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Clematis armandii: Australian Growing Guide

Transforming the landscape around your home can be a welcomed project that comes with much reward, from the beauty and fragrance of the flowers and plants, to the wonders of wildlife they draw. 

A favourite plant among gardeners are flowering vines such as honeysuckle, trumpet vine, and Clematis just to name a few. Flowering vines are a great addition to dress up a trellis, arbour, or fence.


Introducing Clematis armandii

Certain plants are considered a must have for the garden, and one such vine that certainly seems to fit the bill is the Clematis armandii. There are many species to choose from out there, so why should you grow a Clematis armandii?

Well, if you’re at all familiar with gardening, then you have at least some idea of how hard it can be to try and grow certain types of flowers or other plants. Not all of us were born with a green thumb! So to find a plant that is eye-catching, yet easy to grow is a bit like winning the lottery, and the Clematis armandii is definitely a winning ticket.

How to Grow Clematis armandii

How to Grow Clematis armandii

Also known as Armand clematis or the evergreen clematis, this fast-growing vine is much easier to grow than its finicky cousins. This species tends to be on the hardy side when it comes to dry conditions; just be sure to water it a little if the dry conditions turn to drought. Well-drained soil is favourable with this particular vine as well.

Clematis armandii is an excellent climber capable of reaching heights up to 6 m high (20 ft), and has an expanse of 2 to 3 m wide (6-10 ft). Foliage starts out as a bronze colour, then matures into long, slender, glossy green leaves bearing a leathery texture.

In early spring you will find the vine in full bloom of white or pink flowers that exude a wonderful fragrance. Part shade is preferred, except in cooler climates where it will flourish with more sunlight.

Pest resistance and a need for minimal care add to the appeal of Clematis armandii, a beautiful vine both in and out of bloom.

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