Best Self Watering Pots | Australian Buying Guide 2020

Have you ever wished you didn’t HAVE TO spend that 15 to 30 minutes watering all your pot plants? Have you ever dreamed of having a pot plant area that was actually relatively self sufficient? Well then, the answer you may very well be looking for is self watering pots. There are many varieties available but the ones I usually use are from Bunnings and are called ‘Trend’ Self Watering Pots which come in both square and rectangular varieties.

What are some of the Pro’s and Con’s of Self Watering Pots?

– Water is able to completely drain from the soil, ensuring the roots are not rotting due to excess water

– As water pools in the bottom of the pot, as long as there is water there plants have access to water. This means that more of the water you apply to your plants actually gets used and less sinks into the below water table.

– This ALSO has an added benefit in that any nutrients or fertilisers you add to the soil are used by your PLANTS and does not end up in any of your local streams.

– The fact that water is not in the soil but is instead at the very bottom of the pot encourages root growth as they grow down to take advantage of the ample water below.

– Water always being available to the plants gives you the ability to miss a day of watering, whether by mistake or on purpose, without having to worry too much about your plants dying.

– Obviously one of the cons is that what you plant is, to some extent limited by the pots you have. This however doesn’t have to be an issue as you can just add more pots.

– Not everybody wants to have pots everywhere. Pots tend to be MOST beneficial for people living on smaller blocks of land in the city, or living in apartments or flats.

– I’ve heard of a few people who have had trouble with self watering pots in the heat of summer causing the soil to get too hot, due to their being less of it than there is in a garden bed.

In my garden I have got a real mix of raised garden beds and garden pots. This is mostly due to a space issue but as time has gone by I have appreciated the freedom self watering pots have provided. Sometimes I actually want to sleep in and this might mean missing the morning water and leaving it until the afternoon. With self watering pots I know my plants will still have access to water, as long as I ensure they are all filled each time I do water my garden.

I have even seen people use self watering pots IN their garden bed. I haven’t tried this myself so can’t really speak to its effectiveness, but I know of people who bury them in their garden, so they still have big garden beds, but this also does help lock water in. I don’t know if I’d say this is the best way, as I’d prefer to just use wetta soil and water crystals to increase water in my garden beds, but it is one approach that could be taken!

As mentioned above, Bunnings sells their ‘Trends’ self watering pots in both square and rectangle varieties. At time of posting, the rectangular ones (pictured above) are selling for $16.98 (according to their website) and the square ones are selling for $12.66 each. Check out Bunnings today!

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