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Growing Crocus: Saffron Plant in Australia

Crocus is the name of the flower that grows virtually everywhere around the globe and is derived from the Latin word, “Saffron.” Crocus bulbs should be planted when the weather turns chilly in the autumn and they will bloom unattended in the spring. 


Crocus Plant Features

Whether you reside in Southern France or the United States of America, the little crocus will bloom in various colours of white, yellow, blue, purple or light orange flowers even if the snow continues to fall.

These hardy little plants can even bring the spring indoors and have been used as houseplants in many homes. Standing just 7-10 cm (3-4 in) tall, crocus tend to be prolific and will usually spurn many corms or bulbs that can be separated and replanted to form new plants.

Crocus bulbs and flowers tend to be resistant to pests and disease but they are deemed a favourite to the squirrel who will dig up the bulb should he be tempted by his hunger pangs. They are the only animal that is known to feed on the little plant.

Growing Saffron Australia

Ideal Conditions for Growing Crocus

The crocuses are very easy to plant and will multiply on their own so they should be planted in sunny locations and spaced evenly apart. A depth of about two inches should provide enough soil to cover the bulb.

If you have mulch, you can provide a thin covering although it is not necessary as these hardy plants will survive just about any soil and condition. Always plant your crocus in the fall to allow time to root so they will bloom in the spring.

Little crocus flowers are the hardy sign that although the winter has taken a toll on the earth there is always life waiting just beneath the surface to begin anew. Just as the weather turns towards warmer temperatures, the little crocus reaches up from the earth towards the bright sunlight to bloom once again.

Last Updated on February 14, 2024

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