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Best Garden Sprayers | Australian Buying Guide 2021

Spring is well and truly in the air. As I write this I am looking out my window at the wonderful blue sky with the sun shining down all around. I really do enjoy Spring.

With Spring comes flower season and to make sure that your garden has the best display possible this spring you need to make sure that you are regularly feeding your plants.


Whether you have a sprawling garden in Australia or even only a few rows, the best garden sprayer will be the best rescue to consider.

This kind of sprayer is essential for applying fertilizer, weed killer, or pest control.

So, to make your yard and gardening care a lot easier, leading to healthier and more attractive plants, you must find and use the right sprayer. 

Reviews of the Best Garden Sprayer

Here are the top products that you can choose from:

Field King Professional 190328  is one of the best garden sprayer

Source: Amazon

For those with substantial spraying needs and if you want to get the job done safely and quickly in your garden in Australia, this one is indeed the best option. It features a four-gallon tank allowing you to cover a vast area without having to stop for refills. 

Plus, it has very comfortable straps and a belt, which keeps the weight from resting only on your shoulders. It has a pump that is designed to minimize leaks preventing your exposure to the chemicals. 

Also, this one works with powders, liquids, and water-soluble solutions, and it comes along with agitators keeping them well-mixed as you work. It also has four nozzles allowing you to choose the nose, which would make the job most comfortable. 


  • liquid ready 
  • no-leak design
  • backpack design
  • four nozzles
  • lockable shutoff
  • durable and easy to use


  • a bit expensive
  • hard to store because it does not fold down well
Gardena Pressure Sprayer 5 l

Source: Amazon

Next in line is the Gardena Pressure Sprayer, which is ideal for the care of plants in your garden, including the tall ones. This weed killer sprayer has a filling capacity of 5 liters, and it is designed for about 3 bars. 

The safety valve immediately reduces pressure once needed, therefore rendering a safer environment. It has a level indicator which shows the filling quantity, so you don’t need to always open the container. 

And with its ergonomic D-handle, it could be pumped quickly. The angled spray lance is perfect for spraying under leaves. Comfortable handling is also guaranteed because of the on and off trigger lock and shoulder strap. 


  • 5 liters filling capacity
  • safe and secure to use
  • comfortable handling
  • two-year warranty


  • thicker sprayer rod
  • difficult to empty
Spear & Jackson Pressure Sprayer - 5 Litre

Source: Amazon

Another great option to consider is a product from Spear & Jackson. You can either choose from 5- or 8-liters filling capacity of this product. But both are indeed boasting excellent performance. 

Your spraying needs will surely be addressed as the brand offers various filling capacity options from a liter to 8 liters. These sprayers are designed with comfortable action pumps that provide both stream and mist options. 

Also, the professional sprayers boast the Viton seals designed to be highly resistant to most aggressive chemicals, and the custom-designed stable base is intended for greater control and balance. 


  • durable and stable sprayer
  • easy and safe to use
  • adjustable carry strap
  • superb balance and control


  • might not last longer
  • wand or spray is made of plastic
Garden Pressure Sprayer, Backpack Sprayer Air Pressure Type Sprayer with Shoulder Strap for Agricultural Gardening Use(3L)

Source: Amazon

And lastly, this garden pressure sprayer is easy to use for gardening as well as agricultural workings. It is also compatible with most commercial liquid fertilizers, pesticides, weed killers, fungicides, herbicides, and more. 

This one has a shoulder strap with a filling capacity of 3 to 8 liters. Indeed, this one is ideal for soaking and misting. It is also safe and practical because it features automatic pressure relief protection and relief valve design. 


  • easy and safe to use
  • durable and stable garden sprayer
  • comfortable to grip


  • no barometer
Solo 420 2-Liter One-Hand Pressure Sprayer with Adjustable Telescoping Wand

Source: Amazon

This one is a one-hand pesticide sprayer boasting a volume of 2 liters. There is a crank on the upper part that is pressed repeatedly until the pressure is generated so it could spray the pesticide or fertilizer. It has a wand that is made of metal and plastic and could be extended too.

The container is made of high-quality polyethylene that is also UV resistant reassuring of no alteration in the chemical compound inside. You’ll also be provided with a comfortable handle while spraying on your garden in Australia. 


  • extendable wand
  • durable and UV resistant tank
  • extra pressure release trigger


  • plastic nozzle

Top Pick

Based on the review stated above, the best garden sprayer in the market today is the Field King Professional 190328.

Why? With the features of the said garden sprayer, surely enough it could address to your garden or lawn needs.

Field King Professional 190328  is one of the best garden sprayer

Source: Amazon

Premium Choice

For a premium choice from among the options given, the Gardena Pressure Sprayer 5L is the right pick. 

For something that could offer you premium quality when it comes to a garden sprayer, this one is surely ideal for taking good care of your garden. 

With its first class, no doubt, it could also offer you top-notch performance when spraying your garden.

Gardena Pressure Sprayer 5 l

Source: Amazon

Great Value

Of course, you have to pick the one with great value and Solo 420 2-Liter One-Hand Pressure Sprayer is the right product for this.

You’ll get the best features of a garden sprayer at a price that wouldn’t break your bank.

This is the best garden sprayer that will surely help you do the job, right!

Solo 420 2-Liter One-Hand Pressure Sprayer with Adjustable Telescoping Wand

Source: Amazon

Best Garden Sprayer: Buying Guide

For those who plan to spray their lawn in Australia, buying a sprayer must be done along with complete knowledge about the product.

Here’s a comprehensive guide on what you should know about choosing the best garden sprayer: 

Types of Garden Sprayer

Of course, garden sprayers might come in different sizes and shapes. And these sprayers fall into various broader categories.

Now, take a better look at the advantages and disadvantages of each type. 

Tank Garden Sprayer

A woman using a tank garden sprayer, also known as compression garden sprayer

Source: Amazon

Also referred to as a compression garden sprayer, tank garden sprayer is the most common type of garden sprayer. It requires concentrated material to be added to the tank.

Then, water is added in the proper proportion. After you use a pump handle, the air is pressurized. The sprayer wand shoots the mixture out as you spray it. 

A compression sprayer lets you customize the stream from a fine mist into a concentrated stream based on the materials you will be working with and your desired results.

This style enables you to choose from smaller versions that hold up to almost a quart or extensive models that accommodate many gallons. 

Backpack Garden Sprayer

A man using a backpack sprayer with ease.

Source: Amazon

This one works like a backpack sprayer, which allows you to use your arms fully. Usually, it holds about four gallons.

This makes carrying a heavier and larger amount a lot easier and less cumbersome. Most of the sprayers would rely on a lever pump that helps in maintaining the necessary pressure without the need to remove the backpack. 

Hose End Garden Sprayer

Hose end garden sprayer attaches to the end of the garden hose

Source: Amazon

This one attaches to the end of the garden hose. It has a sprayer jar that holds concentrated materials intended for killing bugs, weeds, or for helping the plants get extra nutrition.

Now, the water from the hose mixes with this concentrated solution, therefore, diluting it before spraying out to the plants. 

This kind of fertilizer sprayer offers a built-in safety feature that works as an anti-siphon, so you wouldn’t need to stress over those chemicals being pulled back to the water supply. 

You now have an idea of whether which type you would want to buy and use. 

Benefits of a Garden Sprayer

You might also wonder whether there is really a need for you to purchase a garden sprayer. You should know that there are certain reasons you definitely need the help of a garden sprayer. And some of the reasons are the following:

  • With a garden sprayer, you would be helped to take the guesswork out of measuring. Most weed killers or other garden treatments would need precise requirements.

    So, you might not want to use your regular and everyday measuring cup to mix those harmful chemicals. That’s why having a garden sprayer would let you measure accurately and mix the chemicals and pesticides too. 

  • A garden sprayer uses different methods to let you customize the treatment’s coverage. In some cases, you might need to adjust your sprayer to offer a fine misting of the mixture to the plants.

    Use longer and a more pinpointed stream for killing weeds by drenching them directly. 

  • Using a garden sprayer gives precise starting and stopping, which allows you to remain in control of the dangerous chemicals so you could rest easy since you are keeping yourself and loved ones a lot safer. 

  • A garden sprayer also helps not to waste materials. You would need an exact amount without having to waste any, instead, it lets you save money in the long run. 

  • With a garden sprayer, you can spray up and down, side to side, and get under leaves with a long-reaching hose and spraying wand attachment. Healthier gardens with less effort are definitely guaranteed. 

For these reasons, you might be enlightened about why you need to buy the best garden sprayer. 

Factors to Consider in Choosing Your Garden Sprayer

Benefits of a Garden Sprayer

Source: Amazon

Since it might be confusing whether which one is the right product to pick, here is a guide on the factors that should be considered once out to shop for the best garden sprayer. 

Volume Capacity

How much liquid a garden sprayer could store should be an essential factor to consider. Well, the bigger the volume means, the fewer trips for refilling, still a large doesn’t always mean an ideal choice. 

Besides, having big sprayers only means you couldn’t use them efficiently indoors. They would be ejecting more significant quantities of the solution and could dangerously increase the concentration of it within the room. 

So, it is advised to choose a sprayer that would suffice to your needs and demands. 

Source of Pressure

The pressure created within the tank pushes the pesticide or fertilizer through the hose, wand, and to the plant or surface.

Something must make such pressure, and that could be from two sources: hand-cranked sprayers or battery-powered sprayers. 

Usually, hand-cranked sprayers have the lever which is pumped, and so the pressure is gained. This one is also efficient but makes you tire quickly. 

On the other hand, battery-powered sprayers have a small pump that is powered by a battery, and it also replaces constant cranking.

With these, the additional parts are increasing the weight of the garden sprayer. 


The material of which the sprayer is made is also a crucial factor to consider. Usually, tanks are made of plastic, and the better the quality, the more aggressive the chemicals it has.

The best material for a garden sprayer includes a transparent part wherein the liquid level could be seen. 

The hose, wand, and nozzle reflect the overall quality of the garden sprayer too. Brass is more durable, more resistant, and could last longer.

Stainless steel is the most expensive option, which is considered to be of top-notch quality. 


The amount of money you would spend matters a lot too. If the product is right, buy it even if it needs a bit higher amount.

Find a good product and pay for it reasonably. Take note of these factors as you shop for a garden sprayer, which should match your preferences and needs. 

Garden Sprayer Safety Tips

Using the garden sprayer safely would ensure that it could last long, so some helpful safety tips must be considered, including the following:

  • Use PPE or Personal Protective Equipment like gloves, long sleeves, and a face mask once working with hazardous chemicals. 
  • Also, wear goggles and a respirator since some chemicals might be deadly once breathed in or might cause blindness. 
  • Use treatments or chemicals as directed by the manufacturer. Follow the directions carefully. 
  • Only use the advised amount. 
  • Prepare and mix in a well-ventilated area. 
  • Do not drink, eat, or smoke while spraying. 
  • Keep everyone away while spraying since chemicals are dangerous. 
  • After use, clean the sprayer and other equipment to avoid the accidental mixing of chemicals. 
  • Avoid spraying on windy days, as well as rainy days. 
  • After spraying, take a shower, and shampoo your hair. 
  • And also, clean your PPE and clothing based on the directions of the manufacturer. 

Beware of these tips to avoid unwanted situations in the near future.

 Best Garden Sprayers (Australia 2021) Summary

There you have it! Along with a buying guide, you are provided with top options of the best garden sprayer to choose from. It is best to know that you have to be well familiar with the right garden sprayer to purchase to do the job well.

And the options given above are among the right choices you can always rely on. Plus, the buying guide will aid you a lot on your shopping! 

With that, you’ll be able to find the best garden sprayer today! How about you? Which one do you like as the best garden sprayer? Leave your thoughts below!

Best Garden Sprayers Australian Buying Guide

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