Aussie Green Thumb Expands Its Horizons with the Acquisition of

[Sydney, NSW, 22/11/2022] – Aussie Green Thumb, a leading voice in Australian gardening, is thrilled to announce the recent acquisition of, a renowned resource in the gardening community. This strategic move marks a significant milestone in Aussie Green Thumb's journey, as it brings together two giants in the world of gardening.

The acquisition of represents a harmonious blend of expertise and resources, aimed at providing Australian gardeners with an unparalleled repository of knowledge and networking opportunities. This union is a testament to Aussie Green Thumb's commitment to fostering a thriving gardening community across Australia., is a pillar in the global gardening community known for its profound insights into eco-friendly gardening practices and edible horticulture. This collaboration is set to enrich the Australian gardening landscape with a wealth of knowledge on nurturing beneficial insects and cultivating a diverse range of edible plants and trees. has been at the forefront of promoting sustainable gardening, focusing on the integral role of beneficial insects such as ladybugs in natural pest control. Their expertise in creating gardens that attract and sustain these natural guardians aligns perfectly with Aussie Green Thumb's ethos of environmentally responsible gardening.

"We are incredibly excited to welcome into the Aussie Green Thumb family," said Nathan Schwartz, of Aussie Green Thumb. "This acquisition is more than just a business decision; it's a coming together of like-minded enthusiasts dedicated to the art and science of gardening. has been a respected name in the field, and we look forward to integrating their expertise and insights under the AGT banner." has been a valuable resource for gardeners seeking practical advice, creative ideas, and in-depth knowledge about gardening. Its integration into the Aussie Green Thumb platform is expected to enhance the overall content quality and expand the range of topics covered, benefiting both novice and experienced gardeners alike.

The combined strengths of Aussie Green Thumb and will deliver an enriched experience to the Australian gardening community, with more comprehensive guides, innovative gardening techniques suited to the unique Australian climate, and a broader network of gardening experts.

Last Updated on February 2, 2024

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