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Plant Trolley: Australian Gardening Guide

Gardening makes a lot of demands on your body – especially your back. And if you’re a container gardener having to move garden pots around the yard then you know that lifting them can exert excessive force on your spine and back muscles. Which is the reason why the pot mover makes sense.


What are Pot Movers?

Pot movers are basically a glorified trolley but they add one more dimension that your standard hand truck doesn’t – it grips the pot at the same time. This allows you to concentrate on levering the pot and keeping it balanced as you move it around your garden.

Like most garden tools, the pot mover does have at least drawbacks – they are often fitted with non-pneumatic tyres. Obviously this keeps the price down but restricts its usage to paved areas only.

Start trekking your pots across the lawn or soil and you’ll soon discover that it’s not made for such a task. However, it is its only non-redeeming feature.

A man using a plant trolley

Using a Pot Lifter

A pot mover isn’t the only option available for container gardeners. If you have access to another person; be it a spouse, partner, older child or a neighbour who enjoys helping you rearrange your garden you could try a pot lifter.

Where the pot mover failed due to its cheap plastic wheels, the pot lifter – with the help of an able-bodied other – can help you traverse almost any terrain to reposition your pots. The pot lifter can easily carry up to 220 lbs (100 kg) between two people – provided you can both carry 50 kg each.

Whether it’s a pot mover caddy or a pot lifter you now have options when it comes to rearranging your container plants. One of the drawbacks with most of the larger pots, and the reason why many gardeners steered away from them, was the inability to move them when full.

In the past gardeners had to choose the position before planting out and then live with the outcome regardless. Fortunately, this is no longer the case.

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