Adenanthos Cuneatus | Growing + Care Guide Australia

This week I’ll be featuring the Adenanthos Cuneatus. Last week I featured the Adenanthos obovatus.


Adenanthos Cuneatus Features

Genus: Adenanthos
Common Name: Coral Drift
Flower Colour: Purple
Foliage Colour: Grey
Growth Habit: Shrub to 1m
Flowering: Spring, Summer, Autumn

Adenanthos Cuneatus

The cuneatus variety of Adenanthos is native to the South West of Western Australia. It has a fantastic growth habit, growing to about 1.5m wide.

adenanthos cuneatus is native to the South West of Western Australia


The cuneatus responds very well to pruning at the end of the flowering season and makes a good hedge plant or space filler. When covered in flower it is absolutely stunning. Another bird attracting Australian Native Plant.