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SlurryTub Interview – Nathan and David

The Slurry Tub is a new innovation that will help you take responsible gardening to new heights when dealing with cement and other harmful chemicals in and around your landscape or vegetation.

It is a brilliantly simple solution that we believe can have a real impact, not only on our environment but ourselves as well while working with strong adhesives and chemicals in our natural spaces. 

This portable filtering system is a simple and cost-effective environmental solution for the disposal of wet trade slurry.


Whether you’re looking at building a pond or a water feature in your garden or perhaps simply installing some paving around the garden, the Slurry Tub will allow you to wash off responsibly and protect your precious plants from the harmful chemicals being used. 

Today Nathan catches up with David from Slurry Tub to give us a little more insight into how the product works and how it can benefit the everyday gardener. 

Check out the full interview below:


Hey everyone, Nathan here from Aussie Green Thumb. We're at the Sydney Build Expo, and we're joined by David, the CEO of Slurry Tub.


Thanks for joining us today.


Hey, Nathan.


So, Slurry Tub is a product which helps keep the area clean and reduces mess when concreting. Can you tell us a bit about the product?


Yeah. It's a new innovation for the building industry and it's got a particularly important application for people with gardens, who need to look after their investment in their lawns and expensive plants.

So Slurry Tub allows them to control the release of harmful contaminants and slurry from their wash up, after they're using cement.

So if they're setting pavers or doing pathways, et cetera, or putting fence posts in, you're able to manage the release of the contaminants into their gardens and protect it in the process.

Nathan of Aussie Green Thumb


Okay. So once you manage the contaminants, then what do you do?


So the filter in Slurry Tub traps the contaminants and won't release them into the environment. So your filter does such a job, that it releases just the waste water and not the harmful sediment and the damaging material out of a typical concrete wash.


Okay. So then you can just throw the set concrete?


Yeah, that's right. It'll harden in the bottom of the filter, and then you dump it the responsible way, into a dump bin on-site.


Okay. Perfect. And how did the idea come about?


It was born out of the frustration from a local builder actually, who's dealing with the problem on his building sites every day. Where does his trades wash up?

And as a result of lots of work and R&D in the process, we've got a really simple solution to a problem: where do wet trades wash up on a building site? It just gives them a protected, compliant washout area to use on their sites every day.


Ah, perfect. Sounds great. So how long has the product been around for?


We launched just over a year ago, so April 2021. Australian made product. So we're really excited, the fact that it's good old Aussie innovation coming to the market.

We're already exporting to two overseas markets already, to the UK and the Canadian market. So it's a really great solution.


Ah, perfect. So for the residential gardener, how would they be able to use a product like this?


Well, as I mentioned before, any time that they're needing to use a cement-based material in the design and the manufacture or production of their garden, in a concrete edging for instance or setting pavers around edging in a garden or doing a pond, a fish pond in a garden, or doing a fountain or a water feature

Any time cement's used, they're able to manage the wash up of their tools and their equipment by doing the right thing by the environment and not damaging and destroying the garden when they're washing up at the end of the day.

Slurry Tub is a product which helps keep the area clean and reduces mess when concreting


In the process.


Yeah, exactly.


Ah, it sounds like a great product. It's a great product. And if someone wanted to get a Slurry Tub, how would they be able to find you?


They can go to www.slurrytub.com and have a look at the product there. They can order online, or we've got a network of resellers that are around Australia.

And Mitre 10, Total Tools, can supply the product for them. We're getting lots of interest from landscape gardeners, so they're finding it a real solution.


Okay. Perfect. Well, thank you for your time, David.




We'll be following your product because we think it's going to be very successful around the world.


Great. Thanks Nathan. Good on you.


All right, cheers. All right.


All the best.

Invest in Safe and Responsible Gardening with the Innovative Slurry Tub

If you’re interested in more protected and compliant ways in which you can reduce chemical run-off while working in and around the garden, the Slurry Tub is certainly a must-have product. 

Not only does this fantastic innovation allow us to be more protected while working with strong chemicals, but it will also ensure your array of plants, trees and other vegetation is fully protected from waste run-off while working in the garden.

Ensure your landscape is protected and thriving at all times, regardless of any building being done with the new Slurry Tub.

Get your Slurry Tub today by visiting Slurry Tub or contact one of the trusted resellers in your area for more information. 

Last Updated on October 21, 2022

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