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14 Best Tiki Torches Worth Considering in Australia for 2024

Are you looking for the perfect tiki torches to illuminate your outdoor space? In this comprehensive guide, we outline the key features and considerations essential for choosing the ideal option. 

From traditional bamboo torches to modern stainless steel designs, we will guide you in making an informed decision for transforming and enhancing the ambiance of your outdoor area with stylish and functional tiki torches.


Best Tiki Torches Australia

14 Best Tiki Torches in Australia for 2024

1. Island King Outdoor TIKI Torch

Island King Outdoor TIKI Torch

This bold and contemporary tiki torch features a robust design made from steel and can produce flames 5 times larger than traditional torches. It is easy to use, easy to clean and comes in two highly stylish options.

2. Solar Torch Light with Flickering Flame

25th Hour Dancing Tiki Solar Lamp

Whether for ambience or that holiday feel, these solar tiki torches feature a highly decorative patterned chassis that elevates the dancing lights within. Completely solar-powered with automatic activation, this torch can provide up to 8 hours of battery life to ensure your tropical vibes never end.

3. ZSZMFH Upgraded Citronella Torches

ZSZMFH Upgraded Citronella Torches

Sporting a sleek black metal design, this set of tiki torches also features 3 adjustable height levels, a durable fibreglass wick and a 3-pronged ground stake for added stability.

The high-quality metal has a powder-painted finish for extra weather resistance and the torch canisters offer an extra-large capacity for extended burning time.

4. Light n Crafty DIY Macrame Tiki Torch Wick Kit

Light n Crafty DIY Macrame Tiki Torch Wick Kit

This stylish and easy-to-use DIY tiki torch kit allows you to upcycle your favourite bottles into beautiful garden lighting within minutes. Whether for your tabletops or your walkways, this kit offers almost endless opportunities for you to get creative and design the perfect sustainable tiki torches for your needs. 

5. ONETHATCH Bamboo Citronella Torches

ONETHATCH Bamboo Citronella Torches

This stunning set of traditional bamboo tiki torches features added weather durability and robust poles so you never have to worry about rot, rust, mould or instability. They are height adjustable, have canisters that can offer more than 6 hours of ambience, and are made from 50% recycled plastic and 50% natural bamboo fibre. 

6. Personalised Citronella Lantern

Personalised Citronella Lantern

Created by James Schroeder and Jameson Chastain. These custom citronella torches are perfect for adding some sculpture to your garden by day and beautiful illumination by night.

Select one of the four unique designs and add your family’s touch with a name, word or phrase that will be directly laser cut into the steel.

7. TIKI Cabos Metal Torch

TIKI Cabos Metal Torch

Highly reviewed by Australian consumers, this stylish tiki torch features a distinctive bronze metal design, a convertible 4-piece pole, a long-lasting wick and an attached metal snuffer to extinguish flames safely.

Perfect for more modern outdoor spaces, this torch offers lasting ambience from its natural flames so your evenings with guests are as memorable as can be.

8. Hand Blown Planter Torches by Arch One Glass

Hand Blown Planter Torches by Arch One Glass

This stunning set of citronella torches is hand blown by a master glass blower and each torch features an original look that can effortlessly add a warm feel to your garden, flower arrangements and decorations.

Made from durable Pyrex glass, this set will shimmer and twinkle amongst vegetation to offer a delicate boost to your evenings outdoors.

9. TIKI Resin Jar Tiki Torch

TIKI Resin Jar Tiki Torch

Sporting a luxurious 4-in-1 stone colour design, these tiki torches are multipurpose, offering full to mid-sized garden torches that can also be mounted around decks using the included clamp or used as table torches once the pole is removed.

With a large canister and efficient burn technology, this premium torch can offer up to 5 hours of flame per refill.

10. 91Essential Synthetic Bamboo Solar Tiki Torches

91Essential Synthetic Bamboo Solar Tiki Torches

This set of solar tiki torches aims to faithfully replicate natural bamboo using premium synthetic bamboo for added durability and resistance. With 5 amber LEDs that offer steady and flickering lighting options, this set can also operate for up to 10 hours once fully charged.

11. Evelynsun Solar Tiki Torches with Flickering Flame Design

Evelynsun Solar Tiki Torches with Flickering Flame Design

These lively LED solar tiki torches feature a flicker effect that looks like a real flame without the hassle of dealing with oils and clean-up. The poles are height adjustable and the torches are extremely durable against harsh weather conditions. Available in a 4-pack and 2-pack.

12. TIKI Adjustable Flame Teal Glass Torch

TIKI Adjustable Flame Teal Glass Torch

Offering fantastic value for money, this tiki torch features a stylish metal design, teal glass fuel vessel, convertible 4-piece pole, long-lasting wick and a metal snuffer to safely extinguish flames when the party is over.

Its flame is adjustable and can last up to 12 hours, ensuring you have lasting beauty when you need it.

13. Fire Globe Garden Tiki Torch by Arch One Glass 

Fire Globe Garden Tiki Torch by Arch One Glass

These gorgeous globous tiki torches are handmade and feature premium materials in their designs. Perfect for adding a touch of style and abundance to outdoor spaces, this torch features a hand-blown torch body made from Pyrex glass, a long-lasting fibreglass wick, a glass cover to extinguish flames, and a premium copper pipe for mounting the globe.

14. TIKI Green Pineapple Convertible Glass Torch

TIKI Green Pineapple Convertible Glass Torch

Boasting a chic and inviting pineapple design, this tiki torch has a beautiful green glass finish, a convertible 4-piece pole, a long-lasting wick and an integrated snuffer to keep it looking its best day and night.

Its highly versatile design allows you to use it as a 65-inch full-sized torch, or a 50-inch garden torch or remove the pole completely for a decorative centrepiece for your tables.

Important Considerations Before Buying Tiki Torches

Traditional vs Solar

As the global buyer’s consciousness continuously moves towards more eco-friendly and sustainable products, it’s no surprise that even the humble citronella torches have seen improved development as well. 

Solar tiki torches are excellent alternatives to traditional torches as they don’t need any gas or fuel to light up. They charge simply using sunlight and are still able to create magnificent flame-like displays in outdoor spaces.

They come in a very wide range of designs and at varied price points, offering buyers more sustainable alternatives. Furthermore, solar tiki torches are a great option if you have kids or pets running around as you will naturally avoid the hazard of flames causing any injury. 

On the other hand, if you really want to double down on that authentic tropical feel in your outdoor areas, traditional tiki torches will always have the advantage of creating the most immersive experience.

There’s just something so hypnotic about having real licks of flame illuminating outside areas. 

Considerations Before Buying Tiki Torches

Materials Used

Most of us are familiar with the conventional bamboo torch designs but tiki torches are also commonly made from other materials like plastic, metal and even glass. 

  • Bamboo torches have the advantage of offering that traditional feel while also being affordable in most cases. 
  • Plastic torches feature decent durability and are naturally resistant to elements like water and wind.
  • Metal torches are some of the toughest torches you can buy. They are typically made from metals such as aluminium, stainless steel, brass or iron. The main caveat to metal tiki torches is the fact they tend to be more expensive. 
  • Glass torches offer a more ornamental feel in that the torches sparkle and twinkle beneath the flames. They are usually handmade and also require a larger investment however, they are unique and can perfectly suit more modern and sculpted gardens.

Quantity of Torches

Many citronella torches and even solar tiki torches are offered individually but some suppliers offer packs for larger homes and spaces. Depending on your needs, you can find the right quantity to bring your ideas to life. 

Height of the Torches

The height of tiki torches can make a big difference in their impact on gardens. Taller torches can lighten up larger areas whereas shorter torches are ideal for creating beautiful silhouettes alongside paving or walkways. 

Some torches feature adjustable poles, allowing you to find the most suitable height for your area. 

Flame Adjustability

While most traditional tiki torches don’t offer adjustable flame levels, some new-era torches do. Having the ability to adjust flame levels on torches can not only help you save fuel, but it will also give you more flexibility over the level of light being produced.

Tiki Torches Frequently Asked Questions

Best Citronella Torches Australia

Are tiki torches any good?

These citronella torches can not only beautify the look and feel of your garden but certain oils can also deter unwanted insects, keeping your outdoor activities hassle-free and illuminated. 

What is the purpose of a tiki torch?

The main purpose of these decorative torches is to add a vacation-like ambience to your outdoor spaces, making them a fantastic entertainment element as well. Furthermore, they naturally light up pathways and surrounding vegetation to allow better vision outdoors during the night.

Can you leave tiki torches on all night?

When you’re ready to go in for the evening, always extinguish the torches as they are a fire hazard and prolonged burning can lead to faster product deterioration. 

Do tiki torches attract or repel mosquitoes?

By using citronella torches, you can confuse mosquitoes and hinder their ability to smell you, leaving entertainment areas more insect free overall.

Related: How to Get Rid of Mosquitoes – Best Tips, Zappers and Traps for 2024

Do tiki torches stay lit in the rain?

The flame itself will struggle to stay lit but the torch can stay out in the rain. Just be sure to cover the wick with the snuffer to ensure it doesn’t become wet, otherwise, it will be difficult to light the next time you want to use it. 

Where is the best place to put tiki torches?

Always place the torches away from any flammable materials like trees, awnings, party decorations and propane tanks. Use them to safely decorate your outdoor areas. 

Be sure to keep you and your loved ones warm while enjoying your outdoor areas and check out our guide for the best outdoor gas heaters for 2024.

Brighten Up Your Yard with Some of the Best Tiki Torches

Whether it's traditional tiki torches or solar tiki torches you’re interested in, these ornamental garden decorations can easily brighten up your garden, offering a welcoming sense of travel and serenity for you, your family and your guests. 

I hope you can find the perfect torch for your needs after reading this guide. Take your evening leisure and entertainment to the next level with tiki torches.

Last Updated on January 11, 2024

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