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Nurseries of Australia – Bunnings

Though Bunnings is not technically a ‘nursery’ I thought I would include it in my Nurseries of Australia series simply because I know a very large amount of people buy their plants from Bunnings.
In fact I myself frequent Bunnings a lot. Most Bunnings I have visited with a garden section look after their plants very well.  In fact when I go to Bunnings I literally am a kid in a candy shop.

So why Bunnings? Why not a smaller, local store? Why choose a big, corporate store? Well, the simple fact of the matter is Bunnings has a good range, as I mentioned before. From plants, to tools, to storage, everything handyman associated I could possibly need is located under the one roof. I also rate the quality of service because I personally know a few people who work for Bunnings that well, frankly, should be getting paid more for working elsewhere but choose to work for Bunnings because they believe in it.

Bunnings are also good to their word. Once I bought something there and found the same product elsewhere significantly cheaper. They immediately, without question, refunded me the difference + 10%. Not only did they do this immediately but they did it with a smile on their face and didn’t make me wait around for ages while they checked and checked and checked. Customer service makes a big difference to me and I have always received fantastic customer assistance from Bunnings.

The quality of tools is also good IMO. Right from your budget range to your high end range, Bunnings stocks them all. Basically any budget can be catered towards, but you do get what you pay for. I bought a garden rake their for $5. The head doesn’t stay on. Do I blame Bunnings? No…because what more could they MAKE for $5. I also bought a really expensive pair of secateurs and am yet to need to sharpen them, they have kept their edge REALLY well.

I myself still prefer to buy my plants from a nursery, but I know the plants Bunnings sells are still good. My uncle is a Horticulturalist and before he got promoted, worked in this role for Bunnings. I may be biased but he is VERY good at looking after plants. If that is a sign of the quality of staff they have then I would back their plant management all the way.

So, if you need lattice, plants, garden tools etc, why not check out Bunnings:)

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