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Cigman CM701 Green Laser Level Review

Laser levels have made perfecting interior measurements easy. They’ve completely reinvented how we do DIY, and are an essential tool for most trades these days, so understanding what they do and how they do it is more important than ever.

In this guide, we’re going to look at the Cigman CM701 12 line laser level, with three 360 lasers, offering exact measurements on any angle. It’s a great standard for any brand to aim for, so Cigman have truly outdone themselves with this one.


Cigman CM701 Green Laser Level Review

What is the Cigman CM701 12 Line Green Laser Level?

Cigman CM701 12 Line Green Laser Level

The Cigman CM701 12 line green laser level is a high visibility laser with automatic self-levelling. Its primary use is to line up vertical and horizontal angles, offering both perfect horizontal lines and exact 90 degree angles. 

The battery powered tool holds its charge for several hours, and can be used at varying angles when needed. Like any laser level it does have limitations, and can only offer exact levelling from an initial 4° discrepancy.

Importantly, it’s incredibly intuitive. The laser display flashes if it’s not level, and locks into a steady line when it finds an exact level. And to add to the ease of use, it runs on an internal battery with a simple type-C USB.

About Cigman

Cigman’s huge range of laser levels are all available on Amazon. They are a dedicated laser tool brand, so make nothing other than laser levels, laser measures and mounts to go with them. 

All Cigman products can be bought directly through their US-based Amazon storefront, which they use as their main outlet.

Key Features of the Cigman CM701 Green Laser Level

Cigman’s CM701 comes with some pretty cool features, including remote operation and a handy manual mode for better control over finished lines. Let’s take a quick look at each now.


So when it comes to accuracy, particularly over long distances, the Cigman CM701 is pretty top of the range. Over a range of 33 ft (10 m) its level is accurately horizontal to 2 mm.

3x360° lasers

The Three 360 degree lasers are the crowning glory of this laser level, offering vertical levels on every wall and horizontal levels crossing the walls, floor and ceiling. Each is as bright as the other, and all are locked at 90 degrees to each other, making for incredibly accurate measurements and levelling at every stage of any job.

USB-C Charging

USB-C charging might not seem like that big of a deal, but some of the bigger brands sell laser levels with battery packs and charging docks. They can be more powerful, and their charge might last slightly longer, but with up to 30 hours of active operation, it’s well worth a compromise on battery type for the convenience of standardised charging.


With a visible range of 100 ft (30 m) even outdoors, Cigman’s 12 line laser level is perfect for lining up fences and larger structures. You’ll get slightly more accuracy on shorter ranges, but with a bright laser at that distance, the maximum inaccuracy would be 6 mm, which is pretty outstanding.

Remote operation

The remote control allows you to adjust settings really simply, switching from a single laser to all three, or running specific levels at a time. It also enables some degree of control over laser brightness, which can help with battery life. At full brightness the CM701 will last for around 9 hours, on low brightness (still good visibility indoors and out) it’s up to 30 hours.

Multiple modes

The manual switch between self-levelling and manual mode is easy to use, simply unlock the pendulum to use manual mode, and away you go. Manual mode allows you to use the 90 degree lasers as guides for more bespoke finishes that don’t require level surfaces. Self-levelling mode offers accurate levelling provided the level is set on a reasonably flat surface.

What is included with the Cigman CM701 Laser Level Kit?

Included with the Cigman CM701 Laser Level Kit

Every Cigman 12 line green laser level comes with everything you need to get started, all packed in a handy zip case. Along with your CM701 laser level from Cigman, you’ll get:

  • CIGMAN CM701 Green Laser Level: The level itself
  • 360° Magnetic "L" Base: Incredibly handy for on-site working
  • Mini Tripod Base: Great for working on slightly uneven surfaces, or holding steady on the floor
  • Remote Control: For switching brightness and between lasers
  • Laser Target Plate: Brilliant for setting a standard point of reference
  • Type-C cable: For simple charging – fits any USB plug or socket
  • User Manual: Barely necessary thanks to the intuitive design
  • Portable Bag: To keep everything in one place

For Amazon, there's usually a $30 coupon for those potential buyers on product page. So I'm not able to offer an additional discount currently.

$3 off discount code: MLWTJRR8XX1I  (Available when ordering from AliExpres)

How to Use the Cigman Laser Level

To get started with your Cigman 12 line green laser level, you just need to make sure it’s fully charged. We’ll run through the basic setup here using the self-levelling mode (automatic out of the box), and then switch to manual for a trial run after that.

  1. Make sure the Cigman CM701 is fully charged before your first operation.
  2. Set it up, ideally on a tall tripod to make the most of all lines, but the small tripod supplied is fine to test with.
  3. Switch it on using the remote control.
  4. All three lines should come on automatically, but if not, you can change through each using the remote.
  5. At the join of your forward-facing horizontal and vertical lines, place the laser target plate on the wall for reference (or where you need to make your first mark).
  6. Adjust the height of the laser level so it sits as the target plate.
  7. Provided the level I set up on a reasonably flat surface (within 4 degrees of horizontal) it will find its own level and the lasers will stop flashing once it’s correct.
  8. If the lights continue to flash, adjust the base.
How to Use the Cigman Laser Level

It’s that simple. After that, why not try using your laser level in manual mode. Tilt the tripod to your desired angle, and then turn the switch on the laser unit to disengage the pendulum. The lights will stop flashing, and you can work to any angle you need.

Safety guidance for the Cigman 12 Line Green Laser Level

There is one incredibly important safety tip to stick to when using any laser tools – eye protection.

Any UV protective goggles will do, but there are some brilliant Green laser enhancing goggles that actively make the lines easier to see, while protecting you at the same time, like these from Jilerwear.

Cigman CM701 Laser Level Review: Pros & Cons

Overall, Cigman’s self-levelling 12 line laser level is a great product, but it has some of the same kinks shared by every other laser level on the market. We’ll take a look at its pros and cons in detail below, but personally, I believe the pros massively outweigh the cons of this great-value laser level from Cigman.

What we loved..

Obviously, there are some features here that stand out. The Cigman CM701 boasts three 360° lasers, all based on a central self-levelling pendulum. Some self-levelling lasers offer digital self-levelling, but pendulum self-levelling has simpler mechanics and nearly always lasts longer.

  1. I’m also a big fan of its manual mode – which I personally find more useful than the self-levelling mode, simply because it allows you to work to more bespoke angles – particularly useful for interior decorating, and setting up paths or outdoor spaces, where exact measurements can look too rigid.
  2. As I mentioned earlier, it’s an intuitive tool. There are two simple modes, automatic levelling, and manual. On automatic levelling, the line will continue to flash until it finds level. In manual mode, there’s no flash, and you just get a steady laser display for any of your lines.
  3. As with any green laser, it works much better than red lasers, particularly outdoors and in bright lights where it is significantly more visible.
  4. And finally, there’s no faffing with chargers, or expansive replacements as its internal battery has an exceptional runtime and long life expectancy. It runs off a standard USB-C cable, meaning even if you blow the plug or lose the charger, you’ll be able to charge up whenever you need with a cable you’ve probably got lying around the house somewhere already.
Cigman CM701 Green Laser Level Review

What we didn’t…

The only downside I can find with Cigman’s CM701 12 line green laser level is that it’s basically industry standard when it comes to its levelling ability. Its lights might be brighter than most, and it’s much easier to use, but like all lasers, it can only really offer perfect level lines when it’s on a reasonably flat surface or tripod. 

4° of accuracy means longer to set up, and some degree of manual preparation before you can use it properly. Tripods are the easiest way around the problem, as you can tweak their level regardless of the floor surface, but I feel like the laser level industry still has some leaps to make when it comes to degrees of accuracy.

Cigman Laser Level Frequently Asked Questions

Are Cigman laser levels worth the money?

Cigman laser levels aren’t just worth the money, they’re really pretty good value. As a dedicated laser tool brand, Cigman offers some of the most accurate laser tools on the market at a reasonable price.

Can you use a Cigman laser level on the ceiling?

Cigman laser levels are designed to be used on all four walls, as well as the floor and ceiling of any room. They are just as bright for ceiling measurements as any other wall.

Can Cigman laser levels be used on tiles?

Tiled surfaces work well with laser levels, but depending on the tile finish it can cause some reflection. Gloss tiles will still show up Cigman lasers, but make sure to use safety glasses, and double check measurements.

Are Cigman laser levels more accurate than spirit levels?

Spirit levels are more accurate than laser levels, but the end result is usually less accurate. This is simply down to human error. A spirit level uses gravity and air bubbles in water so will always provide a true horizontal line, but it’s much harder to read than a laser.

Wrapping Up Our Review for Cigman CM701 Green Laser Level

Cigman’s 12 line green laser level is a brilliant bit of kit and would be a great addition to any tool box. It’s easy to charge, simple to use, and accurate even over long distances. Add to that its considerable value-for-money factor and you’ve got yourself a pretty good package all round.

For more information about laser levels, and to check out some of the competition, head to our laser level buying guide, with more information about the Cigman 12 line green laser level, as well as a few other brands.

Last Updated on October 25, 2023

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