauty. You can use the arbour as a statement piece by itself, or cover it in vines.

You can even set a bench next to the arbour for a calming place to sit.

DIY Garden Archway Woodworking Plans

Do you enjoy woodworking? Do you feel pride in the projects you make with your hands? Below are 14 DIY garden archway woodworking plans. I have included a wide variety of styles for every type of home. There are both free garden archway plans as well as paid plans.

Please note that most of the garden archway plans are in imperial units. If you are accustomed to using the metric system, plans can be hard to find. However, the measurements are easy to translate using a free online converter.

1. Wood Arbour for Garden or Yard

Wood Arbour for Garden or Yard

Construct a stunning garden archway by following along with this free tutorial. The arbour has built-in seating, ideal for enjoying your morning coffee or relaxing after a hard day.

You can make the garden archway any size to fit your exact needs. You can stagger the slats as recommended or attach a solid room.

Find the Tutorial from Ron Hazelton here

2. Portable Garden Wedding Arbour

Portable Garden Wedding Arbour

Perfect for weddings and gardens, this arbour is simple, yet gorgeous. If you are making it for a wedding, simply attach artificial flowers and vines to the garden archway. If you are making it a permanent structure, set it in concrete and plant climbing vines.

The woodworking plans include step-by-step instructions. It requires at least beginning woodworking skills.

Find the Plans from DoitYourSelfPlanner here

3. Garden Arbour Arch Woodworking Plans

Garden Arbour Arch Woodworking Plans

Are you searching for a classic garden archway to welcome your guest to your home? Build this archway yourself. Once you have it built and installed, plant climbing flowers to create a statement.

Finished, the garden archway will measure 139.7 cm (55 inches) wide x 78.74 cm (31 inches) deep x about 3.048 metres (10 feet) tall. It would look perfect placed over a sidewalk or walking path. It would also make a great wedding archway.

Find the Plans from CharlestonCraft here

4. Garden Arbour Bench

Garden Arbour Bench

Add some romance to your garden with this gorgeous garden archway bench. The freestanding structure can be moved around and placed wherever you need it. Use the trellis sides for climbing plants or hanging plants.

The completed bench will measure 152.4 cm (60 inches) wide x 76.2 cm (30 inches) deep x 218.44 cm (86 inches) high. To complete the project, you will need basic woodworking tools such as a circular saw, sabre saw, an electric drill, a hammer, and a nail set.

Find the Plans from Sunset here

5. Outdoor Bench with Arbour Built Plan

Outdoor Bench with Arbour Built Plan

Build a place to relax using these DIY garden archway plans. The arbour is perfect for creating some privacy in a small backyard as well as gardens, courtyards, and patios.

These woodworking plans were created to guide you through the full process. They are simple to understand and perfect for amateurs and professionals alike.

Find the Plans from Ana White here

6. DIY Garden Arbour Bench Plan

DIY Garden Arbour Bench Plan

Construct a focal point in your garden with this easy-to-build garden archway. The arbour has trellises on both sides for flowering vines.

Completed, the arbour will measure 149.86 cm (4 feet 11 inches) x 88.9 cm (2 feet 11 inches) x 271.78 cm (8 feet 11 inches). Included are steps with dimensions, a materials list, a tools list., 3D images, and 2D drawings.

Find the Plans from WindChimesDecor here

7. How to Build a Classic Arbour

How to Build a Classic Arbour

Joined with fencing, this garden archway will create a classic garden entry. Pair it with a swing or bench, and the backyard will be calling you to hang out and relax.

This free tutorial from Better Homes and gardens will walk you through making the garden archway. Once completed, you can stain or paint the arbour.

Find the Tutorial from Better Homes and Gardens here

8. DIY Garden Archway Plans

DIY Garden Archway Plans

With this set of DIY garden archway plans, you can build a bench arbour, seat arbour, and a walk-through arbour. The arbour has lattice on the bottom sides and trellises on the upper sides. They are perfect for vines and creeping plants.

Also included are woodworking plans to build 2 sawhorses. You can use these sawhorses to build your garden archways. If you are a woodworker, you can easily build 2 or 3 arbours a day by yourself. They are great products to sell.

Get the Plans from WhittsWorkshop here

9. Hammock Garden Arbour

Hammock Garden Arbour

Here are beginner-friendly hammock arbour plans. The outdoor swing is ideal for taking afternoon naps or just staring at the stars.

Finished, the hammock garden archway will measure approximately 243.84 cm (8 feet) high x 365.76 cm (12 feet) wide x 53.34 cm (1 foot 9 inches) deep. There are 7 pages of details for easy assembly.

Find the Plans from HorizonDesignStudios here

10. Easy to Build Garden Arbour

Easy to Build Garden Arbour

This is a simple garden archway design. It has a classic appearance that will work with most decors. It is perfect for adding a decorative feature.

Even though this is a very simple build, I would not recommend it for beginners. You will need to understand how to read the plans and assemble the pieces.

Find the Plans from DIY Garden Plans here

11. DIY Garden Arbour Swing Bench

DIY Garden Arbour Swing Bench

Everyone that visits your home will want to sit and relax on this amazing garden archway swing bench. This swing is not permanently set in the ground. So, you could easily use it in your yard, garden, or on a patio.

Find the Plans from WoodSpacesDesign here

12. Build a Garden Arch

Build a Garden Arch

This small woodworking project will make a big impact in your backyard. This classic design of the garden arch and ease of build makes it a great project for beginners. The size is perfect for framing a sidewalk or entryway.

The garden archway is made up of six parts. It is an easy build that can be completed in less than a day.

Find the Tutorial from Family Handyman here

 13. Garden Wedding Arbour Casket

Garden Wedding Arbour Casket

Perfect for Halloween decorating, this coffin garden archway will get a lot of compliments. You could even use it for gothic themed weddings and parties.

If you have beginner woodworking knowledge, you can easily build this in your own workshop. The plans are in both metrics and inches.

Find the Plans from Simple Project Plans here

14. Garden Arbour Plans

Garden Arbour Plans

Use these free woodworking plans to build 3 different arbours. There is an arbour with a wooden lattice, an arbour with a wooden trellis, and an arbour with wrought iron sides.

These trellises would look great placed at a garden entrance, in the middle of your yard, or in a garden. You can create a built-in seat, hang a swing, or install it as a free standing structure.

Find the Tutorial from Craftsmanspace here

Premade Garden Archway Products

If you are not a woodworker and do not want to build your own garden arbour, that is OK. I have found several garden archway products for you too.

1. Costway Wooden Garden Arbour with Relaxing Bench

Costway Wooden Garden Arbour with Relaxing Bench

Durable and sturdy, this garden archway bench is perfect for reading a book and having a cup of tea. It also makes for a great photo op for weddings and proms.

The garden archway is made of high-quality fir wood and metal hardware. The arch has trellises on both sides that are perfect for supporting lightweight climbing plants. It measures 120.5 cm long x 55.5 cm wide x 207 cm high.

Get the Arbour from Costway-AU here

2. Vita VA68144 Vienna Arch

Vita VA68144 Vienna Arch

The Vienna garden archway will add visual interest to your garden, yard, or pathway. It has a classic look that never goes out of style. The arbour is made of premium weather-resistant vinyl. 

So, it will never warp, rot, or crack. And you never have to paint it. To clean it, simply spray it off with a hose.

Find the Arbour from Vita here

3. Daoyuan Archway Pergola Trellis for Climbing Plants

Daoyuan Archway Pergola Trellis for Climbing Plants

The garden archway is constructed from high quality solid wood. It is treated with environmentally friendly coatings making it moisture proof, sunproof, and waterproof.

Both sides of the archway have a chequerboard trellis making it a great choice for climbing plants. You can even use it in your garden to grow vegetables.

The outside measurements are 140 cm long x 225 cm high x 50cm deep.

Find the Arbour from LYXWGRZD here

4. Costway Steel Garden Arch with 2-Seat Bench

Costway Steel Garden Arch with 2-Seat Bench

The Costway garden archway has a large 2-seat bench. It would make an alluring piece to sit next to your garden or on your patio. Or you can leave the bench off and use the archway by itself.

The steel arbour bench is weather resistant, rust resistant, and sturdy. With proper use, the archway can be enjoyed for many years. The overall dimensions are 116 cm long x 51 cm wide x 206 cm high.

Find the Arbour from Costway-AU here

5. vidaXL Garden Arbour Pergola Trellis 

vidaXL Garden Arbour Pergola Trellis

Enhance your garden with this attractive garden archway with bench. You can grow climbing vines up the sides to create a shaded place to relax.

The black, powder-coated iron archway measures 128 cm wide x 50 cm deep x 207 cm high. It is sturdy and easy to maintain.

Find the Arbour from vidaXL AU here

6. vidaXL Garden Arch Door for Climbing Plants

vidaXL Garden Arch Door for Climbing Plants

This garden archway has elegant flower detailing. It is a wonderful choice for rose gardens. The arbour is definitely an eye-catching piece that you will be proud to show off.

The vidaXL archway is made from durable iron that is weather resistant and strong. It measures 115 cm long x 37 cm wide x 230 cm high.

Find the Arbour from vidaXL AU here

7. vidaXL 2x Garden Archway for Climbing Plants

vidaXL 2x Garden Archway for Climbing Plants

Here are 2 classic garden archways. They have a simple design that is great for gardens and walkways. To install the arbours simply press them into the ground. They measure 140 cm wide x 39 cm deep x 240 cm high.

Find the Arbour from vidaXL AU here

8. Costway Steel Garden Rose Arbour

Costway Steel Garden Rose Arbour

This garden archway is topped with gothic inspired spires. It will create a beautiful entryway to your garden. The sturdy structure has horizontal bars for climbing plants or lightweight potted plants. 

It has a tubular steel frame that has been powder-coated for a durable finish. The garden archway measures 142 cm long x 39 cm wide x 261 cm high.

Find the Arbour in eBay

9. vidaXL Garden Arch with Gate

vidaXL Garden Arch with Gate

This garden archway will help you create a gorgeous entryway. It even has a gate that creates a feeling of privacy. You can also decorate the gate for holidays and parties. 

The arbour is made from weather-resistant, powder-coated iron. It measures 138 cm wide x 40 cm deep x 238 cm high.

Find the Arbour from vidaXL AU here

10. vidaXL Rose Arch Metal Garden Arbour

vidaXL Rose Arch Metal Garden Arbour

This gorgeous rose garden archway is made from weather resistant wrought iron. It has a stable base that is ideal for climbing vines and roses. The 4 panel design creates a romantic feel. You could easily add a small table and chair inside.

The green metal garden archway measures 250 cm high x 160 cm wide.

Find the Arbour from vidaXL AU here

11. Costway Garden Arch Outdoor Steel Arbour with Stakes

Costway Garden Arch Outdoor Steel Arbour with Stakes

Beautify your garden with this garden archway. It is a great arbour for climbing plants. It is made from powder-coated heavy duty steel that will last for years.

Unlike many other garden archways, this one has square feet. So instead of pressing the legs into the ground, you level the arbour and secure it using 8 stakes. The archway measures 119 cm wide X 218 cm tall.

Find the Arbour in eBay

12. vidaXL Garden Arch Spike Design

vidaXL Garden Arch Spike Design

The vidaXL garden archway is a real eye-catcher. To install it, just push the bottom legs into the ground. It is made from durable iron that is strong and weather resistant.

The arbour measures 129 cm wide x 283 cm high x 60 cm deep. This garden archway is easy to install and move when necessary.

Find the Arbour from vidaXL AU here

13. vidaXL Garden Arch Pergola Arbour 

vidaXL Garden Arch Pergola Arbour

This sturdy garden archway has an eye-catching design. It is a perfect choice for climbing vines and roses. Install the arch in your garden or on a patio. The archway is made from durable iron.

The garden archway is weather resistant and strong. With a width of 200 cm wide x 52 cm deep x 204 cm high, it is perfect for covering benches and walkways.

Find the Arbour from vidaXL AU here

Garden Archways are a Great Way to Add Beauty to Your Outdoor Space

Arbours add elegance to your yard. They are suitable for yards, gardens, walkways, and more. You can use them for climbing plants, as a centrepiece, or for a place to relax. If you are looking for a quick way to upgrade the look of your outdoor space, I would recommend installing a garden archway.

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