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Kunzea Ambigua | Growing + Care Guide Australia

The Kunzea Ambigua is stunning Australian native is found naturally growing on the south east coast of Australia. The beautiful white flowers clump together to form a fantastic showing during the spring wildflower season.


Kunzea Ambigua Features

Genus: Kunzea
Species: ambigua
Common Name: White Kunzea, Tick bush, and Poverty Bush
Flower Colour: White
Foliage Colour: Green
Growth Habit: Shrub to 2m
Flowering: Spring

Kunzea ambigua

The Kunzea ambigua is listed as growing to 2m in many places, however many websites suggest the ambigua varies greatly in height, with some forms tending to start to ‘weep’ (hang over) as the plant grows taller, making them seem shorter than the length of their limbs.

kunzea ambigua is known as a very hardy variety of Australian native plant

Source: Amberleaflandscaping.com.au

The Kunzea ambigua requires well drained soil and grows best in a full sun position. This variety, like the baxteri last week, is known as a very hardy variety of Australian native plant. Also like the baxteri, the ambigua is likely to grow well in cool or temperate climates around Australia.

Last week I featured the Kunzea baxteri, this week I featured the Kunzea ambigua.

Kunzea Ambigua How To Grow and Care Australia Guide

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  1. If you are looking for a relatively tall hedge (2m, sometimes but rarely more) it can work. Like I said above, it can tend to ‘weep’ down, making it appear shorter (and thicker) than its actual height. Can become quite thick or dense which is often what you are looking for in a hedge.

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