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Grevillea Crithmifolia | Growing + Care Guide Australia

The Grevillea Crithmifolia is an intriguing variety of Grevillea. Technically it is a ground cover however it can grow to be as much as 1m high. It appears to me to be more like a spreading shrub.

Has very beautiful little white flowers that spread right over the ‘green carpet’ from Winter to Spring which carry quite a wonderful aromatic scent.


Grevillea Crithmifolia Features

Genus: Grevillea
Common Name: Grevillea Green Carpet
Flower Colour: White
Foliage Colour: Green
Growth Habit: Large Groundcover
Flowering: Winter to Spring

Grevillea Crithmifolia

Source: Lullfitz.com.au

This variety will grow in most soils around Australia and in most climates. If you have large areas that you would live to cover with a plant that will require minimum upkeep and pruning then this variety is a good choice.

It has also been known to be used as a screening plant or a dividing plant, separating different areas of your garden. I really like the white flowering varieties of Grevillea and though I have not grown this variety myself yet I definitely plan to in the future.

grevillea crithmifolia will grow in most soils around Australia and in most climates

Source: mucheatreefarm.com.au

Last week i featured the Grevillea preissii, this weeks variety was the Grevillea Crithmifolia.

Grevillea Crithmifolia Australian Growing and Caring Guide

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