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5 Best Soil Moisture Meters | Australian Buyer’s Guide

Have you heard of soil moisture meter? When it comes to potted plants, you can’t always tell whether or not they need some water. Over-watering can cause wilting and root rot, and a lack of moisture can be equally as harmful to certain plants.

While self-watering pots are a quick solution for many kinds of plants, a soil moisture meter is an inexpensive way that you can make sure all your potted plants are perfectly happy.


Here’s our buyer’s guide for everything you need to know when looking for a soil moisture meter. 

What is A Soil Moisture Meter? 

What is the Best Soil Moisture Meter

Source: Amazon

A soil moisture meter, or soil moisture sensor is a simple gardening tool that measures the volumetric water content within your soil. Plus, most modern meters not only tell you the moisture level, but PH level, humidity and even the light level. 

They’re a handy tool that will help you adjust the PH of your soil, regulate your plant health and make sure you know exactly when your plant needs water, and when it doesn’t. 

Do Soil Moisture Meters Really Work? 

Yes, they really do. Through high-frequency capacitance technology these sensors can be accurate up to 0.1% of the soil’s moisture rate. 

Of course, you’ll need to make sure you’re buying a quality plant moisture meter, as low-end models may not guarantee the same accuracy. 

How Do You Use A Soil Moisture Meter?

Soil moisture meter in a pot

Source: Amazon

What is the Best Soil Moisture Meter in Australia?

Plant moisture meters are pretty straight forward, so you won’t need something that is super fancy. What is important is that your meter is made from a durable, quality material and that it comes with a high quality soil moisture sensor. 

Always be sure to check whether your sensor may need batteries, some manufacturers even offer solar powered for an eco-friendlier approach 

Here’s our top 5 picks for the best soil moisture meter reviews in Australia: 

Fosmon 3-in-1 Soil, Light, PH and Moisture Tester

Source: Amazon

This offering is really all you could want from a plant moisture meter. Ideal for indoors and outdoors. It’s premium double needle design will give you the most accurate readings in super-fast time.

Battery-free, light and easily portable this meter is ideal for anyone with a green thumb.

Spear & Jackson Soil Moisture Meter

Source: Amazon

If simple is what you’re looking for, look no further than Spear & Jackson. It’s simply packaged and super easy to read. Plus, it comes in at a super competitive price point.

Whether indoors or outdoors, this lightweight durable meter will help your regulate your watering. 

Tersely 3-in-1 Plant Soil Tester Kit

Source: Amazon

Another double needled option for green thumbs. This meter offers readings for light, PH balance, and moisture without the need for batteries.

It’s detection technology is designed for speedy, incredibly accurate readings to help you maintain the optimal health of your plants.

Plus, it’s easy to carry so you can test all the plants in your home and in your garden. 

Sow Unique Moisture Meter

Source: Amazon

Simple and cost effective, this moisture meter is easy to use and super functional. Battery-less and maintenance free this moisture meter is ideal for indoor plants.

Prevent plant dehydration and keep them happy with this ideal moisture meter.

Value Hall 3-in-1 Soil Tester

Source: Amazon

Check your soil moisture, light level as well as the acidity with this compact soil moisture sensor. With a 20cm double-needle probe, this one is ideal for deeper pots, both indoors and outdoors.

With a compact, portable design just plug and read. 

You’ll notice most soil moisture meters still use an analog reading, purely because you won’t need anything more. However, digital varieties are also available on market.  

When purchasing soil moisture sensors, choose quality over cost. The right meter can last you a very long time and be used in multiple different pots.

Don’t waste your time with cheaper, sub-standard meters that might not give you the most accurate readings.

A soil moisture meter, or soil moisture sensor is a simple gardening tool that measures the volumetric water content within your soil

Source: Amazon

Can You Leave Your Soil Moisture Meter Soil?

Leaving your soil moisture probe in your soil can actually damage the sensor. Rather, remove your probe between readings, clean probes with a disinfectant and store in a dry place. 

Keeping your soil moisture probe clean will not only improve its longevity but improve the accuracy of your reading too.

Will My Soil Moisture Probe Damage the Roots of My Plant?

These soil-testers are designed to be easily inserted into your soil. While the probes may catch a root or two when inserting, the hole it creates will allow for better soil aeration, which will outweigh the effects on any or all root damage the probe would cause. 

Will My Potting Mixture Affect the Reading? 

Sometimes, yes. Sand or grit heavy soils will react differently with your probe. Just be sure to use the same meter in the same plant, to make sure your readings remain somewhat accurate. 

What to Do If You Get A Low Moisture Reading

When you need to water your plant will depend on the type of plant it is. If you have a plant which enjoys moisture-rich soil, water immediately should notice your moisture reading dropping too low. 

However, plants like succulents, cacti and some other indoor plants do well when the soil dries out between watering. For these plants, allow the reading to drop a little before watering. 

Wrapping Up with Soil Moisture Meter Tips

A plant moisture meter is fairly straight-forward and easy to use. Still, for optimal readings you’ll want to: 

  • Make sure you push your probe at least half-way down, somewhere between the plant base and the edge of the pot. 
  • Withdraw your moisture meter immediately after taking the reading.
  • Keep your probe clean between readings. 
  • Store your moisture meter in a humid or moisture-rich place. 

Remove the guesswork from your daily plant care and invest in a soil moisture meter. Whether you choose a simpler variety or one with all the bells and whistles, your soil moisture meter will help you keep your plants in the perfect condition. 

Soil Moisture Meter Australian Buyers Guide

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