Nurseries of Australia – Kuranga Nursery, Victoria

Kuranga GumnutAs an avid Australian Native Plant lover I am constantly on the lookout for new nurseries that specialise in their propagation and sale. Living in Western Australia I normally focus on nurseries from my home state but sometimes the name of a nursery from another state sticks out. One such name is Kuranga Nursery which is found in Victoria.

Kuranga Native Nursery is a retail nursery specialising in Australian native flora.
Widely regarded as one of Australia’s foremost native nurseries, Kuranga has been propagating and selling Australian native plants since 1983.” (from their about us page)

One of the tasks of running a gardening blog is keeping up to date with who else is talking on the blogosphere and I regularly see people recommending Kuranga as a nursery that sells top notch Australian Native Plants.

Kuranga stockpiles a very large range of Australian Native Plants from far and wide. If you live in Victoria then Kuranga is especially beneficial for you because they have a large range of plants that are indigenous to the greater Melbourne area.

A key reason to consider buying your Australian Native Plants from Kuranga is their price with most of their plants setting you back less than $20. Sometimes cheap prices can act as a deterrent because top quality plants usually come at top prices but if the vibe on the blogosphere is anything to go by then the quality of plants from Kuranga can be assured.

On top of the fabulous plant range they also stock a variety of garden ornaments to make your garden that little bit more special. Do you have a spot that a plant just won’t grow but you know it needs a ‘feature’? A good solution in this situation is to place a good, eye catching garden ornament and Kuranga can definitely help you there.

If this was not already enough the crew at Kuranga offer one final service, an on-site café. If you are like me and enjoy visiting a nursery as much as buying then this is the perfect setting to sit back and enjoy a coffee while visiting. Perhaps you are looking for a place for your next ‘work’ do? Well if you are in the Greater Melbourne area why not consider the ‘Paperback Café’ at Kuranga.

If you are lucky enough to live in the area, check out the Kuranga Native Nursery

118 York Road Mount Evelyn 3796
Victoria 3796 Australia
(Ph) 9760 8100
Open 8.30am to 5.00pm 7 days a week Closed Good Friday & Christmas Day