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Best Water Flow Meter | Australian Buying Guide

When it comes to finding the right water flow meter for your garden hose, there isn’t really much to consider. The most important factor is that you’ll want your meter to be durable and give you accurate water readings.

Luckily, there are plenty of products on market that are long-lasting and accurate. Here’s our guide to the best water flow meters available in 2020. 


What is a Water Flow Meter? 

What is the Best Water Flow Meter?

Source: Amazon

If you’re wondering how fast your garden hose flows or how much water you’re using with each water, you’ll want to consider investing in a water flow meter. 

A Water flow meter allows you to track your water usage and inevitably save on water and costs. 

Summer temperatures are increasing annually, which puts tremendous strain on resources like water. With the growing need to keep a close eye on water usage, investing in a water flow meter is an ideal solution for environmentally conscious irrigation. 

Water flow meters are mostly used for: 

  • Gardening
  • Pool + Pond Filing
  • Lawn Watering

Some other names you may come across for a water flow meter include: 

  • Flow Gauge
  • Flow Indicator
  • Liquid Meter
  • Flow Rate Sensor

How Does a Flow Rate Meter Work? 

A flow meter measures the water quantity and allows you to control your water consumption

Source: Amazon

A flow meter measures the water quantity and allows you to control your water consumption. Most water flow meters allow you to track your current flow in litres per minute as well as your consumption per day, per season or per session. 

Flow rate meters are battery operated and attach to your tap. Modern meters will easily attach to most common tap and hose types. 

How Do I Choose A Flow Meter? 

Most modern flow meters work pretty well and will be able to cover your everyday gardening needs. 

Ideally, choose a garden flow meter that Is digital and mechanical as those work best. Leading meters come with a smart flow meter that regulates everything from pressure to consumption to temperature. 

Low cost, low-quality meters aren’t ideal as they generally aren’t as accurate as the higher quality models.

Which is The Most Accurate Flow Water Meter? 

A Water flow meter allows you to track your water usage and inevitably save on water and costs

Source: Amazon

Most digital water flow meters are quite accurate. In general, the accuracy of flow measurement devices is around 5%. Again, your quality of meter will affect your accuracy. 

If you’re really wanting the most accurate readings, a meter with an electromagnetic sensor is the way to go as it is most accurate.

What is the Best Water Flow Meter? 

In the market for a garden water flow meter? Here’s 5 of the best water flow meters available in 2020: 

Gardena Smart Flow Water Meter G8188

Source: Amazon

Able to connect to your tap, hose, sprinkler, pulse sprayer and even a pump – this water flow meter is ideal for your all-round household and garden needs.

It has a battery-operated Smart Flow meter that provides good accuracy. It’s also fully impact resistant making it far more durable. 

Selling Points:

  • Effortless controlled watering.
  • Full Consumption overview.
  • Easy, one button operation. 
  • Quality design

LinkTap G2 Water Timer & Gateway

Source: Amazon

This nifty garden flow meter is the perfect combination between innovation and smart irrigation. Water your plants anywhere, when they need it, with cloud-based control.

Easy to setup, easy to manage, you can enjoy low water bills and healthier plants easily and effortlessly. 

Selling Points:

  • Wireless water timer. 
  • Fault detection.
  • Intuitive mobile & web app. 
  • Autonomous control over your watering.

Digiten Flow Water Sensor

Source: Amazon

This compact, easy to install meter is great for measuring flow, temperature, gases and your total flow.

With a flow range of 1-60L/ minute, it's a solid choice to monitor real-time flow rate.

Selling Points:

  • Password protected setting valve.
  • Large, easy to use LED screen.
  • Temperature Sensor.

Nrpfell Digital LCD Display Water Flow Sensor Meter

Source: Amazon

This is an ideal option for those who want a no fuss garden water flow meter. With a temperature meter and long-lasting battery, it’s ideal for those who want convenience.

Selling Points:

  • Straightforward installation and use. 
  • Temperature display in Celsius and Fahrenheit. 
  • LCD display. 

Snowinspring Us211M Lite Digital Flow Meter

Source: Amazon

This handy little comes with a compact LCD screen and is great for those who don’t want a cumbersome meter. It displays instantaneous, cumulative flow as well as the temperature of the environment of fluid.

Selling Points:

  • Power 5V Battery and Power Adapter
  • Can work as a pressure meter. 
  • 1 Year Battery Life. 

How to Install A Water Flow Meter

Once you’ve purchased the right meter for you, you’ll want to make sure you install it properly to ensure the most accurate readings. 

Depending on your meter, you may need a garden hose adapter which allows for easy connection between your meter and your garden hose. 

With an adapter you will easily be able to screw your water meter into your and then onto your hose. 

Some flow meters, like the Gardena mentioned above, come with their own, easy to use attachments. Meaning you can just pop it into your tap and start monitoring straight away.

How Fast Does/Should A Garden Hose Flow? 

When it comes to the general flow speed of a garden hose, most average hoses should sit between 34-64 litres per minute. 

Should you notice that your flow rate is far lower, be sure to check your general water pressure. 

Water flow meters really are the best way to ensure you have consistent and conservative watering or pool/pond filling. Especially, as the effects of climate change are so evidently visible in our summers, monitoring your water usage is absolutely vital. 

Plus, with the significant impacts of technology in water flow meters, these handy little devices are offering you so much more control than ever before. 

Save water. Save money. Invest in a water flow meter. 

Best Water Flow Meter Australian Buying Guide

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