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Best Gardening Gloves in Australia for 2024

The best gardening gloves are the sturdiest. There’s no point buying flimsy gardening gloves to save money because you’ll only end up buying them over and over again and wasting money in the process. 

There are material considerations too, with leather being traditionally the most reliable gardening glove material, but many synthetic and even cotton materials are now being developed to even higher strengths.


Best Gardening Gloves in Australia

1. Gloslav Thorn Proof Gardening Gloves

Gloslav Thorn Proof Gardening Gloves

Gloslav’s leather gauntlet gardening gloves are really pretty exceptional. They’re thorn and bite proof, which is a given for most gardening gloves, but their extra long gauntlet keeps your forearms protected.

Well manufactured gloves make gardening a charm, and it’s not just me that loves these gloves, the ratings on amazon for these gauntlet gloves are outstanding.

2. Ezonedeal Garden Gloves with Claws

Ezonedeal Garden Gloves with Claws

Ezonedeal’s gardening gloves with claws have been my most used gloves this year. We started working a no dig garden, so digging over the veggie patch is something we just don’t do anymore.

These gloves make quickly weeding the surface so easy, and help to aerate the surface of the soil, which helps water penetrate down to the roots.

They’re not the sturdiest gloves in the world, like all late gloves and won’t completely protect you from thorns, but they’ll keep insects away, and their waterproof palms protect you from any allergic reactions from plant sap.

I was given these as a gift last year, and I’m pretty sure I’ve used them every week on the allotment since. They won't protect you from thorns but they’ll keep insects away, and their waterproof palms protect you from any allergic reactions from plant sap.

3. Wells Lamont Women’s Breathable Garden Gloves

Wells Lamont Women’s breathable garden gloves

It’s genuinely difficult to find a good pair of women’s gardening gloves, or even properly sturdy small gloves. These small gardening gloves from Wells Lamont are coated leather so give good water resistance to protect your hands, plus a really substantial palm that gives full protection from thorns and bites.

The best thing about these gloves though is that they actually look good. It shouldn't be a consideration when buying gloves, but we’re all guilty of a little bit of vanity, and it's a great bonus to have good looking garden clothes.

Check out our reviews of the best gardening attires from shoes, hats, overalls, and more. 

Decorative Accessories for Gardening Gloves

Think gardening gloves are too drab? There are so many places we can add the elegance and fun of embroidery to gardening. Whether you're a novice or long-time gardener, we've got lots of fun ideas for you to try!

Ever wondered about custom patches for garden gloves? It's best to keep the design small, close to the edge of the glove, and away from the rolled edge. Rubber gloves can be decorated with pvc patches, but cloth or leather gloves will have more success with fabric embroidery.

Get the Best Gardening Gloves Today! 

Don’t compromise when it comes to your safety, comfort, and health. Whether you’re buying for beauty or practicality, the best gardening gloves have it all, and will even help to protect your skin from the elements.

As with all gardening products, gloves have their limitations, especially in smaller sizes, so make sure to check out your hand size, and try to find gloves that do what you need them to do; keep you dry, protect you from thorns, and keep harsh toxic saps away from your skin!

All of the gloves above are trusted and trialed, with something unique to help them stand out from the basic gardening gloves you’ll find in-store.

Last Updated on January 11, 2024

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