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What is Hydrophobic soil and how to fix it with soil wetting agents

Hydrophobic Soil – What is it, and how to fix it?

Water is a key element for plants to live. Without proper watering, your garden has no chance of survival. Unfortunately, in a lot of regions in Australia, the problem of hydrophobic soils occurs, which means that getting the water to where it needs to be, can be a bit of problem.  Read on to find out what hydrophobic soil means for you and how can we fix it. Read more

Best soil for pots.

Some gardeners prefer using pot to grow their plants. Sometimes it’s a space issue, sometimes it’s just a personal preference. Whatever the reason for pots, It’s obvious that the question of the best soil to fill the pots is going to come up.

So to help you fill up your pots with the best growing medium for your plants here’s a quick overview of some of the different types you can use.
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Garden Fertilisers – Can you D.I.Y?

Fertiliser is a key element in your gardening strategy, with the right one improving the quality and the quantity of whatever it is you’re trying to grow. That’s why most professional and good home gardeners have their own secret mix for what works best for them. But can you make fertilisers yourself at home? It’d be a lot cheaper, and could cut out the long (and not so great for the environment) manufacturing process.

In short, yes, you can!
Read on as we introduce you to some great home D.I.Y sources of nutrients for your plants.

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Saving Water in Small Spaces

Water is a precious commodity. There are a number of ways in which you can reduce your water consumption and increase the efficiency of the water you use at home. One of the best ways is to install a water tank. Like a lot of people though, you might be thinking you just don’t have enough space for a decent tank, so that is why we have compiled a list of the different space saving water tanks designed to work in small spaces for you.
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Fertiliser – Getting to know what the words on your pack actually mean.

All plants need food – a combination of nutrients which are required for proper growth. Some plants need a lot of fertiliser, and sometimes, like the case of most Australian natives, they need very little at all. Generally, plants will get these nutrients from the soil and air around them, but when they can’t, we need to help them out a bit with fertilisers – either natural or synthetic.

But what is fertiliser made up of? What does the information on the pack actually mean?
Read on as we outline some basic characteristics of common fertilisers and the differences between them.
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How to Turn Your Beautiful Garden into a Terrifying Halloween Nightmare!

The reason why we fall in love with gardening is because it allows us to unleash our full creative potential. Just like Hemingway when he sat down in front of the typewriter, you can also create art that takes someone’s breath away when they stumble upon it. Do you want to know how to do it in a way the neighbourhood kids will never forget?

They might be too young to appreciate your fancy flowers and juicy vegetables, but Halloween is around the corner and you can delight them in a different way. Turn your garden into a creepy place the trick-or-treaters will think twice about walking through. You’ll still get to come up with an unlimited amount of creative ideas, but read on for a few ways to get you started.
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