Neilsens Native Nursery, QLD

EDITOR UPDATE: Unfortunately the Neilson Nursery website is no longer available so the links in this article are broken. If anyone has any information on the Neilson Nursery, please contact me here.

Another, another Australian native nursery from around Australia to review! This month I’ve chosen Nielsens Native Nursery in Queensland.

I had not heard of this nursery but I was reading about the various nurseries that have won awards during 2010 and I stumbled across this nursery which won an award for being the QLD winner for ‘Best Large Garden Centre’.

When I saw that I figured I had better find out more about them! As I do whenever I want to know more about a place, I visited their website and so this review today is solely based on what I could ascertain from their. To visit their website for yourself, click here.

Though I’ll be honest and say that their website wouldn’t win any design awards, I am not all that worried about that. To me it suggests their expertise is in gardening and not web design. Having said this, their website is very thorough and contains all the information that anyone would want to know before heading out to check out their nursery.

They have a featured ‘plant of the month’ section, much like myself, where they aim to help educate people on what plant varieties are available. They also offer a newsletter to download with a new edition coming out for each new season.

What really impresses me is that they appear to have struck the balance between just providing plants for sale and creating a space to show case all that you can do with plants, actually providing an experience for the customer, though I’d have to see the nursery itself to be assured of this. What makes me say this is the fact they have an onsite aquarium, cafe and they sell ornamental objects and pond and pump supplies.

Some people would argue that this is too much for a nursery, that they should just focus on plants but in the world we live in today, I think creating an ‘experience’ at a nursery is just about as important as the plants themselves, so thumbs up from me!

They also have prominent links from their homepage to a number of their available plant species. I have no idea if this list is their total stock, but I like the fact they do show photo’s and talk about the various varieties of Australian native plants on offer.

Winning an award for ‘Best Large Garden Centre’ also doesn’t appear to be all they have win, with listings for winning awards going right back to 2002 and then having an award listed for almost every year since. Nurseries that win awards generally get a big thumbs up from me and this nursery appears to be a cracker. The next time I am over in Queensland I will have to check it out.

Contact details for Nielsen’s Native Nursery QLD
Address: 49-51 Beenleigh-Redland Bay Road, Loganholme, QLD
Ph – Ph (07) 3806 1414
Website –

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