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3-Tower Hydroponic Garden Kit


Includes an extra 1 month supply of nutrients for FREE!

Recirculating and water-saving! One pump feeds 3 towers.

In less than 3 metres you can grow 60+ large plants. Simply top up the water and nutrient reservoirs once a week.

Made from durable food-grade UV-treated materials, this system is built to last!

Choose between electric or solar. Full instructions are included for easy setup and maintenance.

The package includes everything needed (except the plants):

– 3x towers and reservoirs. Each tower is 1.5m tall and 1m apart. Total of 15 planters with room for 60+ large plants.
– Electric pump or solar pump + solar panel.
– All tubing and connectors.
– Coco coir and perlite
– Nutrients: Approx 4-6 months supply PLUS an extra FREE 550g nutrient pack (approx. 1 month supply).

How Does 3 Hydroponic Tower Garden Work?

– Simply fill each planter with coco/perlite and stack them up.
– Utilise one powerful solar or electric pump provided to water three recirculating towers.
– Each tower stands 1.5 meters high and is positioned 1 meter apart, providing a total of 60+ LARGE plant sites.
– The 3 reservoirs have a total capacity of 180 litres of water, easily refillable. Top up the reservoirs every week or two.
– The solar pump activates when it’s sunny, ensuring optimal watering. Additionally, the coco coir retains moisture even in low light conditions.


What’s the Nutrient?

‘Superior Blend’ premium-quality, full-spectrum bulk powdered hydroponic nutrient. Each package provides an estimated supply lasting between 4 to 6 months. Plus receive an extra 1 month supply of nutrients for FREE!
You can purchase additional nutrient packs from our store when needed.


Why does it work so well?

– Coco/perlite serves as an ideal growing medium, offering a lightweight, fluffy, and consistently moist environment. Its unique properties prevent overwatering, ensuring optimal conditions for plant growth.
– Elevated gardens naturally provide protection against pests and diseases, creating a healthier growing environment for your plants.
– The combination of automated watering and premium-quality nutrient solutions guarantees ideal moisture and nutrition levels, promoting vigorous growth and plant development.


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Last Updated on April 15, 2024

Tower Colour

Black, Stone, Terracotta

Base Colour

Grey, Stone

Power Type

Electric, Solar

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