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Husqvarna Brush Cutters | Product Review

I was recently afforded the opportunity to test out some of Husqvarna’s new additions to 500 series Trimmers and Brushcutter range. As someone who shifted to using Husqvarna products a couple of years ago, I was really excited to test out their new machines and I was not left disappointed.

New Additions
Husqvarna have added 4 new trimmers and brush cutters. To the line trimmer range they have added the 524L, 525LST and 525RJD. Then in the brushcutter range they have added the 525RS.

According to Husqvarna

Weight, balance and power are essential to effective performance when using power products. With the introduction of the new 500 series trimmers and brushcutter, Husqvarna offers the perfect blend of each of these components.

From my testing I would have to agree with this. Each model felt very well balanced, making it really easy to hold for different applications. The power and performance really come from a very cleverly designed X-Torq® engine, which I will discuss below.


Special Features
In recent years, Husqvarna has really started to step up and challenge the rest of the market in area’s of innovation and performance. They have really risen towards the fore-front of the market with some very useful features.

1. X-Torq® Engine
One of the best features they have developed is the X-Torq® Engine. This engine allows much higher torque over a range of RPM levels. What does this mean in English? Well, it means it will continue to cut under high stress, such as long or thick grass. Some lesser engine models will cut out when really challenged but the ability of the X-Torq® engine to counter the changes and keep performance high is a feature second to none in my opinion. Another great benefit of this engine is it reduces exhaust emissions by up to 75% and delivers fuel savings of up to 20%, which is a real bonus in todays market.

2. Auto-Return Stop Switch
Though not a completely new feature, this is a really good feature. Basically what it means is, when you are operating the machine and need to stop, you press the stop button. However, as soon as the machine has stopped, the switch goes back to ready mode, meaning that you don’t need to remember to turn it back on again. No longer will you find yourself pulling the starting chord, only to see that you forgot to turn it on!

3. Stand Alone Starter
Another beneficial feature is the stand alone starter. One of the biggest costs that can come with using Brushcutters and trimmers is the ongoing maintenance. What the stand alone starter enables is for the starter chord to be replaced easily, if necessary, because it is able to be removed without taking the whole machine apart. My experience with Husqvarna has suggested the starter chord is very hardy, but even the best products will eventually need some TLC and this feature ensures the cost of this TLC can be kept to a minimum.

My Favourite
I couldn’t write this article without sharing my favourite from the range. As I said, I moved to Husqvarna a couple of years ago and bought their combi unit. As such, I was really excited to test out the 525RJD Combi Trimmer. The reason I really like the combi unit is I really like the idea that one engine can operate up to 6 tools. Though most of these have to be bought as extra’s, that versatility really stands out for me. The attachments available include hedge trimmer, polesaw, edger, tiller & sweeper. The trimmer performed fantastically, with power and precision. As such, I would very happily recommend the 525RJD

These trimmers and brushcutters are not really your entry level, low end unit but if you are looking to make a purchase and want a unit that will perform for many years to come, these units might be for you!

524L – From $499
525LST – From $579
525RJD – From $599
525RS – From $599

Final Word – Significant Warranty
Husqvarna have gone above and beyond when it comes to domestic warranties, now offering a 5 year warranty instead of the usual 2. An important note from Husqvarna on this warranty.

Eligible items include the following designated Husqvarna branded products: lawn tractors, zero turn mowers, riders, walk-behind mowers, chainsaws, blowers, hedge trimmers, pole pruners/saws, trimmers, brushcutters and selected turf care products. The program is only available for consumers who use the products for non-income producing personal use or household purposes¹, and is only available at participating Husqvarna Specialist Dealers2.

This is a pretty standard agreement and offers fantastic value for money. As I suggested, these are not low level products. They are top quality and will last, well worth the investment. Having a 5 years warranty means you will get guaranteed great use from the product, which is really beneficial.

I was very impressed with the whole 500 Range and very strongly recommend Husqvarna for your next line trimmer or brush cutter purchase. Their products are available at Husqvarna Dealers. Find your closest dealer by going here.

* 2013 catalogue prices.

1 Excluded from the Husqvarna 5 Year Domestic Warranty Program are Husqvarna branded finished products purchased for commercial, agricultural, retail, industrial and rental usage.

2 Consumers are required to keep their proof of purchase for the length of warranty should verification be needed. Husqvarna reserves the right to ask for this receipt prior to warranty work being performed. Husqvarna branded accessories, spare parts and construction products are excluded from this program. 5 Year Domestic Warranty is subject to Husqvarna manufacturers warranty terms and conditions as outlined in the product registration form and in the Warranty and Service Handbook. Husqvarna 5 Year Domestic Warranty program is only available at participating Husqvarna Dealers.

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