My Gardening Story – Growing Vegetables

Is it really July? Wow, the year is truly flying by. If you are new to the ‘My Gardening Story’ series, click the button above that says ‘My Gardening Story’ so you can catch up on the story so far.

The purpose of this series is to enable you to know more about how I became the gardener that I am today. I am not a ‘professional’ gardener, even though I do run a gardening business. By that I mean I have not been to university or TAFE and undertaken studies in horticulture or anything like that. I am simply someone who has had a lifelong passion to develop my green thumb. Why is this important? Because this blog is all about helping YOU develop the green thumb you have always desired. My story is a testament to the fact that I believe anyone CAN improve their gardening skill if they have enough dedication and desire to do so.

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Today I want to talk about the area of gardening that I have more to do with than any other and that is vegetable gardening. Almost all my life I have been involved, whether actively or as a spectator (and therefore learning by watching), with vegetable gardening. My parents loved to grow vegetables in the back yard because it is a very cheap way of producing food!

My first memories of vegetable gardening are of a very productive bean crop that we had growing right up towards the back fence of my first house. I would have been around 5-6 years old and I remember how excited I was every few days to walk down the back with Mum or Dad and harvest the latest crop of beans. They seemed to grown without end. Every time we went out there we would find more beans to pick off. As a child it was so exciting to sit down to dinner at night and eat something that my family had grown!

I also remember quite strongly when we first (as far as I remember) grew pumpkins and how Mum had to learn how to tell when they were ready to be eaten. She would cut a little triangle in the side when we were pretty sure they were ready. I’ll be honest with you, to this day I still don’t actually know how that tells you if they are ready or not but it is a lasting memory for me.

In 1993 we moved to Albany and so grew our passion for vegetable gardening. In the last entry to this series, I wrote about My First Garden. One thing that was pretty much a constant in my first garden was tomato plants. At first this was because we planted them there and they thrived. Thereafter, they succeeded because tomatoes are fantastic self-seeders and so they would just continue to pop up here and there. We never complained! Some of the juiciest tomatoes I have ever eaten were grown in my little garden. I used to watch them from when they were very little right through to when I would have to get Dad to stake them for me so that they didn’t topple over under their own weight. It was grand.

Growing vegetables has taught me so much about gardening and the great thing about this is that you can do it to! Buying a few punnets of vegetables is quite inexpensive and you can then use these to hone your own gardening skills. If you can grow a healthy, productive vegetable garden then I believe you really can grow anything because the principles you learn from growing vegetables truly carry across to all forms of gardening. So, why not get out there and plant some vegetables today? Your dinner plate will likely appreciate it!