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10 Best Office Plants and Their Benefits

Obtaining an office with a window is one of the key rungs people reach for as they ascend the corporate ladder. But when it comes to trying to trick yourself into thinking you’re working in a more natural environment, why set your sights on a window? No panes does not have to equal a painful work experience. Just because you have to be stuck inside all day doesn’t mean it has to feel that way. One of the best ways to spruce up a workspace is through a healthy array of plants.

On a surface level, plants brighten up what is oftentimes a pretty lifeless environment. It’s easy to get sick of the drab gray and white tones that often cover the cubicles and furniture in an office. Plants offer vibrant colour that can actually affect the mood of those around them. Think about it: if you worked in an office that was flora free, you’d be green with envy of your mate’s plant-filled building.

There are far more benefits to adding some nature to your workspace than simply ones that catch your eye. Plants actually have several different health benefits that can’t be seen. More greenery leads to a cleaner environment, as chemicals and processes in plants help remove harmful particles from the air, purifying it and leading to a more pure atmosphere.

The scientific superiority of decorative plants doesn’t stop there, though. Seeing pots of leaves, stems and flowers can actually make you enjoy coming into work more. Now, don’t get your hopes up. Plants aren’t going to write that report for you, or reschedule your Friday afternoon meeting with that annoying client from the west coast. But some natural accoutrement can help you in other ways.


Studies have shown that there is a direct correlation between office attendance and the number of plants employees can see. Workers that had more vegetation in their line of sight took fewer sick days than those whose work environments were plant free. Employees also completed computer tasks more quickly in rooms in which plants were present.

In addition to the aforementioned cleaner air around plants, researchers suggested that just seeing healthy-looking plants can possibly make people evaluate their own health in a more positive light. This can be partially linked to how different colours affect your mood.

It’s long been known that the brain associates certain feelings with different colours. For example, bright colours such as red, yellow and orange can often stimulate and increase heart rate. In general, brighter colours (such as, say, the ones found in certain plants) lead to brighter, more alert feelings. Conversely, the colour green has been known to lead to feelings of refreshment or relaxation, notions that are sometimes hard to come by in a high-stress environment.

Vegetation has the power to plant seeds of positive thought and productivity into your brain without you even knowing. It can also have a more tangible effect on the air you breathe as you attempt to juggle calls, meetings and deadlines. There’s bound to be several different types of growth when indoor plants populate the office.

beeburnellAbout The Author: Bee Burnell

Bee is an Australian blogger who loves writing about all things environmental, eco friendly and green, green, green. In his spare time it’s all about Sydney Swans and hitting the hairdressers.

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