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Where to Buy Terracotta Pots in Australia | 2024 Guide

Ever popular, timeless and affordable, terracotta pots are used globally for many different types of plants and flowers, offering great benefits to our greenery while making our jobs a little easier in the process. Not to mention the unique rustic charm they can add to our living spaces.

In this guide, I’ll highlight some of the best suppliers for terracotta pots in Australia for 2024 to hopefully make it a little easier for you to find the perfect pot at the perfect price point for your needs.

I aim to feature some of the best deals on these classic containers so you can give your beloved plants the best possible home, allowing them to thrive and elevate your living spaces for years to come.


Using Terracotta Pots

Benefits of Using Terracotta Pots

  • The high density of the clay makes these pots quite resistant to frost.
  • They allow for proper airflow to the roots, aiding in preventing soil diseases and rot.
  • The porous nature of terracotta helps to retain moisture.
  • They encourage optimal growth conditions for many plants.
  • They improve drainage which can help to prevent overwatering.
  • They can be used inside and outside.
  • They are environmentally friendly. 
  • Most terracotta pots are affordable.
  • They come in many different shapes, sizes and styles, allowing you to perfectly match the setting and aesthetic of your living spaces as needed.

Where to Buy Affordable Terracotta Pots?

Where to Buy Affordable Terracotta Pots


Amazon has one of the most extensive online selections of terracotta pots thanks to their broad database of suppliers and consumers. This larger variety means you can find pots to suit any budget as well as great deals on bulk bundles. 

They cater for all sizes and styles, from traditional to more contemporary and the customer review portal can be helpful to get some real-world critique on the products.

Browse terracotta pots on Amazon


If you’re looking for more bespoke and artisanal terracotta pots, Etsy is the place for you. They stock many handmade goods, being a good site to source craft items that aren’t easily found in mainstream retailers and online stores. 

They have a stunning selection of all kinds of pot styles and sizes, ranging from vintage to contemporary and everything in between. They even supply miniature terracotta pots for those interested. 

Browse terracotta pots on Etsy


Kogan has a reputable array of terracotta pots for both inside and outside with many beautiful styles, colours and varieties to choose from. They have excellent deals on selected products so this site is a great place to find well-priced pots, whatever your needs are. 

Browse terracotta pots on Kogan


The eBay marketplace is an excellent platform for sourcing affordable new and used terracotta pots from a vast selection of sellers. You can find almost any pot size and style with great deals on most of the items thanks to the auction-like functionality of the site.

eBay only facilitates the sale of goods between third-party buyers and sellers so be sure to always have a detailed look at the product photos and descriptions as well as the seller's rating before committing to the purchase. 

Browse terracotta pots on eBay


A trusted name within the industry, Bunnings is one of the best places to find very affordable terracotta pots in Australia. They have an extensive website as well as physical stores throughout the country, both of which stock a great selection of classic pot styles in many shapes and sizes.  

As of writing this, you can find a pot for only $1.27 with good reviews to boot. 

Browse terracotta pots on Bunnings

My Deal

My Deal is another popular Australian marketplace website that offers a comprehensive assortment of all kinds of lifestyle products at great prices including a fantastic selection of affordable terracotta pots in all shapes, sizes and styles.

They stock numerous plant and pot combos at great deals if you’re also in the market for more plant life.

Browse terracotta pots on My Deal


While the selection is not as large, Zanui stocks some truly ornamental terracotta pots from more boutique styles to classic pots. There are many premium products on this site but they do still stock many affordable and functional options as well.


The Catch website offers fantastic deals with many of the items available at low prices. Sporting a very wide online selection of terracotta pots, you’re bound to find the right product for your gardening needs.

From single pots to bundles, hanging pots to playful pots for the kids, this website has it all.

Worthy Mentions

Best Terracotta Pots in Australia


Gumtree is a great place to find deals on well-kept second-hand terracotta pots. Some private sellers may even have new pots for sale at reduced prices. The only caveat is you may be required to travel a bit to collect the pots if there aren’t any sellers in your immediate area. 

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is becoming increasingly popular amongst buyers and sellers globally. It is a great place to find fantastic deals on second-hand terracotta pots or even unused pots that people aren’t interested in using. Thanks to its large user base, you are likely to find valuable deals near you with this platform.

Charity Stores

While not every charity store will have a garden section, many do stock plant pots at very reasonable prices. Give your local stores a call to see what they have in stock, perhaps you can find a fantastic deal on terracotta pots.

Nurseries and Garden Centres

If you prefer to buy in person, visiting your local nurseries or garden centres is an excellent way to find the right terracotta pots for your needs. They typically stock unique pots from their respective suppliers and the staff can offer some valuable advice as well. While you may pay a pinch more from retail stores, it may be worth it if you’re looking for specific types of pots. 

Local Craft Shows and Farmer’s Markets

Many local craft shows, fairs and farmer’s markets could have great deals on affordable terracotta pots as these events usually bring buyers face to face with smaller-scale, passionate entrepreneurs. 

Popular Substitutes for Terracotta Pots

If for some reason you can’t find the right terracotta pots for your needs, don’t worry, there are many other options for potting up your plants. Consider rather using plastic, metal, wood, ceramic, concrete or stone containers. Each of these offers its own unique benefits and gardening functionalities. It all depends on what you need.

Terracotta Pots Frequently Asked Questions

Benefits of Using Terracotta Pots

What is the difference between clay pots and terracotta pots?

Clay is a raw material whereas terracotta is clay that has already been modelled and fired, usually left unglazed and very porous.

Why are terracotta pots so good?

They are very popular for indoor plants that prefer dry soil like succulents and cacti. These porous clay pots absorb water which allows excess moisture to be released from the soil rapidly. They also promote breathability and root health.

How long do terracotta pots last?

Many factors can affect how long terracotta pots last including the climate, weather conditions and general handling and care of the pots. Many gardeners tend to replace their terracotta containers every 3 years or so to keep them looking their best and to move plants into larger pots. 

Is terracotta better than plastic pots?

It depends on how often you want to water your plants and how much moisture they need but generally, plastic is impermeable and retains a lot of moisture whereas terracotta allows moisture to soak through, draining the soil at a faster rate. 

Why shouldn’t you use terracotta pots?

Due to their porous nature, these pots will start to absorb minerals in the soil that will eventually tarnish the pots and cause discolouration from the mineral deposits. They are also prone to producing white mould or powdery mildew since they absorb so much moisture. 

Can you overwater in terracotta?

As long as you don’t water your plants more than every 7 to 10 days when using a terracotta pot, you shouldn’t have to worry about using too much water. 

Does terracotta break easily?

Any clay-based pots will be more fragile than plastic or ceramic. They can chip, crack or break quite easily so be sure to handle your terracotta pots with care. 

How do you keep moisture in terracotta pots?

Mulching the top with small rocks, bark or wood chips is a great way to help plants in terracotta pots retain more moisture. This will also help with suppressing weeds. 

Do you need to soak terracotta pots before planting?

It is recommended to soak or at least give your terracotta pots a good rinse before planting in them. The clay needs to be hydrated so it doesn’t absorb all the initial moisture intended for the plant. 

Do terracotta pots crack in winter?

The porous walls will absorb water that can freeze and thaw repeatedly in strong winters. This will eventually lead to them cracking if left outside. If you experience frequent freezing temperatures, consider overwintering your terracotta pots indoors.

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Wrapping Up Our Terracotta Pots Buyers Guide for 2024

Now that you know where to find the best deals on terracotta pots in Australia, I hope you can find the perfect picks for your plants, whether inside or outside. These pots offer excellent advantages to gardeners and vegetation alike and they are available in a multitude of shapes, sizes and styles so there’s bound to be the right selection of terracotta pots out there for you. 

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