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I love coming across cool, new idea’s to add some vibrancy and colour to a garden. Many people use solar lights. Some go to the extent of actually installing powered lights.

However, Glow Stones offer great, alternative products which use the sun to add flair to your garden design, they capture the suns light during the day and then glow at night!


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One thing that is becoming increasingly popular in the gardening world is finding ways to use natural light to add some vibrancy to garden beds at night. They have a range of products that will suit many different uses in your home or garden project.


Many different glow stones, glow rocks and other various products.These products are;

Glow Aggregate

Can be mixed into concrete and used on driveways, paths and alfresco areas, giving it a unique glow.

Glow Pigment

Can be mixed to make paint or mixed in resins. Can also be used to mix into epoxy tile grout to give a great effect in the dark.

Glow Stones

Can be used for gardens, rockeries, pots, border paths and aquariums. The aquarium will illuminate the tank when the lights are out.

Glow Cat’s Eye

These are great for bordering driveways or lining paths. They can be cemented into place or stuck to any surface.

Why Use Glow Stones?

Simply put, Glow Stones are a really easy way to add something different to your garden. This kind of product is quite new to Australia, and in many ways the world. They come on blue and green colour and literally stand out in the dark. The aggregate is particularly useful as you can get a really good aggregate design that can be seen in daylight, then with glow stone aggregate your paths and driveways can stand out at night as well.

For all your glow stone and glow rock needs.

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