Grevillea Nudiflora

Grevillea Nudiflora | Growing and Care Guide Australia

Last week I featured the Grevillea excelsior, this week I’ll be featuring the Grevillea nudiflora.

Grevillea Nudiflora Features

Genus: Grevillea
Species: nudiflora
Common Name:
Flower Colour: Red
Foliage Colour: Green
Growth Habit: Ground cover
Flowering: Spring

This is one of the many ground cover varieties of Grevillea that are available. As far as Grevillea’s go it is pretty typical. The flower and leaf shape are quite common to many of the shrub varieties. The leaves are green and the flowers red.

This is a pretty basic variety. The upside to this is that the Grevillea is known as a very hardy plant and the simple nature of this variety means it has inherited most of these hardy traits from the shrub varieties, making it a very strong ground cover.

The Grevillea nudiflora will cover a large amount of ground and grows well in most well drained soils.

It is a low growing variety (there are a few Grevillea ground covers that almost appear to be spreading shrubs) that forms a dense mound which is exactly what you want when planting to ward off weeds and other unwanted plants. Looks great when planted around other Australian Native Plants.