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Best Gutter Guards and Gutter Guard Installers in Australia

Despite being designed to protect us and our homes from the elements, gutters need protection themselves. As well as finding the best gutter cleaning tools, it’s important to prevent damage to your gutters with the right gutter guards for your property.

Depending on where you live, there are a few different types of gutter guards, so let’s talk a walk through the wonderful world of gutter protection, and hopefully, we’ll help you decipher what’s best for your home.



Our Rating


1. Whites Fire Guard Gutter Mesh

Whites Gutter Mesh Fire Guard
Best Gutter Guard in Australia

2. Aluminium Leaf Mesh Gutter Guards

Aluminium Mesh Gutter Guards
Premium Choice Gutter Guard in Australia

3. Gutter Guard Aluminium Deluxe Leaf Mesh

Gutter Guard Aluminium Leaf Mesh

4. Garden Greens Rust Resistant Gutter Guard Mesh

Garden Greens Gutter Guard Mesh

5. Gutter Brush Guard Leaf Twigs Filter

Gutter Guard Leaf Twigs Filter

6. Whites Plastic Super Trade Pack Gutter Guard

Whites Super Trade Pack Gutter Guard

Tool Buyer’s Guide to Gutter Guards

What is a Gutter Guard?

Best Guard Guard Reviews

Gutter guards are pretty self-explanatory, but their function is perhaps less well understood. As well as the obvious guard against fallen leaves and debris, gutter guards can serve as the first line of defence against bushfires and embers that could potentially damage your property. 

So, in this article, we’re going to look at the many different types of gutter guards so you know the best type of gutter guard for your home.

What to Look for When Buying a Gutter Guard

While gutter guards are fairly straightforward to install, some can be a little more complex, and potentially require a professional trade to install them safely and securely. 

Check any listings and product information before purchasing new gutter guards to ensure you’re buying the right length and width to suit your gutter (old properties can have wider gutters, while new properties tend to be designed with simpler, straighter gutters. 

Once you’ve got the right measurements, check that the fittings suit your gutter. Most gutter guards are universal, but some are designed to clip onto curved PVC guttering, making them easier to self-install.

And finally, think about the materials. Aluminium gutter guards are ideal for most applications, but will eventually rust. If your key concern is fire and ember protection, choose aluminium, but if it's leaves and debris, opt for simpler plastic gutter guards that won’t rust over time.

Different Types of Gutter Guards

Gutter guards are designed for a few different things, so it’s important to establish the need, before finding the solution. Let’s look at the most common reason for needing a gutter guard; leaf protection & fire protection.

Different Types of Gutter Guards

Leaf guards

While leaves don’t cause damage to your gutters in themselves and are relatively simple to clean out, they can build up and completely block your gutter, causing leaks, overflows, and water damage to your property as a result.

If left unchecked for any more than a year, leafy gutters can compost down into soil, and allow plants to grow, which again, damage rooves and render with their roots.

Using properly designed leaf protection for your gutters allows water to flow freely, with complete protection against debris, which simply blows away from the surface, rather than catching in the curved piping.

Fire guards and ember guards

Fire protection is a much more serious problem, and gutter guards should be installed in any home at risk of bushfires, embers, or wildfires in summer. Fire guards for gutters work in a few different ways.

As well as protecting your home from falling leaves, which in turn, removes any potential kindling from gutters, fire guards stop embers from landing in your gutter too. By preventing the build-up of dry leaves and debris, the risk of fire is greatly reduced.

However, ember guards for gutters are more complicated to install and more expensive.

Brush gutter guards

Brush gutter guards are primarily for leaf and debris protection. They are basically just giant pipe cleaners, with dense bristles, and sit snugly in most gutters without the need for any professional installation. 

Brush guards are great for DIY installation, but are also very hard to clean, and do need to be rinsed at least once a year to prevent dust particles from clogging them up. 

Mesh gutter guards

Mesh guards are the best all-around gutter guard type, with a simple design that stops any large debris from entering your gutter, while small fibres and particles are simply washed away through the clear gutter below.

Mesh gutter guards come in many materials, so choose carefully between aluminium and plastic mesh, depending on whether your main risk is fire (go for aluminium mesh) or leaves (go for plastic mesh).

Downpipe guards

Downpipe guards are the most budget-friendly type of gutter guard. They just slot into the downpipe entrance at any point along a gutter. This stops leaves from blocking the downpipe but does still let leaves and embers enter the gutter itself.

The savings are still considerable in the long run, as downpipe guards stop debris from building up and blocking downpipes, which can cause untold damage to your home as water simply pools above the blockage.

However, you will still need to clean gutters once or even twice a year to remove the debris along the main length.

How to Install a Gutter Guard

How to Install a Gutter Guard

Most gutter guards are simple to install – just get on a ladder and push them into place. But for clip-on mesh guards or cut-to-size gutter guards, it might well be worth getting in touch with a professional who knows exactly what they’re doing.

Remember, gutter guards aren’t essential but they can reduce your insurance costs if properly installed, and save you time, effort, and money in the long term. So, employ a professional installer if you’re at all unsure. See our guide, below, to finding the best gutter guard installation services near you.

Gutter Guard Reviews

1. Whites Fire Guard Gutter Mesh

Whites Fire Guard Gutter Mesh

Source: bunnings.com.au

This fire guard for gutters doubles up as a simple way to leaf proof your gutter, without needing professional installation.

With a galvanised steel mesh, it is also long-lasting and fairly weather resistant, but crucially, will hold its shape after installation.

The 30cm wide mesh is easy to install, and fits pretty much any gutter imaginable, either inserted directly or installed as an initial protective layer under the roof slope.


  • Galvanised steel
  • Easy DIY installation
  • Safe and effective in fire zones
  • Really good value


  • Will rust over time

2. Aluminium Leaf Mesh Gutter Guards

Aluminium Leaf Mesh Gutter Guards

Source: kingswarehouse.com.au

This aluminium leaf mesh doubles up as a simple layer of protection against embers and bush fires but isn’t completely fireproof, so should be used with caution, and with professional advice in any fire-prone areas.

However, the fine mesh is one of the best we’ve seen in terms of self-installation and effectiveness against even the finest pine needles.

The easy-to-cut mesh can be bent and shaped to fit any guttering situation, from simple overlays to bespoke fitted guards.


  • Looks great when done properly
  • Incredibly effective against felling leaves and debris
  • Fire safe


  • May need professional installation
  • Expensive

3. Gutter Guard Aluminium Deluxe Leaf Mesh

Gutter Guard Aluminium Deluxe Leaf Mesh

Source: amazon.com.au

Like any gutter mesh, it’s worth asking for professional advice on any product, particularly where fire hazards are a concern, but the simple aluminium mesh has tiny 4x2mm holes which let almost nothing through.

Anything that does fall through will simply wash out of the drain, and water is allowed to flow freely through the mesh.

This narrow 20 mesh can be bought at 10m or 20m lengths, making it adaptable, but still more suitable for newer properties with shallower guttering.


  • Fire safe
  • Tight mesh
  • Easy to install


  • May require professional installation
  • Expensive

4. Garden Greens Rust Resistant Gutter Guard Mesh 

Garden Greens Rust Resistant Gutter Guard Mesh

Source: amazon.com.au

Aluminium gutter mesh can be pricey, so if fires aren’t a problem for you, and your biggest problems are leaves and pine needles, then go for plastic.

Not only are plastic gutter guards cheaper, but they’re also less likely to corrode in bad weather conditions, and lighter too, making installation safe even on old buildings with weak gutters.

The plastic is easy to cut by hand and bends to any shaped gutter easily. Obviously, depending on where you live, there are disadvantages to plastic gutter guards, but for most Australians, it’s a decent budget friendly alternative.


  • Great value
  • Long lasting, corrosion resistant
  • Easy DIY installation


  • Not particularly strong

5. Gutter Brush Guard Leaf Twigs Filter

Gutter Brush Guard Leaf Twigs Filter

Source: kingswarehouse.com.au

Brush guards do one thing, and one thing only… they block the big stuff. While they sound pretty useless on paper though, there is one huge advantage to brush gutter guards; They are completely fool-proof.

Literally, anyone could get up a ladder and install brush gutter guards in just a few minutes. Once they’re installed, you need to remove them and thoroughly clean them thoroughly at least twice a year to prevent clogging from smaller particles, but that’s pretty much it.

As a really cheap alternative to expensive, and often professionally installed systems, brush guards are a sensible option.


  • Incredibly simple installation
  • Long lasting


  • Requires regular cleaning
  • Expensive

6. Whites Plastic Super Trade Pack Gutter Guard

Whites Plastic Super Trade Pack Gutter Guard

Source: bunnings.com.au

This 18cm wide gutter guard roll from Whites is one of the most popular gutter guard products in Bunnings. Gutter guards come in all shapes and sizes, so check their range out next time you’re in.

Like most popular DIY products, it’s successful because it is cheap, rather than being the most effective gutter guard. However, it does work, it is easy to install, and it is exactly what it says on the pack; prevents debris.

The fine mesh on this plastic mesh is UV stabilised too, which extends its life dramatically in our climate meaning it is good value for money in the long term as well.


  • UV protected
  • Easy DIY installation
  • Durable
  • Ant-corrosion
  • Great value


  • Not very strong

Gutter Guard Top Picks for 2024

Best Gutter Guard - Our Top Pick

Best Gutter Guard in Australia
Whites Fire Guard Gutter Mesh

Source: bunnings.com.au

There are so many of us now who have been affected, or know someone who’s been affected by wildfires. And they’re not going anywhere, with the effects of climate change predicted to make the problem even worse in coming years.

Whites have been manufacturing gutter guards for a while, so their track record speaks for itself. If you’re looking to protect your gutters from every threat of possible property damage, then there’s no other DIY product that I’d truly trust against fire, as well as leaves.

Premium Choice Gutter Guard

Premium Choice Gutter Guard in Australia
Aluminium Leaf Mesh Gutter Guards

Source: kingswarehouse.com.au

While this Aluminium mesh is designed (and priced) as a DIY gutter guard, we’d strongly suggest getting it professionally installed. Not just because it’s complicated, but also because it’s a big expense to get wrong.

Aluminium gutter guards like this, with neat mesh, and firm edges can look really beautiful when installed well, so check out our guide to finding the best gutter guard installers below if you do opt for this premium gutter guard mesh from Kings Warehouse.

Best Gutter Guard Installers in Australia

Most gutter guard installers focus on mesh products as a more versatile product that is better adapted to protect against the majority of gutter problems. 

With a wider range of materials than most DIY stores, or even online sellers, professional gutter guard installers can provide aluminium, plastic, or long-lasting stainless steel products, as well as install them with expert finishes that suit your home.

Best Gutter Guard Installers in Australia

Gutter Guards (Gutter Guard Installers in Perth)

The aptly named Gutter Guards serve all of WA with professional, long-lasting solutions for gutters. From new gutter systems to cleaning and repairs. Check Gutter Guards for any installation queries no matter what type of roof you’ve got.

Complete Gutter Solutions (Gutter Guard Installers in Melbourne)

Complete Gutter Solutions are the best gutter guard installers in Melbourne, and offer regular cleaning for commercial and domestic properties.

Their gutter guard services are bespoke to each client, but they’ve also got specialist kits for corrugated roofs and more challenging gutters too.

Learn more about Complete Gutter Solutions here

Gutter Knight (Gutter Guard Installers in Sydney)

Based in the Blue Mountains and Western Sydney, Gutter Knight is dedicated to gutter maintenance. Whether you need a regular cleaning contract, or a one-off installation, Gutter Knight is the go-to gutter maintenance firm for Western Sydney.

Find out more about Gutter Knight here

Gutter Guardian (Gutter Guard Installers in Brisbane)

Gutter Guardian do everything from leaf guards to ember guards, and even wildlife guards for large gutter cavities in commercial buildings. Their mesh is designed to keep everything, from leaves to mosquitoes, out of your property and can be installed on any age of property with any roof type.

Find out more about Gutter Guardian here

Gutter Guard Frequently Asked Questions

What are the disadvantages of gutter guards?

Gutter guards are incredible at protecting your home from fire damage and leaf build-up, but do have some disadvantages that should be considered.

For example, gutter guards add weight to your gutters, so poorly installed or old guttering can be damaged simply through added weight. 

What type of gutter guard is the best?

Micro-mesh gutter guards are the best all-rounders but can rust over time. Their biggest advantage is that they can allow heavy rainfall through their fine mesh without disrupting the water’s path, and still keep out everything that could possibly clog your gutters or drains.

How much do gutter guards cost?

Gutter guards can cost anywhere from $1 per metre to $30 per metre, and you really do get what you pay for. Budget gutter guards are fine for less leafy gardens, and spaces without any risk of wildfire, but for any high-risk home, more expensive gutter guards are a must.

Do you need to clean your gutters if you have a gutter guard?

You should still regularly clean your gutters, even if you have a gutter guard installed. Gutter guards are designed to stop leaves and debris from entering gutters, but that doesn’t mean they won’t get caught in the guard itself, or behind the gutter.

For more on cleaning gutters, check out our buying guide and product reviews of the best gutter cleaners you can easily get online.

Choose the Right Gutter Guard Based on Your Needs and Location

Gutter guards might not be an essential bit of kit for most homeowners, but they can make a big, big difference to how much maintenance you have to do, and how long your drainage channels can last.

Follow our guide above to make sure you’ve thought properly about the type of gutter guard you need, then make sure you’re confident with how to install it.

If self-installation isn’t your thing, or you’d prefer to know it’s been done right, remember that there are always gutter guard installers near you that can do the job to the right specifications.

Last Updated on January 11, 2024

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