Pope DIY Garden Irrigation Kit Bunnings

If you have ever had someone come and quote on your reticulation job you will understand this statement; Reticulation is expensive. Many people just wish there was a simple, DIY option for some of their irrigation needs. Well, the good news is, there is! I was recently afforded the opportunity by the trusty people at Pope to check out one of their new products, a Raised Garden Bed Irrigation Kit and I was very impressed.

Simple Design & Installation
What stood out to me first about this product is just how simple it was to put together. Admittedly I have a little experience with reticulation but everything included just made ‘sense’. If something looked like it should go somewhere…it did. It was then a simple cases of sticking the sprinkler spikes in my desired locations and then attaching the hose. Simple.


Great Features
The Pope Raised Garden Bed Irrigation Kit allows you to easily customise it for your watering needs.

> The flexible poly tube comes in one length which means you can cut it to the lengths that are needed for your particular location.

> The water flow to a particular tube is turned off and on with a screw driver (or other tool with a small, flat end) on the manifold.

> The actual sprinklers are fully adjustable. They can either be set up to spray over a diameter of roughly 1m or they can be made to act as drippers, just allowing a small amount out at any time.

Multiple Uses
Though this product is billed as being for a raised garden bed, it really has many uses. You could use it to water a larger, ground level garden bed fairly easily. You could use it to water 2 raised garden beds that are close together. You could use it to water a couple of smaller garden beds or you could do what I have done and used it to water my pot plants. I have 5-6 different pot plants out near the front door of my house. As the manifold comes with 6 sprinklers I have simply spread them out over all my pots and now have a simple, effective way or watering my pots on reticulation days. And it only took me about 15-20 minutes to set up!

The Last Word
This really is a fantastic, simple solution for your smaller reticulation needs. It wouldn’t work for large scale needs but if you have a couple of raised veggie beds, an area for pot plants or a smaller flower bed, the Pope Garden Bed Irrigation Kit is a fantastic DIY solution.¬†Bunnings sells these kits for $22.98.