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Grevillea Ivanhoe – Australian Native Growing Guide

Grevillea Ivanhoe is a gorgeous cultivar of one of Australia’s most treasured natives. These evergreen shrubs produce stunning flowers, which are packed with sweet nectar, and perfect for attracting birds and other wildlife to your garden.

Grevillea Ivanhoe blooms in late winter through to early spring, but will perform at its very best only if you follow the guides below, particularly when it comes to watering and feeding these wonderful garden staples.







Australian Native

Common Names:

Grevillea Ivanhoe






Up to 2.5 metres


Up to 1.5 metres

Sun requirements: 

full sun to partial shade

Foliage Colour: 

Green on reddish stems

Flower Colour: 



winter to early spring

Edible Parts: 

fruit that attracts nectar-feeding birds

Maintenance level:

low maintenance

Poisonous for pets: 

Non-toxic to pets

How to Grow Grevillea Ivanhoe

How to Grow Grevillea Ivanhoe

Source: PlantMaster

Best Conditions to Planting Grevillea Ivanhoe

Soil & Drainage

Grevillea Ivanhoe grows best in well-drained soils and really doesn’t like to be waterlogged, so make sure your garden soil is free-draining to prevent the possibility of root rot. Sandy loam is the ideal soil structure for Grevillea Ivanhoe (which will briefly hold its shape when squeezed in your palm, and crumble back out when released).

If you’re stuck with clay soil, you can dig your soil to 45 cm deep, and 3-4 times the width of the root ball, and backfill with sand, grit, compost, or a mix of your heavy soil and soil improver.

Light & Temperature

Grevillea Ivanhoe grows best in full sun, so try to find a spot with at least six hours of direct daily sunlight. While it can withstand cold snaps, strong chilly or salty winds are challenging for these native shrubs, so avoid planting them as a windbreak, and find shelter for these shrubs if you live near the coast.

Water Requirements

Grevillea Ivanhoe is drought-tolerant so it’s essential that you avoid overwatering. Rather than watering weekly, or on timed irrigation, only water Grevillea Ivanhoe manually when the soil is visibly dry on the surface, and avoid watering altogether through winter.

Propagating Grevillea Ivanhoe

Propagation from seeds

Grevilleas can be propagated from seed, but it can be a slow process, and Ivanhoe is no exception. If you fancy a challenge, start by sowing the seeds in a well-drained soil mixture in the autumn (sieved garden soil or a sterile seed compost will work well).

Keep the soil moist and warm. Your seeds should germinate after about 4-6 weeks.

How to Propagate Grevillea Ivanhoe from Cuttings

The quickest way to propagate Grevillea Ivanhoe is from cuttings, and even if you’ve never tried growing plants from cutting before, it roots reliably. Take semi-hardwood cuttings (young semi-green stems from last year) in the spring, and strip the lower leaves so you’re left with a clean 15-20cm twig with a couple of leaves at the tip. 

Dip the base of the cuttings in rooting hormone powder and plant them in a 50/50 mix of perlite and compost. Keep the soil moist and warm, and the cuttings should root within four to six weeks.

How to Care for Grevillea Ivanhoe

Propagating Grevillea Ivanhoe

Source: Miss Tree

Mulching Needs

Mulching Grevillea Ivanhoe can help to retain moisture and suppress weed growth. Use a coarse mulch such as bark chips for a generous and affordable mulch around the base of each plant, making sure it isn’t in contact with the stem. 

Refer to our comprehensive guide on mulches to discover more types and their uses

Grevillea Ivanhoe fertiliser

Grevillea Ivanhoe doesn’t require regular fertiliser, but an annual application of slow-release native plant food has a big impact on flowering later in the year.

Grevillea Ivanhoe Pests & Diseases

Grevillea Ivanhoe is a hardy plant that rarely succumbs to pests or diseases. Like nearly all Grevilleas, its most regular problems are caused by overwatering, and if you spot signs of wilt or bud drop, just slow down on water, try to regulate feed, and most pest and disease problems will balance out with time.

Wrapping Up Our Grevillea Ivanhoe Growing and Care Guide

Grevillea Ivanhoe is a spectacular plant, with richly coloured blooms and works well in nearly all gardens. With its attractive foliage and bold blooms, it can make a great addition to any space. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced gardener, Grevillea Ivanhoe is easy to grow and will thrive with minimal care and attention. 

By following our guide above, and looking more in depth at Grevillea care in general, you can grow your own vibrant Grevillea Ivanhoe for a lifetime of ornamental structure in your garden.

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