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5 Best Victa Lawn Mowers for 2024 | Australian Buying Guide

Maintaining a neat lawn is probably the single most important thing you can do to keep your lawn looking fresh, but with the confusion of so many brands to choose from, we wanted to take the time to look at Victa lawn mowers in detail.

Victa lawn mowers come with a huge variety of specs, so even if you’re not thinking of buying a Victa, this guide should be a good way to determine at least what type of mower to buy, if not what exact model.

I’ll be looking at the differences between petrol, electric and push mowers, as well as the impact bigger blades can have on your lawn, and when to avoid them. 



Our Rating


1. Victa Corvette 300 18 inch Lawn Mower

Victa Corvette 300 Lawn Mower

2. Victa Razor Cut 16 inch Push Lawn Mower

Victa Razor Cut Push Lawn Mower

3. Victa Mustang 19 inch Lawn Mower

Victa Mustang Lawn Mower

4. Victa 19 inch Commercial Mower

Victa Commercial Mower

5. Victa Super Mulcher 18 inch Lawn Mower

Victa Super Mulcher Lawn Mower

Victa Lawn Mower Reviews for 2024

1. Victa Corvette 300 18 inch Lawn Mower

Victa Corvette 300 18 inch Lawn Mower

The VICTA Corvette 300 Lawn Mower is a slightly smaller option, with a little less power, but a higher power-weight than the Corvette 400.

For small gardens, or even medium sized gardens looking for a neater finish, this is a much lighter option, which stores even easier than the bigger model, and could save you about $100 for the sake of 1-inch


  • Decent power for a small 4-stroke lawn mower
  • Really easy to store
  • Easy to maintain, just sharpen blades every thirty cuts
  • Good value for a small and efficient petrol mower
  • Automatically creates a fine mulch for composting, or direct application
  • Decent sized cutting basket, easy to lift and empty.


  • Smaller blade (18”) than the Victa Corvette 400
  • Mixed fuel, requires two bottles

2. Victa Razor Cut 16 inch Push Lawn Mower

Victa Razor Cut 16 inch Push Lawn Mower

Obviously, this can’t be compared directly to any of the other victa mower models. It’s cutting discs work in the traditional barrel style, it has no power, and has a smaller, flimsier basket, but the Victa Razor Cut Push mower is the perfect choice for a small garden, or a garden with minimal lawn.

By far the easiest model to store, and the cheapest Victa lawn mower by miles.


  • Store in even the smallest sheds
  • No fuel
  • Self-sharpening blades reduce maintenance, just brush out the blades every so often to stop build up.
  • Great value for a push mower of this quality.


  • No power
  • Smaller cutting space than petrol/electric mowers
  • Mulches and catches, but the smaller basket requires regular emptying

3. Victa Mustang 19 inch Lawn Mower

Victa Mustang 19 inch Lawn Mower

The VICTA Mustang 881907 Lawn Mower is the powerhouse in this list. It’s 2-stroke engine will cut through anything, and it’s perfect for heavy duty domestic use, like annual cuts on long grass, or rejuvenating a forgotten and overgrown garden.

It’s less fuel efficient than the Victa Corvette models, but uses every drop to produce powerful fast cuts.


  • Single pre-mixed fuel
  • Sharpen blades regularly for cleaner cuts, but engine maintenance is easier than 4-stroke mowers.
  • 19” cutting width makes light work of large lawns
  • Automatic mulching and catching basket
  • Huge detachable basket, for easy storage, and quick composting


  • More expensive than 4-Stroke models, so consider cheaper options for lighter work
  • Quite a beast to fit in the garage, but it’s handle folds down to save space.

4. Victa 19 inch Commercial Mower 

Victa 19 inch Commercial Mower

The VICTA 19 inch Commercial Mower is the best Victa mower on the market, with more power, better fuel efficiency, and wider blades than comparable modes. And it’s cheaper than most similar victa mower models by other brands.

But that doesn’t mean it’s right for you. You wouldn’t buy a Ferrari for the school run, so don’t buy a commercial mower for a domestic garden. 

For commercial gardeners, or professional landscapers though, this really is one of the best lawn mowers on the market.


  • 190cc 4-Stroke engine does the work of most 2-stroke engines
  • Single fuel, more efficient than 2-stroke engines
  • Easy maintenance, and less regular cleaning.
  • 19” blade
  • Automatic mulching
  • Gigantic basket for quick composting, and easy clear ups


  • Needs quite a big space for storage. It’s not a subtle tool.
  • The most expensive Victa lawn mower

5. Victa Super Mulcher 18 inch Lawn Mower

Victa Super Mulcher 18 inch Lawn Mower

The Victa Super Mulcher is a lighter weight model, with more fuel efficiency, but added work for the user. The fuel added works the blades, while most of the drive is done by the user. 

It requires pushing, rather than following and steering like most lawn mowers, which gives you more control, but makes it a pretty poor choice for a large garden.


  • Good fuel efficiency
  • Easy enough to store
  • Easy to maintain, just sharpen the blade once every thirty cuts.
  • Built for a fine mulch, so perfect for composting


  • Worse value than other similar mowers
  • 18” blade is smaller than other Victa mowers at a similar price

Victa Lawn Mower Buying Guide

Buying a Victa Lawn Mower

Source: Victa.com

When buying a Victa lawn mower, you need to consider the size of lawn you need to cut, and how regularly you want to cut it. For example, if you want a tightly clipped lawn, with neat strips, go for a small blade electric mower (the lower power, and smaller blades make Victa electric mowers ideal for exacting control).

But if you’ve got a vast expanse of lawn to cut on a regular basis, a wide blade petrol mower will make light work of your garden. Most Victa petrol mowers are self-propelled and easy to turn, so you can mow for hours with virtually no effort. But then there are the Victa push mowers, which might seem archaic. 

No one really wants to walk around, manually pushing rolling blades over their lawn, but consider this; if you only have a small lawn, and limited storage space, then a Victa push mower is a great zero carbon mower for your garden, with no emissions and no energy other than your own. 

We’ll break down the uses of each type in the next section.

Types of Victa Lawn Mowers

Victa Petrol Lawn Mower

If you want a Victa self propelled mower, petrol is your best option. The most popular mowers throughout history, and used religiously by professional landscapers, petrol mowers are the most powerful, and most sturdy lawn mowers on the market, and the centre of Victa’s brand. 

Petrol mowers are ideal for professional gardeners who need to cut through lawns quickly, and for gardeners with large expanses of lawn that need regular maintenance. 

My favourite benefit of petrol lawn mowers, which goes against most of my better instincts, is that they can have some environmental benefits (not many though for obvious reasons).

Many gardeners are aiming for long, more wildlife friendly lawns, meaning just two cuts per year. Electric mowers and push mowers simply won’t cut through the long grass.

Using a powerful petrol mower, with effective cutting and shredding capabilities, will get through long grass and even allow you to mulch the ground with the cuttings – ideal for easy maintenance of a wildlife meadow or Australian style prairie.

Victa Lawn Mower Australia

Source: Victa.com

Victa 2-Stroke Lawn Mower

For bigger jobs, like annual meadow cuts, you’ll need a 2-stroke mower. Their engines produce more torque at a higher RPM, with much less friction on the blades than 4-stroke engines.

They are the less fuel-efficient choice though, but can be easier to maintain if anything ever goes wrong with your lawn mower. 2-stroke petrol mowers, while less efficient, can be cheaper to run, as their fuel is typically sold pre-mixed, and is easy to feed in.

Just make sure you use a decent quality oil (ideally 50:1 fuel-to-oil ratio) which will extend the life of your Victa lawn mower.

Victa 4-Stroke Lawn Mower

4-stroke lawn mowers are more fuel efficient, as they only consume fuel every four strokes. 4-stroke engines are more durable than 2-stroke engines as they run slower, and handle less power.

But, for regular cutting of a normal domestic lawn, they will be a much more efficient lawn mower and require less ongoing maintenance than 2 stroke engines.

Victa Lawn Mower Reviews

Source: Eftm.com

Victa Electric Mower

Electric lawn mowers are always a little less powerful than petrol mowers, but are great for domestic gardens where the land isn’t too big, or the lawn isn’t that far from a socket.

I always find that electric mowers give a more classic cut, which I think is down to their lower capabilities, but it gives the gardener more control, and is much less likely to chew up your lawn if you hit a divot.

Maintaining electric mowers is easy. As long as they are stored in dry conditions, they will last for years.

The one disadvantage of electric mowers is that the blades often need cleaning more regularly, as their lower power means grass clippings can catch in the blades and begin to gather above them, producing messy cuts if not swept out every so often.

If you want to opt for an electric mower, check out our review of the best electric mowers available in Australia

Victa Push Mower

While I use 4 stroke lawn mowers for most work in my own garden, I use a push mower. We have more flower beds than grass, and the grass is laid out as a path rather than a traditional lawn.

Rather than dragging wires around behind me, or yanking pull cords to start a lawn mower engine, just taking the push mower out of the garage, and getting on with the job always feels like good exercise, and gives a great clean cut.

I love the Victa push mower for that reason, and because of how simple they are to fold away, and hang up, so they don’t even take up floor space in the garage.

Do you want to look into more push mowers? See our review on the best push lawn mowers for 2024.

Victa Lawn Mower Safety Tips

Victa Lawn Mower Safety Tips

If you’re reading this article, chances are, you know a little about lawn mower safety already, and it varies between different makes and models, but for all Victa lawn mowers it is important to make sure the engine is completely switched off before any inspection or maintenance is carried out.

If you cut the lawn regularly, there should be no need to check for stones or sticks before mowing, but if you are mowing a new piece of land, rake the ground over gently before mowing to remove any large debris.

Mowers can flick stones up behind them, or fire them back at your ankles, even when built with safety guards like Victa mowers.

Lastly, and this isn’t a point on your safety, but on wildlife. If you are not a regular mower, and prefer to keep a longer section of lawn or prairie planting, check the long grass for any wildlife.

There are ground nesting birds and mammals in Australia who use long grass to take shelter in spring and winter. They will usually run off at the first sound of a lawn mower, but any young will be left behind.

Please check your long grass before doing any mechanical cuts!

Victa Lawn Mower Frequently Asked Questions

Who makes Victa lawn mowers?

The Briggs & Stratton Corporation own and manufacture the engines used in all Victa lawn mowers.

How long do top Victa lawn mowers last?

Most lawn mowers last around ten years, but depending on the type of mower and size of lawn, this can be longer or shorter. Regularly used and maintained petrol mowers will last longer than those used once per-year. Equally, simple push mowers can last a lifetime.

Is Victa a good brand?

Victa has continually maintained a reputation for durable and powerful products. Lawn mowers have always been central to what they do, and they continue building great quality lawn mowers today.

Where are Victa mowers made?

Victa Lawn mowers were founded in Sydney in1952, and are manufactured in New south Wales, Australia, while their 4-stroke engines are manufactured in the UK and China

What is the most environmentally friendly choice?

Push mowers are the only zero-emission lawn mowers, but the 4-stroke engine is more efficient.

How much oil do you put in a Victa lawn mower?

Victa lawn mowers work best when fuelled with Victa Formula V 2 Stroke High Performance Motor Fuel-to-Oil at a ratio of 50:1. 2 -Stroke engines require different fuel mixes, and should be fuelled based on the instructions with each mower.

How often should a Victa lawn mower be serviced?

Victa lawn mowers should be serviced at least once a year for safety and efficiency. Basic maintenance such as blade sharpening should be carried out at least once every thirty cuts (usually once a year for domestic users).

If you have a large lawn, read our guide on zero turn mowers to help you make the right decision on which mower to invest on. 

Choose the Best Victa Lawn Mower for Your Needs

There are so many makes and models of lawn mowers on the market, but we hope that by comparing Victa mower models within one brand, it helps you understanding a little more about the different types of mowers, and how and why you might prefer a petrol lawn mower instead of an electric lawn mower, or a push lawn mower instead of a self-propelled lawn mower.

There are plenty of other outlets for Victa lawnmowers, but the best prices for Victa lawn mowers online are included in the article, whatever you decide to buy for your new lawn. Thanks for reading our Victa lawn mower guide. 

Victa Lawn Mower Product Reviews and Buying Guide

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