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How to Grow Grevillea ‘Loopy Lou’

Grevillea ‘Loopy Lou’ is a small shrub that reaches a maximum size of 1.5 metres in both height and width. The flowers make a real statement with their large size and delightful colours. This shrub attracts birds who come to enjoy these flowers, but they also like to hide out in the leaves.

Grevillea ‘Loopy Lou’ grows quickly and doesn’t need too much care as it’s quite hardy. The evergreen shrub likes well-draining soil but can handle different soil types. If you get the lighting right, you’ll be able to enjoy plenty of flowers from this beauty.


How to Grow Grevillea Loopy Lou






‘Loopy Lou’ 

Common Name:

Grevillea ‘Loopy Lou’ 





Grevillea Loopy Lou Size

Up to 1.5 metres tall and wide

Sun requirements: 

Full sun, part shade

Foliage Colour: 


Flower Colour: 

Yellow, pink, green, orange


All year round 



Maintenance level:


Poisonous for pets: 


How to Grow Grevillea ‘Loopy Lou’ 

Propagating Grevillea Hybrid Loopy Lou

It is possible to easily propagate your own Grevillea ‘Loopy Lou’ from a cutting with some new growth. You can use a simple propagation mix like coconut coir and coarse sand to plant your cutting, and then cover it with a plastic bag that you can seal off. It usually takes between 4 to 8 weeks for the cutting to grow roots. 

How to Care for Grevillea ‘Loopy Lou’


Grevillea ‘Loopy Lou’ needs well-draining soil. In terms of pH, it can be acidic or neutral and the type of soil can be sandy, loamy or clay. Soil should have plenty of compost too. 


Grevillea ‘Loopy Lou’ can be planted somewhere in full sun or in a part shade spot. The right lighting will make sure that you enjoy a long bloom period from your shrub. 


Grevillea ‘Loopy Lou’ can handle a bit of a dry period once the shrub has established itself. It will need sufficient water in the first 12 weeks as it gets settled and then you can taper off your watering schedule from there. 


Give your Grevillea ‘Loopy Lou’ a light prune once it has finished flowering. This helps to promote healthy growth. 


When you see the shrub forming buds, that will be your cue to feed the Grevillea ‘Loopy Lou’ with a native slow release fertiliser. 

Possible Grevillea ‘Loopy Lou’ Problems

Grevilleas like the Grevillea ‘Loopy Lou’ can struggle with fungal diseases. These include leaf spot, root rot, and sooty mould.

Grevillea ‘Loopy Lou’ Frequently Asked Questions

Does Grevillea ‘Loopy Lou’ have any special features?

This type of shrub is great for erosion control, can be used to fill your home with beautiful cut flowers, and is fast growing.

Is Grevillea ‘Loopy Lou’ frost tolerant?

The shrub can handle a light frost.

What sort of climate can Grevillea ‘Loopy Lou’ grow in?

Grevillea ‘Loopy Lou’ can grow in subtropical, warm, and Mediterranean climates.

Check out our main Grevillea growing guide if you want to read more about other Grevilleas varieties. 

Wrapping Up Our Grevillea ‘Loopy Lou’ How to Grow and Care Guide

Grevillea ‘Loopy Lou’ is a speedy growing shrub, with large flowers in shades that might make you think of a sunset. The secret to getting your shrub to flower for a long time is remembering that warmer climate makes it bloom for longer. 

If you are looking for a shrub that will help with erosion control, Grevillea ‘Loopy Lou’ is a great way to go. 

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