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Best Tower Garden Planters in Australia for 2023

Gardeners are increasingly looking towards space saving planters with most Australians looking to a tower garden planter, with self watering systems, to grow more productively at home. This is the same in Australia as it is in the rest of the world. Growing your own is becoming harder as our gardens get smaller, and our cities get busier.

Thankfully, there are many options for vertical tower gardens that can help you to conserve water, and garden more efficiently along the way. We’ve pulled together our favourite brands, and tried to break down some of the more complex terminology around hydroponics and aeroponics. 

Wherever you’re growing, the brands in this list will have something that can save you space, and make more of your garden, balcony, or indoors than ever before.


Best Space Saving Planters in Australia

What are Space Saving Planters?

Space saving planters have been around for a long time, with simple terracotta strawberry towers made common in the early 1900s. Today though, these space saving planters come in all sorts of shapes and ambitious sizes.

Perhaps the most common are countertop herb planters, with built in full spectrum LED lights that mimic sunlight, and allow gardeners in built up urban areas to grow herbs and salad crops indoors even when there’s a limit to natural light.

Higher spec options include vermicomposting garden towers, hydroponic kits, and even aeroponics, which promote natural root development and faster growth for leafy crops.

Below, we take a brief look at the best space saving planter brands from around Australia.

Best Aeroponic Tower Garden Brands

Aeroponics is similar to hydroponics, in that plants do not necessarily need a growing medium. Their roots are exposed, and fed through misted nutrients as an aerosol. Some aeroponic systems require no water at all, while others use tower structures to allow for both aerosolized nutrients, as manual watering.

The brands below are cutting into a new market, and in time, they will get cheaper. For now, they are the best the Australian market has to offer, and they are definitely on the premium price spectrum.


Airgarden Aeroponic Vertical Garden

Source: Airgarden

Airgarden’s modernist design aesthetic makes a real feature out of your home gardening kit. So much so that they’ve been featured in Vogue. Their planting pockets hide the base of your plants, so what you’re left with is a beautiful leafy pillar of edibles, but even if you were planning on greening up your space with flowers and foliage, rather than edibles, there are few aeroponic gardens that look as good as Airgarden.

Be sure to check out our informative interview with Prue & Tom of Airgarden to learn more about their product and how it works.

Urban Green Farms

Urban Green Farms Aeroponic Tower

Source: Urban Green Farms

Urban Green Farms produce affordable aeroponic towers that look good, work well, and are incredibly easy to use. Their simple tower garden comes with all essential parts ready to go, and very simple assembly. 

The pumps are all set to timers that are easily adapted, and the tower is supplied with sponges to use as a growing medium so anyone can get started straight away.


Nutraponics Hydroponics Growing System

Source: Nutraponics

Nutraponics build fully automated growing systems, using a mix of hydroponic and aeroponics to produce healthy, vibrant vegetables that actually grow faster than they do in nature.

They might have some big claims, but they’re backed up by user reviews, and a strong international reputation. If you want the best possible growing space, and have a little bit more floor space to dedicate to your space saving planter, then check out Nutraponics today, or buy through their Amazon store.

Tower Garden

Aeroponic Tower Garden

Source: Tower Garden

Aeroponics are definitely sitting in the luxury corner of the home gardening game, and Tower Garden throws everything they can at their products to make sure they work reliably in every situation.

If you’ve got a poorly lit kitchen, their hanging Led lights are compact, neat, and good looking. Their reservoirs have a small footprint, and their towers are beautifully manufactured.

And, because tower gardening can be quite expensive, they’ve got a few ways to pay too, from all-in-one, to instalments, as well as being able to build your own kit from their various elements.

Best Hydroponic Tower Garden Brands

Hydroponic gardening is a broad term used to describe gardening in pure water, or with moving or automated water. It can also be described as self-watering systems where growing mediums like compost, coir bark, or clay pebbles are used as a substrate in addition to water.

All of the brands below create easy-to-install hydroponic systems which save space with vertical growing room, or pipe systems.

Verti Gro Australia

Verti Gro Australia

Source: Verti Gro Australia

Verti Gro Australia produce vertical hydroponic planting towers that can be used in chains, with or without hydroponics. Their kits are ideal for large scale operations as well as for single planters in gardens, balconies, or even indoors.

The simple planters are based on strawberry towers, but are ideal for herbs and salad crops too. More ambitious growers have even grown tomatoes, courgettes, and cucumbers thanks to the efficient distribution of moisture, and ideal drainage.

The Salad Table

The Salad Table Hydroponic Tower

Source: The Salad Table

The Salad Table uses basic hydroponic pumps to properly aerate crops in a few different forms. Their hydroponic tower is great for everything from salads and spinach to melons and strawberries, and saves on space.

Their table systems are perfect for covered verandas, or conservatories too, with oxygenated pumps and planting pockets to sow directly into.

For a clean, soil-free growing space, The Salad Table might not look like much, but it’s one of the most efficient hydroponic systems in Australia.

Mr. Stacky Vertical Gardens

Mr. Stacky Solar 3 Tower Smart Farm Hydroponic

Source: Mr. Stacky Vertical Gardens

Energy costs are a big concern for many people when they start out with hydroponics, especially with larger integrated units like these garden towers. But Mr Stacky have you covered with their solar powered hydroponic drip towers. 

You can buy their hydroponic towers directly from Mr Stacky, or through Amazon for fast delivery, and get started at any time of year either indoors or out. 

Some of their simpler tower gardens don’t include hydroponics, but help to save space too, so have a look through their full range and decide what’s right for you.

Aerospring Hydroponics

Aerospring towers

Source: Aerospring Hydroponics

Like many start up gardening brands, Aerospring sells directly through their website, and through their amazon store. While Aerospring towers have less root space, they make a more appealing unit for indoor or patio gardeners with tighter towers that take up less space.

If design is your thing, and you’re looking for neat and compact growing options, they’ve got hydroponic towers for indoors and outdoors, so everyone can grow their own veggies no matter what size their garden is.

If you think hydroponics is for you then be sure to check our list of hydroponic plants to grow in Australia.

Best Vermicomposting Planter Brands

If you really want a gardening challenge, and don’t mind putting in a few extra hours in order to get the most you can possibly get from your space, consider installing a vermicomposting planter.

Vermicompost is essentially just worm poo when the worms are fed on kitchen waste, and allowed to work through the roots of your plants.

Vermicomposting produces rich soil, and liquid fertiliser in trays at the base. There are dozens of units out there, but the two brands below have something unique. 

Garden Tower 2 Australia

Garden Tower 2 Composting Vertical Garden Planter

Source: Garden Tower

Recognised as “the world’s most advanced garden planter”, the Garden Tower 2 is a fully integrated vermicomposting unit, with planting space on every angle and six layers of planting, and enough room to grow sixty plants in less than 4 square feet.

As a huge bonus, the Garden Tower system produces copious amounts of worm tea (a by-product of the composting produces) that can be used on other veg, and around the garden, or even on houseplants.


Subpod Underground Compost Bin

Source: Subpod

Subpod’s contribution to modern gardening is this impeccably useful worm composter, or vermicomposter. The entire purpose of this compost bin is to utilise nature to eliminate kitchen waste for good.

Its underground installation means it’s automatically down where the action happens, and its walls help to aerate your compost as it’s processed by your existing garden worms.

Unlike most of the products in this article, Subpod won’t directly allow you to grow anything, but it’s one of the most space efficient compost systems you can buy, and it comes in different sizes to suit all gardens.

Space Saving Planters Frequently Asked Questions

How do you feed a vermicomposter?

Vermicomposting units should be fed with a mix of wet, dry, green, and brown materials. So kitchen waste should be topped up with occasional layers of dry newspaper, or dried leaves to keep the moisture levels just right, and encourage more even churning of the kitchen waste.

Is hydroponics easy to use?

Hydroponics are easy to use, setup and install. You can build your own DIY hydroponic systems easily, but for reliable results (especially if you need Led lighting or ventilation) go for a decent pre-built unit, which will take all of the headaches out of installation and set-up.

Is aeroponics easy to use?

Aeroponics are super simple to set up. If you’re building your own unit from scratch, there’s a lot to consider, but if you invest in a pre-built aeroponic unit, they are quick to set up and easy to use.

Are hydroponic herb planters worth it?

Hydroponic herb planters are definitely worth it if you have limited space, or no garden at all. Even gardeners with loads of space still swear by hydroponics to produce quick crops that are easy to prepare without any need for washing or rinsing.

Is hydroponics good for vegetables?

Hydroponics are a good way to grow vegetables, replicating soil nutrients through liquid additives and oxygenating pumps. Vegetables tend to grow faster and with fewer diseases in hydroponics, and in lit up systems, they will grow strongly even through winter.

Is aeroponics better than hydroponics?

Aeroponics and hydroponics are similar growing methods, using oxygenated water pumps to move moisture around the planter. The key difference in aeroponics is the method of fertilisation, which is done through aerosolized nutrients, sprayed onto the roots, rather than fed with their water.

How much can you grow in 4 square feet?

Some tower garden systems allow you to grow up to 60 plants in just 4 square feet. That’s much more than could ever be dreamed of in a standard raised bed, and makes any tower garden a good space saving alternative to traditional planters.

Is vermicomposting better than composting?

Vermicomposting has almost identical results to composting, but works much faster, with the added advantage of worm tea, a liquid fertiliser that can be used all over the garden in spring and summer to promote happier, healthier foliage, and more reliable blooms.

What are the disadvantages of aeroponics?

The only real disadvantage of aeroponics is the cost. Aeroponics is quite new to domestic markets, and even in commercial cultivation it is still rare. In time, aeroponics will become cheaper, and once you’ve made the initial investment, it costs roughly the same as hydroponics to run.

Do plants grow faster in aeroponics?

Plants grow around 3 times faster in aeroponics when managed properly. Some systems claim to offer 20x the growth speeds of plants, which may be true, but in most cases, 2-3 times the maturation and fruiting speeds of plants are reasonable to expect.

Can you use garden tower planters indoors?

Garden tower planters can be used indoors or outdoors, but many units are designed for indoor use and do not have weatherproof wiring. Any units with LED lighting or plug-in hydroponic pumps will be better suited to indoor environments, but solar hydroponic or aeroponic systems can be used in all environments.

What type of plants grow best in garden towers?

Leafy vegetables like herbs, microgreens, and brassicas grow best in tower gardens, but with the right nutrients, you can grow fresh fruit, propagate young trees and nurture large veggies like tomatoes, melons, and cucumbers in garden towers.

Explore Your Options with these Space Saving Planters for Your Home

Of all the space saving planters above, I have to admit, I’ve got a soft spot for the Garden Tower 2, with its fully integrated vermicomposting unit. It makes the most of its space without taking away the joy of horticulture. 

For others, I know the automated smart systems and aeroponic garden towers are incredibly appealing, and it’s easy to see why. Growing your own should be a pleasure, so however you garden, take some time to consider the brands above and what they can do for you.

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