5 Tricks to Make Your Backyard Look Bigger

Gone are the days of the quarter acre block, with the average suburban land size now more likely to be somewhere between 600m² and 800m². While that caters to an increasing population, it also means many of us are challenged to make the most of a small backyard. These are the tricks to make that space look bigger.


It may seem counterintuitive, but by dividing your yard into zones using garden beds and landscaping, you actually give the illusion of space. Consider creating areas that are essentially a series of rooms, such as an outdoor paved area, a lawn section and then gardens of varying heights. This means when you look at the yard from any angle, you don’t know what is around the corner and it could go on forever. It’s about creating mystery and allure.

Points of interest

By setting up points of interest like seating areas or water features in landscaped surrounds, you also add to the illusion of a big yard. Consider some bench seating or outdoor chairs in the zones around your garden. Outdoor benches and chairs are readily available at retailers like Super Amart, who have furniture stores on the Sunshine Coast and around the country.

Then don’t forget to plant around them. Your mission is to create a seating zone that is intriguing and comfortable in the garden, giving people a reason to go there and enjoy the space.

Plant levels

Levels of varying height break up the view, adding interest and the illusion of space. Consider gardens that scale up as you progress towards the back of the yard, or garden sections where the plants of the height vary, drawing your eye upwards. This can also be created with man-made structures such as a raised garden bed, steps leading up to a pavilion or stone work.

Add some theatre

Like the rooms inside your house, the garden is an opportunity to make a statement and add some theatre to your home. This can be done by adding decked areas, ponds and even through colour. By distracting the eye with colour, you take the focus off the size of the area, instead drawing attention to colourful and exotic flowers or outdoor decorations.

Line of sight

By planting your garden beds in long lines, you draw the eye into the distance, creating the feel of space. The lines should meet at the furthest point at some sort of garden feature, be that a gazebo, a raised entertaining area or a water feature. A similar effect can also be achieved by planting so the eye is drawn upwards.

Small gardens can actually be fantastic areas to work in. A little planting and a few features go a long way to create a visually stunning and intriguing backyard. With a little creativity, imagination and some technique, a small yard can be transformed into a mini wonderland, where the size ceases to matter.

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