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Monty Monitor: Smart Compost Monitor Review

What is a Monty Monitor? Being a gardening enthusiast, you may already understand the importance of nurturing your plants with nutrient-rich fertiliser. So what’s better than growing your own plants? Making your own organic fertiliser by composting! 

For many, composting can be a complex process and getting it right can be a challenge. 


I have been chatting with Ashley and she has offered an amazing discount to our audience. Use this discount code: AUSSIEGREENTHUMB at checkout to receive $39 off.

Introducting Monty Monitor

There are many products on the market aimed to help people create compost without the need for intervention, or even a compost bin. However, these products are closer to food waste dehydrators than composters.

Ashley Baxter, Founder at Monty Compost Co.

So, is there compost technology out there that helps make composting easier the real way? Thankfully, with the Australian compost invention, Monty Monitor, there is. In this blog post we’ll dig into how Queensland based business Monty Compost Co can help you create beautiful, nutrient-rich fertilisers for your garden. 

The Founder of Monty, Ashley Baxter realised many gardeners and zero waste enthusiasts were struggling to get composting right. That’s why Monty Monitor was created as a solution to easier and better composting to help gardens flourish. 

Why Compost is Important in Gardening

Your average household gardener may be a pro at maintaining their garden with the aid of chemical fertilisers and a plethora of informative resources. Composting does not quite receive the same amount of attention it deserves.

There aren’t as many resources on composting as there are on gardening - even though it dates back thousands of years - but that’s a story for another time!

It’s known that fertiliser helps speed up the growing process of your plants and due to the fact that there is a lack of guidance in the composting space, gardeners are forced to opt for expensive and environmentally harmful fertilisers rather than making their own.

Studies have shown that chemical fertilisers and pesticides lead to soil degradation and a number of negative environmental impacts. That’s why Monty Monitor was created to guide you throughout the process to ensure that you’ll be left with a high quality, nutrient rich compost.

Here are some of the positive outcomes you can expect from composting.

  1. Nutrient Rich Soil: Transform the quality of your soil naturally with your own compost.
  2. Save Water: Improve water retention with a better quality soil with compost and save money in the long run. 
  3. Healthy Plants: Forget about chemical fertilisers and pesticides and opt for organic compost which can reduce disease in plants. 
  4. Cost Savings: Save money from removing the need to buy expensive fertilisers and using excess water.
  5. Waste reduction: Divert the amount of organic waste going into landfills and give back to the environment by revitalising your soil with compost.

Common Compost Issues

One of the main problems a gardener faces while composting is that their waste is not breaking down fast enough to meet plant demands. This overarching problem is due to an imbalance within the pile which leads to the inability to reach desired temperatures, bad odours, pests or an extremely dry pile.

Gardeners may struggle with composting if they don’t have the time, understanding and resources in order to achieve the correct balance within their compost. Monty Monitor solves this issue by monitoring these levels within your compost pile 24/7. Here are the main compost issues the everyday gardener experiences:

  1. Compost is not reaching desired temperatures
  2. Compost is breaking down too slowly
  3. Compost is smelly and attracts pests
  4. Struggle to maintain balance 
  5. Lack of guidance and support 
  6. Confusing and hard to understand 

How Monty Monitor Works

Monty Monitor with Mobile App

Monty Monitor is a smart compost device that takes the guesswork out of composting. It utilises three sensors to track the temperature, moisture and oxygen levels within your compost. Getting the correct balance of these three crucial factors is one of the many issues composters struggle with.

That’s why Monty Monitor continuously collects data 24 hours a day, taking readings every 15 minutes to ensure that changes within the compost pile are not gone unnoticed. Data is then transmitted to the Monty Mobile, where it's analysed to provide actionable insights. It's a hands-free, hassle-free way to ensure your compost pile is thriving.

Through the Monty Mobile app, users can access real-time data and receive customised alerts and recommendations keeping you connected with your compost. No more wondering if your compost is too wet or too dry — Monty Monitor keeps you in the loop.

Benefits of Using a Monty Compost Monitor

  • Local Expertise: Monty Monitor is made to withstand the extreme Australian temperatures. With a deep understanding of local climates and composting challenges, Monty Monitor provides recommendations that are specific to your region.
  • Real-Time Insights: Monty Monitor uses three sensors - temperature, gas and moisture - to take readings every 15 minutes. Know what's happening in your compost 24 hours a day.
  • Eco-Friendly Gardening: Composting is not just about reducing waste; it's also about promoting sustainable gardening practices. Monty Monitor helps you create high-quality compost that enhances soil health, minimises the need for chemical fertilisers, providing you with a healthy, organic garden. 
  • Time and Energy Savings: Monty Monitor simplifies compost management, so you can spend more time enjoying your garden and less time troubleshooting composting issues.

    The monitor enables gardeners to keep an eye on these valuable insights to make sure the compost is capable of breaking down effectively and simultaneously combat common compost issues.
Monty Smart Compost Monitor

Using Monty Monitor to Compost More Efficiently

The efficiency of compost is determined by the tools you use and the amount of dedication and effort you put into it. To achieve optimal efficiency it’s important to maintain the right balance throughout the composting process.

This includes maintaining the optimal carbon to nitrogen ratio - also known as C:N ratio, maintaining moisture to ensure microbial and bioactivity, allowing airflow throughout and achieving high temperatures for faster breakdown. 

  1. Balanced ingredients: Monty will send you updates on how balanced your compost is so you can easily see what needs to be added in order to achieve the right levels. 
  2. Moisture Management: Monty will tell you whether your compost is too dry or too wet. This also affects the amount of nitrogen that comes from your pile which can introduce smells and pests. 
  3. Aeration: Monty will notify you when there is not enough aeration to support microbial activity and breakdown. 
  4. Regular monitoring: Monty will help you to never forget about your compost again and help you keep track of how things are going.

I have been chatting with Ashley and she has offered an amazing discount to our audience. Use this discount code: AUSSIEGREENTHUMB at checkout to receive $39 off.

Make Composting Easier by Using a Monty Smart Compost Monitor

So if you’re wanting to improve your garden in the long run by composting, how about looking into Monty Monitor. You’ll support a local Australian innovation and take your composting to the next level. Embrace the future of gardening and watch it flourish like never before. Say goodbye to confusing composting and hello to Monty Monitor. 

Last Updated on January 18, 2024

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