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Bushland Flora Victoria Australian Native Wholesale Plant Nursery

We are featuring the Bushland Flora Victoria Nursery. I stumbled across them while I was doing a web search one day for Australian Native Nurseries and though their website leave’s much to be desired, I trust that is because they specialise in plants and not in web design. 

What they do have on their website in regards to Australian Native Plants impressed me enough to feature them this month.

Bushland Flora Nursery Contact Details

136 York Road, Mt Evelyn, VIC 3796
(Ph) 03 9736 4364
Business Hours: Wholesale
Mon-Thurs: 8:00am – 4:30pm
Fri: 8.00am – 2.30pm
Sat-Sun: Closed
(E-mail) sales@bushlandflora.com.au

Bushland Flora Native Plants

About Bushland Flora Australian Native Wholesale Plant Nnursery

From their website

Bushland Flora is an Australian native wholesale plant nursery supplying native plants that are drought tolerant, adaptable and hardy to Victoria, South Australia, New South Wales, and ACT. Bushland Flora is a major supplier of quality Australian plants.
We provide a comprehensive range of Victorian indigenous and general native plants. Bushland Flora wholesale nursery supply plant lines in cell trays, 75mm,150mm, the new biodegrable peat tubes/pots, and 140mm & 200mm pots. Bushlandflora was first established as a wholesale nursery in 1989 by Ian Shimmen Bushland.

Any good nursery, in my opinion, should make their product list well known as for this Bushland Flora gets a tick. They have their entire catalogue available for download from their homepage.

They obviously cater mostly for the South-Eastern States of Australia but this is actually a positive for me because it means they really can focus on making that niche work.

Bushland Flora Native Nursery is also available for plant design consultation if you are planning a larger job and have a long history of creating good outcomes for their clients which has included such places as the Melbourne Zoo and many schools.

They are located over two sites and three hectares of land which gives them the ability the propagate a large variety of their own plants. They are also a wholesale nursery, providing stock to many local nurseries which is almost always a good sign for their quality.

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