Toro Precision Soil Sensor

Toro Precision Soil Sensor | Product Review

In Australia it is extremely important that we value and conserve our precious water resources and so adding a Toro Precision Soil Sensor is a great idea.

Even though we may be 'gurt by sea', drinkable water is only becoming more and more of a scarce resource. This is why it is important that we make sure our reticulation systems are as efficient as possible and that is why adding a moisture sensor to our reticulation systems is pivotal.

The great people at Toro have released a fantastic, simple sensor system which can likely work with your reticulation control box  and I believe it is one of the better systems on the market

The Toro Precision Soil Sensor is a wireless technology that works with most reticulation control systems. 

It works to prevent over watering, saving our precious resource by not allowing the reticulation system to run when it doesn't need to, measuring the moisture levels in the soil which is what is actually important when it comes to watering. 

The added benefit to this is that is will also lower your water bill!

Toro PSS-KIT Precision Soil Moisture Sensor Kit

Source: Amazon

To install it you simply connect the control receiver (the black box in picture) to your existing reticulation controller and then place the green pronged element in a part of your garden which is out on the open so as to allow for the best measurements to be taken. The green box will measure the moisture level when your reticulation system is meant to run and determine if it is actually necessary.

When using the Toro Precision Soil Sensor I found it was very efficient at judging the current moisture levels in the soil and was really beneficial by not running the reticulation when it had been raining. It's a simple mechanism and was extremely easy to install with no digging what so ever required.

As winter hits and many states around Australia instigate total sprinkler bans it can be a good time to make any repairs or additions to your system. Reticulation installers do not have as much work over this time, so if you need someone else to install a sensor for you, prices will be more competitive from installers at this time. Why not ask your reticulation guru if they can add a Toro Soil Sensor to your system?

For more options, we listed 4 more soil moisture sensor you can choose from:

Dr. Meter moisture sensor meter comes with a color-coded reading system from red, green to blue and interface using ten scales.

This makes reading your soil moisture is very straightforward and with ease. 

Gouevn soil mosture meter is very helpful tool in gardening especially important for delicate plants which are very sensitive to over or under watering. 

Other than being it's portability, this plant water meter does not need batteries or electricity. 

SmartChoice soil moisture sensor is a specially designed soil test kit that lets you test  pH value, soil moisture, and sunlight level of plants. 

This will quickly let you to know the soil condition and do the appropriate adjustment for better plants care.

Sutinna soil moisture sensor is very practical & easy to use! It does not need batteries or preparation.

All you need to do is simply plug our soil tester in the soil area you want to check and get a precise and accurate reading right away.