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4 Best Motorised Wheelbarrows for 2024

Motorised wheelbarrows are the perfect tool for serious outdoor removal and demolition work, but do you really need a power barrow? In this article, we aim to clarify how and when to use a motorised wheelbarrow, also known as power barrows, or mini dumpers, and what to look for when buying one.



Our Rating


1. BAUMR-AG BPR890 Mini Dumper Power Barrow

BAUMR-AG BPR890 Mini Dumper electric wheelbarrow
Top Rated Best Motorised Wheelbarrow in Australia

2. Makita DCU180ZB Brushless Motorised Wheelbarrow

Makita DCU180ZB Brushless power barrow
Best Value Motorised Wheelbarrow in Australia

3. Baumr-AG BPR880 Motorised Wheelbarrow

Baumr-AG BPR880 electric wheelbarrow

4. Makita DCU180PT2B Cordless Bucket Wheelbarrow Kit

Makita DCU180PT2B Cordless Wheelbarrow Kit

What is a Motorised Wheelbarrow?

Best Motorised Wheelbarrows in Australia

Motorised wheelbarrows are, as they sound, wheelbarrows powered by rechargeable batteries, or petrol, for the removal of heavy-duty garden waste.

As well as taking much of the effort of carting barrow loads of waste to skips and compost heaps, they can also handle much larger loads than standard wheelbarrows when you get to the top end of the market.

Why Do You Need a Motorised Wheelbarrow?

Motorised wheelbarrows are perfect for contractors or commercial gardeners and landscapers who are regularly confronted with derelict sites that need flattening and taking back to bare earth before starting work.

For homeowners, motorised wheelbarrows can be useful when starting new gardens, but aren’t necessary for most average-sized plots for typical garden clearance.

For small gardens, a standard wheelbarrow will suffice, but for large estates, the assistance of a self-powered barrow is worth considering.

Motorised Wheelbarrow Buyers' Guide

What to Look for When Buying a Motorised Wheelbarrow

Motorised wheelbarrows come in a few different forms and there are one or two really important factors to consider. Firstly, are you looking to transport soft garden waste, or rubble; second, how often are you going to need it.

There are companies that rent out powered wheelbarrows by the day, which might be useful for occasional use, but there are also cheaper models that are worth considering for regular users.

The more expensive side of motorised wheelbarrows are designed specifically for contractors but comes with a whole host of other features including durable galvanised metal barrows, rather than standard plastic buckets.

Different Types of Motorised Wheelbarrow

Different Types of Motorised Wheelbarrow

There are two types of motorised wheelbarrows; dumpers and barrows. Importantly though, those categories are pretty flexible, so you can usually find some pretty interesting hybrids somewhere in the middle.

Below we’ll look at the advantages of each of the main design types for motorised wheelbarrows.

Mini Dumper

Mini dumpers are pretty common, and you might even be used to seeing them on the sides of building sites where contractors are clearing old rubble.

Mini dumpers are typically more powerful, more durable and come with petrol engines for longer use without the need to recharge halfway through the day.

Power Barrow

Powered wheelbarrows are literally as they sound – wheelbarrows with an engine to help give that extra power getting up hills. They are particularly useful for gardeners with steep slopes to deal with, who know that wheelbarrows are a problem already.

In those situations, it is well worth splashing out for a power barrow that saves effort and potentially makes carting garden waste up hills much safer.

Hybrid Motorised Wheelbarrows

The hybrid motorised wheelbarrows that have come on the market recently are a useful in-between for smaller-scale contractors or garden designers who need them occasionally but perhaps don’t want to spend full whack on a $10,000 mini dumper. 

Sometimes, the difference is just a galvanised barrow bucket which means they can take more bashing about, other times the design is identical to standard wheelbarrows but the better-built quality means they can handle more weight.

How to Use a Motorised Wheelbarrow

A man using a power barrow

Source: turfmatters.co.uk

Motorised wheelbarrows are self-driving, and the biggest models can even handle stairs as well as slopes but the brakes are just as important at the throttle.

We’ve seen a few drive-on barrows recently, which, honestly, are just a bit too big to call wheelbarrows, but for typical powered wheelbarrows, they are driven and steered from behind using typical handlebars.

They are steered the same way as old-fashioned wheelbarrows, by pushing in the right direction.

Motorised Wheelbarrow Reviews for 2024

1. BAUMR-AG BPR890 Mini Dumper Power Barrow

BAUMR-AG BPR890 Mini Dumper Power Barrow

Baumr-AG’s latest model of power barrow, or mini dumper, is essentially identical to its older model from 2020, but with one significant difference, it’s 1” thinner.

That might seem like nothing, but with a standard gate in Australia measuring 7’4” (76”) that extra inch could make a huge difference in smaller gardens, or if gate posts have slumped even slightly.

Despite the narrower footing, this wheelbarrow can handle the same 300kg loads, comes with the same four-wheel drive, and costs just a fraction more, so is the sensible choice for most contractors.


  • Powerful 6.5 HP engine
  • 300kg capacity
  • 73” width
  • Reverse gear
  • Easy unloading
  • Four-wheel drive
  • Great value


  • N/A

2. Makita DCU180ZB Brushless Motorised Wheelbarrow

Makita DCU180ZB Brushless Motorised Wheelbarrow

I’m a big fan of this Makita power barrow, which essentially takes advantage of our preconceptions of wheelbarrows and adds a motor. The electric motor fits Makita batteries and powers a versatile wheelbarrow that can be used without power, or with it, to move loads up to 130kg.

The metal barrow means it is harder wearing than standard plastic wheelbarrows too so will take some rough work too.


  • Great value
  • Perfect for domestic gardeners
  • Easy to use
  • Self-driven
  • Rechargeable
  • Electric


  • Small load capacity
  • Batteries not included

3. Baumr-AG BPR880 Motorised Wheelbarrow

Baumr-AG BPR880 Motorised Wheelbarrow

This powerful wheelbarrow by Baumr-AG is designed for serious use by contractors but priced so it’s actually not that expensive for serious gardeners either. 

The incredibly well-built barrow tips out to empty with the flick of a switch, and it can even climb stairs with a slope of up to 20 degrees which I guarantee you would not be able to do with a standard manual wheelbarrow.

At 74” wide it fits through most garden gates and is 4-wheel drive for easy manoeuvring too. Really, where this barrow shines is its capacity, as it can hold up to 300kg, making it perfect for rubble and soil removal.


  • Powerful 6.5 HP engine
  • 300kg capacity
  • 74” width
  • Reverse gear
  • Easy unloading
  • Four-wheel drive
  • Great value


  • N/A

4. Makita DCU180PT2B Cordless Bucket Wheelbarrow Kit

Makita DCU180PT2B Cordless Bucket Wheelbarrow Kit

The latest upgrade from Makita in their power barrow range is the 36V brushless bucket wheelbarrow. For any gardening enthusiast with sloped gardens, or landscapes looking for a convenient way to take the strain off their backs this is the perfect little wheelbarrow for the job.

It might not carry the industrial loads of some of its competitors, but it’s just enough to take the effort out of moving heavy loads of soil and stone around the garden.

The removable feet are handy too, giving you the choice between easy steering and easy lifting. And most importantly, it comes with two batteries and a charging kit included, so there’s no need to worry about extra expenses, and added extras.


  • Great value
  • Perfect for domestic gardeners
  • Lightweight
  • Batteries included
  • Easy speed selection
  • Self-drive
  • Rechargeable
  • Electric
  • Detachable rear wheels for easy steering on lighter loads


  • Small load capacity

Motorised Wheelbarrows Top Picks 

Motorised Wheelbarrow - Our Top Pick

Top Rated Best Motorised Wheelbarrow in Australia
BAUMR-AG BPR890 Mini Dumper Power Barrow

For its mix of value and capacity the best buy has to go to Baumr-AG for their latest Mini dumper making the Baumr-AG BPR890 the best motorised wheelbarrow on review for 2024. 

The 300kg capacity is pretty incredible for a barrow of its size, and while it’s wider than a lot of competitors, it’s a much more practical size and scales making it able to handle rougher and more uneven loads too.

Best Value Motorised Wheelbarrow

Best Value Motorised Wheelbarrow in Australia
Makita DCU180ZB Brushless Motorised Wheelbarrow

For domestic gardeners looking for a convenient tool to take the back-breaking work out of carting wheelbarrows up and down the garden – especially on slopes – this budget power barrow from Makita is perfect.

I’ve seen manual wheelbarrows selling for more than this, so you really can’t go wrong on price, and because it’s from Makita you know it’s going to last too.

Motorised Wheelbarrow Frequently Asked Questions

Are electric wheelbarrows good?

Motorised wheelbarrows might seem like a gimmick, but they are incredibly useful tools for gardeners working regularly with sloped gardens, or clearing significant amounts of rubble.

For gardeners with mobility issues, motorised wheelbarrows can be the difference between gardening and not gardening.

Are motorised wheelbarrows worth it?

Motorised wheelbarrows are great for professional gardeners and help to reduce back strain. For anyone with mobility problems or sloped gardens, they are an almost essential tool too. So, yes, motorised wheelbarrows are worth it, in most cases.

Which wheelbarrow is the best?

Baumr-AG’s BPR890 mini dumper holds a huge 300kg load with a fairly compact body too. For any professional contractor looking for a motorised wheelbarrow that’s going to save them time, strain, and effort, the Baumr wheelbarrow range had to be the best there is.

Which is better: a plastic or metal wheelbarrow?

Plastic wheelbarrows and metal wheelbarrows are hard to compare, but when it comes to durability you have to agree; metal wheelbarrows are better. The downside of metal wheelbarrows is their weight, and their tendency to rust – particularly cheaper barrows made from galvanised steel rather than stainless steel. 

But, overall, if you’re working with heavy loads, on busy sites, metal wheelbarrows will stand up to heavy loads and tougher treatment.

What is a good size for a wheelbarrow?

Any wheelbarrow with 160L capacity is enough for most applications. There are some brilliant larger motorised wheelbarrows that will handle more – up to 300kg in some cases, but for standard garden use, basic motorised wheelbarrows should have at least 120-160L capacity.

How long should a wheelbarrow last?

A wheelbarrow should last a lifetime. Obviously, there are factors that will shorten the lifespan or a wheelbarrow, but with properly constructed frames, well-manufactured barrows, and decent tires, there’s no reason wheelbarrows shouldn’t be the only ones you ever buy.

How do you extend the life of a wheelbarrow?

To extend the life of your wheelbarrows, store them indoors. That’s the most important thing you can do for any tool, particularly one with moving parts and the potential to rust.

Treat tires and spokes with WD-40 regularly, and clean the surface of any metal wheelbarrows before storing them to remove potential moisture.

Are track barrows the same as motorised wheelbarrows?

Track barrows or muck trucks have a higher capacity than standard motorised wheelbarrows, but in principle, they’re essentially the same.

The tracks on track barrows are capable of travelling over tougher surfaces, without any need for users to take their weight, while most motorised wheelbarrows are designed to be partially carried.

What are other names for motorised wheelbarrows?

Motorised wheelbarrows have been called all sorts of things in the past, but are best known as power barrows. As well as power barrows, motorised wheelbarrows are often called mini dumpers, muck trucks and ride-on options called Rat Barrows.

How wide are mini dumpers?

Mini dumpers are typically between 60 and 80cm wide so fit well through confined spaces. Some models are slightly wider at the base due to running on tracks, so for really tight alleys look for mini dumpers with narrow tyre widths.

Do you think motorised wheelbarrows are too much for your gardening needs? Check out our buying guide on the best standard wheelbarrows for 2024

Make Gardening Easier by Using the Best Motorised Wheelbarrow for 2024

From mini dumpers to motorised wheelbarrows, there is a whole world of garden tech out there yet to be explored by most gardeners, but these clever garden tools are growing in popularity, and hopefully, they will come down in price soon enough for typical use as they have so many positive applications around the garden.

For now, the best motorised wheelbarrows are limited by their high prices which means they’re great for contractors, but perhaps too expensive for domestic users. Watch this space though as I’m sure we’ll be back with updates when new models come on the market.

Best Motorised Wheelbarrows

Last Updated on January 11, 2024

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