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Wariapendi Nursery | Australian Native Plant Nursery

I really enjoy doing research each month to find new nurseries from around Australia because I really enjoy discovering places like Wariapendi Nursery.

Wariapendi Colo Vale Nursery is located in the southern highlands of NSW and specialises in the propagation and sale of Australian native plants, with the ability to produce over 1 million seedlings per year.


Wariapendi Nursery Southern Highlands Contact Details

33-35 Church Avenue
Colo Vale, NSW 2575
8am – 4pm (Tuesday – Saturday)
Phone: 02 4889 4327
Fax: 02 4889 4092
General Email: enquiries@wariapendi.com.au
Plant Sales Email: sales@wariapendi.com.au
Consulting and Enactment Services Email: revegetation@wariapendi.com.au

Wariapendi Nursery Colo Vale Nursery

About Wariapendi Nursery

For the general public Wariapendi offers a retail nursery as well as an online store (for NSW, QLD and Vic residents) so pretty much anybody on the eastern seaboard of Australia should consider them when you next look to add some Australian natives to your garden.

They do also have a wholesale nursery for larger contract deals. One of the area’s that Wariapendi is relatively heavily involved with is in landscape and re-vegetation programs. Their services in this area include (from their website)

Our services include;

  • Design and consultation for rural, commercial, industrial and residential landscape and revegetation projects
  • Enactment of projects
  • Bushland management services
  • Property vegetation management plans to maximise rural productivity
  • Vegetation Management Plans to assist property developers
  • Landscape Plans ranging from concept through to design and documentation
  • Vegetation plans for riparian enhancement and restoration
  • Planning and application for government grant schemes
  • Threatened species management plans

Another great little feature that they have on their website is a section for hints and tips which incluces hints and tips for gardening in the southern highlands and also a guide for planting trees.

If you are in the southern highlands of NSW, why not check them out?

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