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14 Best Hose Nozzle | Australian Buying Guide 2022

Watering your garden is a breeze when you have the right kind of hose nozzle. With many varieties on market, offering a range of spray styles, a new hose nozzle might just be the garden item you never knew you needed.

The good, old hose nozzle might be a small item, but actually has a huge impact on your daily gardening routine.


As different sizes and plant types have a variety of watering needs, there’s a huge market of hose nozzle types available.

So, how do you know which one to choose? Follow our Australian buyer’s guide to find out which hose nozzle will be right for garden needs and what to look out for purchasing. 

What is the Best Hose Nozzle? 

The best hose nozzle is one that is made of a solid, lasting material and offers a clean and consistent spray. 

Best Hose Nozzle Australian Buying Guide

Source: Amazon

How Do Hose Nozzles Work? 

When watering the garden, a sprinkler is great but not always the most effective or economical way to water your garden. Especially, as it’s so easy to forget and leave your sprinkler running. 

A garden spray gun is also ideal for when watering gardens along walkways and flowerbeds. It’s also optimal when having to focus your watering on new seedlings or grass seed. 

A garden spray gun changes the pressure of the water flow and makes it optimal for watering. With each type of nozzle, you can have different kinds of spray patterns. 

Depending on your nozzle type, your hose can produce a powerful jet or a soft mist. 

Bigger plants will be able to tolerate stronger water streams, but seedling and more fragile plants will only be able to withstand a gentler watering. 

A garden spray gun is also great as it works with a trigger that allows you to easily control when the water comes on or off.

How Do I Choose A Spray Nozzle? 

a woman using a garden spray gun

Source: Amazon

As there are so many different types of nozzles which offer a wide range of applications, it’s hard to pin down which really is the best spray nozzle. 

When in the market for a new hose nozzle the main features you’ll want to consider are: 

  • Material
  • Nozzle Type
  • Grips 
  • Spray Pattern
  • Hose Connection
  • Flow Rate

If you’re looking for a spray nozzle for your vegetable garden, you’ll want to consider a fan hose gun. 

If you’re looking for a hose nozzle to provide a strong spray, you’ll want to look at a fireman nozzle. 

A good choice, for all round, everyday gardening would be a dial nozzle.

Metal Spray Nozzles Vs Plastic Nozzles 

Metal and plastic are the most common materials used for spray nozzles. 

A full metal spray nozzle is generally heavier but will last you far longer. The usual metals used include brass, zinc and aluminum. If you’re looking at a metal nozzle, powder coated varieties are best. 

Full plastic nozzles are best avoided as they simply don’t last and as such aren’t great value for money. 

The most common and cost-effective hose gun you’ll find on the market is a combination of metal and plastic. In this design, the most important parts are made of metal, but the handle will be plastic, which makes the hose gun lightweight and rust-proof.

What are the different types of Nozzles? 

What is the Best Hose Nozzle

Source: Amazon

There are 7 main types of hose nozzles that you’ll find on the market. Each offers different kinds of spray styles and will have different applications within your garden. 

Here are 7 types of spray nozzles:

Pistol Grip 

This is a common garden hose nozzle you’ll find in plenty of gardens. It makes for easy single-handed watering, with a trigger controlling water flow.

The best pistol grip spray gun would be made from a mix of plastic and metal. When it comes to finding the right hose gun, be sure to invest in a quality one as cheaper varieties are prone to break. 

Dial Nozzle 

This is a great option for general garden use, as it has a dial that allows you to change to diverse spray patterns. 

Most dial nozzles allow you to interchange between water flows like: 

  • Jet
  • Flat
  • Cone
  • Mist
  • Soak
  • Shower

Fan Nozzle

This is a specialized hose nozzle that is great for fast and effective watering. This nozzle is especially good to use when watering delicate plants. As the hose nozzle has many little holes, it creates a soft spray that still wets quite significantly. 

Traditional Nozzle 

A traditional metal spray nozzle is one made of brass or zinc. They have a simple twist control which produces a powerful jet of water. As these are super simple and standard, without any bells or whistles, they tend to the strongest and longest lasting.

Fireman Nozzle 

Fireman nozzles aren’t really great for gardening as they release lots of water at high pressure. These nozzles are however great for misting large areas or for cleaning patios etc.

This is the only nozzle type you can use to pressure wash.

Soaker Nozzle

Also known as a bubbler nozzle, this kind of hose nozzle is not very common. They do really well to release water at a very slow pace, so are great for a good soaking.

A soaker nozzle is optimal for tender plants and to minimize runoff. 

Watering Wand

Watering wands typically have all the features of other hose nozzles, but with added benefit of reach. Whether you need to reach the back of a border, clean the green house or spray down the roof of the car, watering wands make every job a little bit easier.

They are usually more expensive than other multi-function hose dial nozzles, but give you accuracy, which is particularly important in the vegetable garden to water seedlings without blasting them away.

All of our watering wand reviews below feature adjustable pressure, and some even feature fireman nozzles to keep consistent control of your watering.

Best Spray Nozzle Reviews

Green Mount Water Hose Nozzle Spray

Source: Amazon

This is another great option, that has application beyond just your garden.

It’s great for washing cars and washing pets, too. It has a high-quality anodized finish which prevents rust and corrosion.

The hose nozzle sprayer is also insulated with rubber washers which help to prevent leakage.  Plus, you can enjoy a 12-month worry free warranty. 

Best Garden High Pressure Hose Nozzle

Source: Amazon

This has to be our top pick as it’s by far the most professional and comprehensive nozzle on market.

It has a high-pressure industrial design with 8 comprehensive spray patterns with a super easy selector.

It has a heavy-duty, ergonomic handle made from textured rubber that offers slip resistance. Plus, this hose gun has a money back guarantee. 

Heavy Duty Metal 10 Pattern Metal Watering Nozzle

Source: Amazon

This is an incredibly robust option with enamel coating designed to last.

With 10 watering patterns to choose from, flow control knob and ergonomic soft rubber grip, you can enjoy trouble free watering.  

It’s a top quality, heavy duty nozzle that you’ll be able to depend on.

Green Mount New Patent Garden Hose Nozzle

Source: Amazon

This is a great pick for those with arthritis or who struggle with a week grip.

This garden hose nozzle has a large handle with on/off function, making it super easy and comfortable to use.

It’s a robust hose designed for rough use. Plus, it has six spray models to choose from, ranging between a high-power pressure jet and a soft mist shower. 

Hozelock 2676P0000 Multispray Watering Gun

Source: Amazon

This is a great offering from a trusted Australian brand. It’s a durable option with a great quick connect male connector for ease of use.

With 5 fantastic spray patterns, it’s a great option for beginner gardeners. 

Hozelock Jetspray Watering Gun

Source: Amazon

This variety from Hozelock offers a stronger spray system with only 3 spray patterns.

It’s great for general cleaning and everyday watering. 

Plus, it has a lockable trigger which minimizes strain on your hands, while preventing any water wastage. 

Signature Garden Heavy Duty Nozzle

Source: Amazon

This is our top pick when it comes to a garden spray gun.

With ergonomic design offering optimal comfort and control, you can use this hose for more than just your garden.

It offers 8 great watering patterns and fits onto all standard garden hoses. Plus, the rubber insolation allows you to use either hot or cold water. 

Hose Nozzle Garden Hose with 9 Adjustable Patterns

Source: Amazon

This hose nozzle offers a huge variety when it comes to spray options.

It has a soft rubber handgrip, and has a nozzle made of high-quality brass. This is an ideal, all round garden spray gun.  

Aqua Joe AJHN102 Heavy Duty Indestructible Metal Multi-Function High Pressure Hose Nozzle

Source: Amazon

This is a nifty and lightweight option; with a smart throttle you can adjust with your thumb.

It has 7 different spray patterns and a rubberized, non-slip grip. Plus, you can enjoy a 2-year warranty. 

Dramm 12705 9-Pattern Revolver Spray Nozzle

Source: Amazon

This is another great garden spray gun that you can easily use to clean your car, deck, sidewalk and so much more.

With 9 spray patterns, you really can use it for anything. It also comes in a variety of cool colours. 

Orbit 56044 Fireman Lever 10 Pattern Turret Watering Wand

Orbit’s adjustable pressure watering wand is a great addition to any garden. It’s adjustable fireman nozzle pressure trigger doubles up as a well-balanced handle for worry free watering, whether you need to sprinkle hanging baskets or jet wash the patio.

It’s ten different spray patterns make it suitable for every job in the garden, and it’s ratcheting head means you can angle the spray nozzle on this 90cm watering wand to wash the greenhouse with no need for ladders.

Orbit’s watering wand does everything it promises in a simple lightweight design.

Hozelock Lance Spray Plus Watering Wand

Hozelock is by far the most trusted brand for all garden watering equipment, from watering wands to sprinkler systems, and their products will last a lifetime if stored properly.

The head on this watering wand rotates 180 degrees to water from every angle, and it’s 90cm wand gives it great reach to water those hard to reach parts of the garden.

Perhaps this watering wand’s best feature is Hozelock’s lockable trigger, which makes watering even easier.

GREEN MOUNT Watering Wand

The stainless steel watering wand from Green Mount is pretty much indestructible. For watering wide borders it has great pressure from it’s 661 hole shower head, which will easily reach the back of most borders, and adjusted for when you need a gentle trickle for seedlings.

It lacks a lot of the features of other watering wands, with a static head, and single setting, as well as being shorter than most wands, but it’s ideal to give a little bit of extra reach and versatility.

In our humble opinion though, it makes up for having fewer ticks by being one of the most beautiful garden tools we’ve seen.

Cellfast Telescopic Watering Lance

For most gardeners, a 90cm watering wand is enough, but there are times when an extra foot can make all the difference. The telescopic watering wand from Cellfast reaches 110cm, with 180 degree sprinkler head rotation.

It’s moving parts make it less durable than other models, but it’s still an incredibly tough watering wand, ready for some serious cleaning, thanks to it’s 6 settings and adjustable pressure.

Best Hose Nozzle Australia 2022

Best Hose Nozzle of 2022

Top Rated Best Hose Nozzle
Green Mount Water Hose Nozzle Spray

Made of premium zinc alloy, the Green Mount Water Hose Nozzle Spray is our pick as the best hose nozzle for 2022! It’s more durable and reliable than plastic options, creating a stronger, high-pressure spray without the risk of wear-and-tear.

It has a high-quality anodized finish to prevent rust and corrosion, and it’s lightweight and easy to handle at the same time. It’s leak-proof, has an integrated lock-trigger, and a slip-resistant rubber handle.

With several adjustable spray patterns between a gentle shower and a strong, high-pressure jet, this is a great hose nozzle for cleaning cars, pets, driveways and watering the garden. 

Best Value Hose Nozzle

Best Value Hose Nozzle
Best Garden Hose Nozzle (High Pressure Technology)

Affordable without being cheap, the Best Garden High Pressure Hose Nozzle offers great quality and features without being hard on the wallet.

It has a high-pressure industrial design and ergonomic comfort handle, fitting all standard garden hoses without needing additional connector attachments.

The 8 spray settings have you covered for all cleaning and watering needs, and the manufacturer offers a money back guarantee.

Best Premium Hose Nozzle

Premium Choice Hose Nozzle
Heavy Duty Metal 10 Pattern Metal Watering Nozzle

If you’re looking for the best of the best and you aren’t worried about paying a little more, we recommend this Gardenite High Pressure Hose Nozzle. It’s designed for heavy-duty, constant work and has a high-quality solid metal heady with a baked enamel finish. 

It looks polished and professional, is rust-resistant, and suitable for everything from watering plants to washing pets, cars and patio furniture. 

It has 10 spray settings to choose from, including a maximum high-pressure setting for powerful cleaning results. It’s also 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed.

Hose Nozzle Care and Maintenance

As time goes on and you start to use your nozzle more frequently you may find that your nozzle clogs or corrodes over time. 

It’s important to remove your nozzle after use and store it properly indoors. It is also recommended to allow your hose pipe to drain fully after use, to ensure there is no built-up pressure. 

You should also avoid dragging your hose by the nozzle to avoid wear and tear or nozzle loosening. 

How Do You Unclog Your Hose Nozzle?  

Should you notice that your nozzle has some blockages in your nozzle caused by debris and specks of dust, there is an easy way to try and de-clog it. 

Here’s how:

  • Fill a bucket with 4 cups of hot water, ¼ cup bleach and 2 tablespoons of dishwashing liquid. 
  • Soak your nozzle in the solution for 15 minutes. 
  • Thereafter rinse under cold water.
  • Allow your hose nozzle to air dry.

Best Hose Nozzle Summary

When on market for the best hose nozzle or garden spray gun, be sure to choose one of a high-quality material.

While some models will be more expensive, investing in the right garden nozzle can help you enjoy years of effortless watering.

Best Hose Nozzle Australian Buying Guide

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