Product Review: Gardena Premium Metal Spray Gun Nozzle

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With the summer heat seeming to bite more and more in Perth and with ever increasing bans on the use of reticulation, hand watering my garden during summer is often the norm. As I live in a house with very few garden beds, I have added a number of pots to increase my available garden space. Though I generally use pots with the ability to store water, I still find during summer they all need a little top up, at least most days. As such, I am becoming more and more familiar with different spray nozzles.

Recently I was afforded the opportunity by Gardena to try out their latest offering, the Gardena Premium Metal Spray Gun Nozzle. My first impressions were very positive and, on the whole, I was happy with the experience. Here are some of the features and reasons why I appreciated using this product.

 – Light weight but solid design: The Gardena Spray Nozzle feels light in the hands but doesn’t feel cheap like many spray nozzles can. This is great since most of the active parts are metal, not plastic, making this a quality product. There is still plastic in the product but it is mostly metallic.
– Slightly angled grip handle: Many Spray Guns handles make a 90 degree angle to the spraying arm. The problem with this is when you are pulling a hose behind you, it can cause the hose to kink a little towards join with the spray gun. The Gardena Premium Metal Spray Gun Nozzle has made the handle slightly angled to lessen this, allowing a hose to be pulled along behind without kinking near the join.
– Spray lock: This particular spray gun has a handy lock feature for a continuous stream of water. This lock is easy to manipulate using the hand holding the spray gun, making this spray gun completely usable with only one hand.
– Adjustable flow rate and spray shape: With the simple twist of two independent swivels, you can control both the flow rate and the type of water stream. One swivel  adjusts the water jet from a hard focused blast to a wide ranging shower. The other swivel controls the flow of water, from very high pressure to a gentle trickle. This makes the Gardena Premium Metal Spray Gun Nozzle highly customisable for different applications.

– Grip angle: Though I listed the grip angle as a positive because it helps reduce kinks, I also list it here as a con. Due to the angle, to hold the trigger on requires you to push your hand right to the top, with a tight fit to the top shaft. For me this felt uncomfortable. However, this problem is solved by using the lock, allowing you to hold the handle further down in a more comfortable position. I think the pro’s provided by the handle angle outweigh this issue, but I wanted to note it
– Trigger require strong pressure: I found the Gardena Premium Metal Spray Gun Nozzle to have a relatively hard to squeeze trigger compared to others I have used. It just felt like it required more pressure to hold on. Again, this is solved by using the lock mechanism.

The Last Word
Though I wouldn’t say Gardena have totally nailed the Spray Gun Nozzle, I have switched to using this particular model on each of my hoses, front and back. The great lock feature makes up for any difficulties I found with the product and apart from that, this is the best spray gun I have used. There is still room for improvement but for now I am happier watering my garden with the Gardena Premium Metal Spray Gun.

Score: 8/10