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Australian Native Plants Nursery California

As I have spent all of June so far in the United States I figured there is no better time to review a nursery from America that specialises in Australian Native Plants.

Over the past couple of months my viewing audience from the states has been steadily growing so I hope that this article might help you if you desire to grow some of the Australian native plants that I discuss on this blog.


Australian Native Plants Nursery California Details 


Mailing Address
Australian Native Plants
P. O. Box 1606
Oak View CA 93022 U.S.A.

Contact Information
Toll Free: (800) 701 6517
Local: (805) 649 3362
Fax: (805) 649 4080
Email: [email protected]

Visiting - Open By Appointment 

Entrance is in Casitas Springs, CA in the Ojai Valley Our growing grounds are open by appointment. Please contact us if you are planning a visit!

I don’t remember how I stumbled across the website for this nursery but I am very glad that I did. 

Australian Native Plants Nursery

Get to Know Australian Native Plants Nursery California

The Australian Native Plants Nursery in California has been offering the chance for Americans to grow Australian native plants since the early 1990’s.

It was started by Jo O’Connell with the help of her husband, Byron Cox. Jo says, about the nursery, “From the beginning, our vision was to provide plants that are hardy, drought tolerant, cut flower producing and bird attracting.”

The longevity of this nursery in a foreign location suggests that they have been successful in their endeavour.

Australian Native Plants Nursery California

The Australian Native Plants nursery sells a wide variety of Australian native ground covers, grasses, shrubs, trees and vines. These plants are available in both plant and seed form.

They stock a wide variety of this months Plant of the Month, the Grevilleas so if this plant has tickled your fancy, you can buy grevillea plants for sale in USA through this nursery.

The nursery also has a number of books on offer including “Australian Native Plants” by John W Wrigley & Murray Fagg which I have been told is a marvelous resource.

Plants are available to be shipped anywhere in the United States via the UPS system though Fed Ex shipping is available. Books and seeds are available to be shipped worldwide.

They have a fantastic website with any other information you might need to know including other resources and help to improve your Aussie Green Thumb. Just go to https://www.australianplants.com/about.aspx for more information.

Last Updated on April 7, 2022

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