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Glow Stones Australia | Add Colour To Your Garden

I love coming across cool, new idea's to add some vibrancy and colour to a garden. Many people use solar lights. Some go to the extent of actually installing powered lights.

However, Glow Stones offer great, alternative products which use the sun to add flair to your garden design, they capture the suns light during the day and then glow at night!


What are Glow Stones? 

Simply put, Glow Stones are a really easy way to add something different to your garden. This kind of product is quite new to Australia, and in many ways the world.

They come on blue and green colour and literally stand out in the dark. The aggregate is particularly useful as you can get a really good aggregate design that can be seen in daylight, then with glow stone aggregate your paths and driveways can stand out at night as well.

One thing that is becoming increasingly popular in the gardening world is finding ways to use natural light to add some vibrancy to garden beds at night. They have a range of products that will suit many different uses in your home or garden project.

Glow Stones in Australia

Can be used for gardens, rockeries, pots, border paths and aquariums. The aquarium will illuminate the tank when the lights are out.

Decorative Glow Stones Pebbles Sand Gravel Rocks

Source: Amazon

These glow stones can be added to your garden flower pots for added decoration. 

Since it is EN71 approved, it is non-radioactive and harmless to aquatic life enabling you to apply these stones to your fish tank or aquarium. 

Alan Stone Glow in The Dark Decorative Sand Gravel Rock

Source: Amazon

These glow stones are quite versatile. You can use it to make a terrazzo, use in flower pots, garden decoration, pool design, or even added fish tank or aquarium, 

Aptech Multi-Color Glow Stones

Source: Amazon

These glow in the dark stones are perfect for indoor and outdoor decoration. 

Whether you're planning to line your walkway, driveway, or add beauty to your flower pots, these stones are the right one for you. 

Glowing Rocks Garden Pebbles

Source: Amazon

These luminous garden stones absorbs sunlight and can glow up to 2-8 hours after normal daylight exposure. 

Glow in The Dark Garden Pebbles Stone Noctilucent Cobblestones

Source: Amazon

You will never go wrong with these beautiful glowing garden pebbles.

Just scatter them where you want garden luminous light, and wait for night time to marvel in its beauty. 

Alan Stone Glow in The Dark Gravel

Source: Amazon

These glow in the dark gravel can be used to decorate your garden pots, make paths or use as border for plant beds or ponds

POPETPOP 50pcs Glow in The Dark Rocks

Source: Amazon

Popetpop glow in the dark rocks are perfect for garden, pool, and even aquarium use. 

You can also use this for your DIY art work. 

Thanks for checking out Aussie Green Thumb, I appreciate it. If you want more, click here for all my best adviceexclusive content and FREE bonuses!

Get your glow stones today and see how big a difference it will make to your garden. 

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  1. im looking at buying some glow stones are you located in perth and how much are glow stones thank you

  2. Hi Jacinta,
    Your best bet would be to give the team at Glow Stones Perth a ring – just call Clint on 0431 897 007 and I’m sure he will help you out.
    If you get a chance, mention you have come through the blog here!

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